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RJPack is a mod designed to help rocket jumping, without changing anything
about the technique. Also to get monsters out of the way quickly.

You have two classes, with the only difference being what rocket launcher
they get: the Rocket Jumper and the I-Rocket Jumper. They're both completely
invulnerable (PowerInvulnerable, not PowerProtection, so horizontal thrust still
works), and even if they weren't, they heal back up to 250 HP instantly whenever
they take damage. Only a BFG ball, Doomsphere'd rocket/grenade/rail, or instant
death sector could kill them.

Here are the main tools of the rocket jumping trade:

* Rocket Launcher: (Rocket Jumper)
    You can probably guess. It's also a grenade launcher (alt-fire).

* Instant-Rocket Launcher: (I-Rocket Jumper)
    Fires rockets/grenades instantly, but otherwise same thing. Use

* Beacon Layer:
    Lays colorful beacons! You can only lay two per color, but you have all
    the colors of the rainbow. Completely useless technically, but what's
    wrong with colors? :(

* Spawn Setter (the invuln items):
    Allows you to set your spawn point, so you don't have to restart the map
    whenever you die. That shouldn't be very often, but who knows? The
    smaller one unsets your spawn point, in case you want to restart the
    map (you crazy bastard).

* Spawn Item (the blursphere item):
    A rather simple tool, it simply teleports you back to your spawn point,
    be it the default one, or the one the Spawn Setter made.

* Pickup Toggler (the prosperity item):
    All it does is toggle whether you can pick up shit or not. Note that any
    weapons you pick up will not be in the slots - you have to 'use' them.

* Smart Switch Toggler (the smaller blursphere item):
    By default, you'll switch to the Spawn Item on takeoff, and Spawn Setter
    on landing. Use this item to toggle this.

You also have two items to murderificate anything that gets in your way of
rocket jumping (ie. makes RJumpExtreme less annoying). They are:

* Super Chaingun:
    It fires fast and rips shit up even faster. Alt-fire goes at double
    speed, but is much less accurate.

* Super Railgun:
    Deadly accurate, and depending on how charged it is, extremely
    overpowered. It explodes, but you can't use it to rocket jump. Don't

For you people who like the Marine but are playing on a server with RJPack,
that's still there. Just scroll to the end of the class list.

And right now, that's it. More will come as I get ideas (suggestions welcome).

Email address: <email removed> - checked very sporadically
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