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`Wasteland: Dead Base'
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WASTELAND: DEAD BASE (version 0.9) (position E2L1)


It's four hours since Lt. Morrison left the starship and still the
receiver's screen stayed blank. Maj. Barowsky, sitting in front of the
communication terminal, pressed some keys and called the mother ship.

``Maj. Barowsky reporting. Four hours ago Lt. Morrison teleported to
the planetary surface, near the Prometeus Base. I haven't yet received
any transmission neither from him nor from the base.''

``Gen. Vitesse here, you are ordered to take all the weapons on board
and descend to the surface. Investigate the base and locate the causes
of the loss of transmission. Should you encounter any hostile presence
you should track its origin and eliminate it.''

``I'm sorry, sir, but Lt. Morrison left equipped with all the high-power
energy weapons, including the latest BFG 9000 gun. The only weapons
on board are some archaic shotgun and chaingun....''

``We all know your battle skills are far superior to those of Lt. Morrison,
I have no doubt you are the best soldier to deal with whatever lies
in the Prometeus Base. Your orders are to proceed to the command center,
which is a large square building located at the easter end of the base and
enter through the main door which is on the western wall.
Should anyone down there be still alive the command center is the place
where he will stay. Gather as many information as you can,
eliminate hostiles and re-estabilish transmissions. Good Luck!''

`Oh fuck!' Maj. Barowsky thought.
`Well, someone will have to fix it sooner or later. I'll make sure
that whatever took control of the base will regret this.' he said
equipping himself with a megaarmor and several weapons. `Good,
there is also a rocket launcher.....'
Then, looking again at the base diagram, he bravely stepped into
the teleporter......


Welcome to the first mission in the Wasteland series: Dead Base.
In this mission you play the role of Maj. Barowsky as he cleans
the lost Prometeus Base from alien creatures and locates the
information which will eventually allow him to proceed towards
the origin of all the evil.


This is my first attempt at creating WAD files for DOOM.
The creation of this WAD was made possible by the two great programs
called DEU 5.0 and BSP 1.0.

Title:      `Wasteland: Dead Base'
Author:     Alberto BARSELLA (<email removed>)
Scenario:   open-field city-like, bright light, many buildings, high
            demand of processing power.
Secrets:    no problems since you start with the full map.
Difficulty: Average/Hard (depends on how good you are)
            two levels are implemented: 1-3 (Easy and Medium) and
            4-5 (Hard). The difference is only in the number of enemies.
Build Time: Too much, I fear I reached something like 40 hours...
Base:       New level from scratch.
Deathmatch: I don't know. Anyway, in deathmatch mode I put around some
            more shotguns. I fear that the first one reaching the starship
            will find too many weapons....

In this WAD I made my attempt at the creation of multi-floor buildings
using teleporters along staircases. The jammed door that you will
find helps creating the effect of two separate floors.
I also tried to concentrate in creating a realistic (and also playable)
lighting conditions, I wanted to have buildings cast shadows, but that
would require more hours of sector hacking and many more 2-sided LineDefs
which would slow down the game a lot, so I dropped the idea.

I would like to know what you think of this level, what did you like,
what you disliked, suggestions, ideas, multiplayer/deathmatch comments,
anything else. Just mail me at

<email removed>

As you probably noticed this is version 0.9, so the work is not over....

This WAD is E2L1 and contains objects which appear only in the registered
version of Doom, as requested by Id. You should feel free to take ideas,
edit the level, etc.. but not to alter the level to make it playable
with the shareware version. Thank you.


Texture misalignments. I was unable to figure out a general formula
for texture alignment, so I did what I could by trial and error.

In the lower floor of the command center there is a rising stair:
unfortunately when the stair steps rise from the floor a nearby
door rises as well, slightly displacing the textures. I was unable
to fix that.

EPILOGUE (read after you completed the level)

(scroll down one page)


Maj. Barowsky, his face covered with sweat and blood, climbed up the
red mountain, following the smell of the evil which had turned the
Prometeus Base into a graveyard. After a few minutes he came to a cave,
the trail was clear, this was the source of the devastation.
Holding firmly his fully loaded Plasma Gun he entered the dark mouth
of the cave, ready to face everything that might lurk inside.
The tunnel proceded upwards, towards a large room lit by flaming
torches, he lept forward and......

......entered the second mission of the Wasteland series: Mountain of Fire.

(I just begun Mountain of Fire, look for it somewhere in a reasonable
time period......luckly my life is not only DOOM levels......)



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