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ZDoom Wars I!

by Repo Man


on Graphics


Captain Ventris 
on the advisory team

Visit for more information about this project.

Contact me via email at <email removed> for any questions, concerns, comments, bugs, or just feedback about this mod. This includes questions on how stuff works or the ACS source.

Abridged Credits for contributions & resources until a proper credits screen is created:
Banjoster: For the concept of the colored classes, Team LMS, and the Nitro Mummy Sprites.
75: For the concept of Chex decals, the basis code, and for the Chexter Radiation Suit sprites.
Neoworm: For the new mana sprites, and chainmail Ettins.
Bloax: For the Doom monster burning sprites.
Donald Duck: For the Doom frozen sprites.
Liamythesh: For the Sirena sprites
Savant: For the Sniper Templar sprites.
Major Mike: CEO of talent relations.
Popsoap & Thetis: For the Nashgore colored blood fix.
Zael: For having a good build for me to work off of. May the pump be with you... always.

v2.8B (July 18th 2013)


-Obviously the changelog image was eliminated in favor of this sleek console version

-The title screen and 'M_Doom' images have been completely redone and replaced. They look infinitely better if you ask me(TerminusEst13)

-Monsters now may only be resurrected once. When they die after they've been revived, their corpse now fades. The CVAR 'ZDW_Revives' has been created to toggle this on and off

-Servers can now control the amount of mana and hero mana players start with. Use the CVARS 'ZDW_StartingMana' and 'ZDW_SummonHeroMana' to set the starting values.

-Created a CVAR called 'ZDW_DoubleMaxMana.' When set to 1, players will be able to collect up to 1000/400 mana instead of 500/200

-Created a CVAR called 'ZDW_UncappedHealthRegeneration.' When set to 1, players health will indefinitely regenerate

-Created a CVAR called 'ZDW_HealthRegeneration.' When set to 1, players health will stop regenerating

-Created a CVAR called 'ZDW_OldSkoolHud.' When set to 1, the full screen hud will be forced to the old default ZDoom style hud from ZDoom Wars 203 and before

-This can also be activated clientside by typing 'OldSchoolHudOn' into your console at anytime. To turn it off, type 'OldSchoolHudOff' into console of course

-Created a CVAR called 'ZDW_Flight.' When set to 1, all classes will be able to fly like the c375

-Hud Messages should stay on screen slightly longer now

-Added the appropriate powerup images for shadowspheres & flight items and repositioned the timers on the Firewolf hud

-Replaced 'ZDW_ManaRegenSpeed' with 'ZDW_ManaRegenerationSpeed' & 'ZDW_HeroManaRegenerationSpeed'. Mana can go from 0-16, while Hero from 0-70

-Remade & in some cases redid every single weapon summoner sprite in the game. No more Strife, Heretic & Hexen palette issues!

-To tie in with the previous change, hero summoners now turn gray when a cooldown is in effect

-When CVARs are active, they now display in the lower left hand corner of the screen a la Goldeneye 64 and log to console

-Made all the class messages respect their games original small font. Somewhat related to this, all unlock messages now use ACS instead of 'Print' and the unlock sound is way more audible now as well

-Because some people will complain about this and I enjoy having flexibility in my work, a new key has been created called 'Set Message Style' which when toggled will switch the messages back to the old font & color

-Any monster that is affected by an upgrade that increases cost now have their own messages that state the actual cost

-All monsters corpses now fade upon death

-Added in colored 'kagas' explosions for the several monsters that use 'em

-Edited the quit messages by removing the Citizen Kane quotes and adding in some from Chex & Virus.

-New Translations: Cacodemon(all), Yellow Cyberdemon, Yellow Mummy(s), Gas Pod(all), Blue Slaughtar, Chaos Serpents(all), Homing Serpents(all), Yellow Zedek, Repair Drone(all), Yellow Mesh Walker, Yellow Mesh Flier, Yellow Air Carrier, Yellow Treadmill");


-There is now a limit on how many heroes you can summon per round. Ultimates are 3, everything else 4 (Programmers 5 & Spectre A and B share a limit). The CVAR 'ZDW_HeroCount' has been created to toggle this on and off

-Cooldowns only will be applied when a monster is successfully summoned


-Mana Reimbursement for heroes are no longer broken and are now turned on by default once again

-Monsters that would be retrofitted and revived would lose the retrofit

-Mini Tech Trees wouldn't appear if you were a spectator

-For the time being removed the terrain detailing because it disallowed revives in liquid flats

-You could sometimes pickup the item you dropped upon death

-Normal mana that spawned on maps didn't add any mana when picked up

-Went through and fixed some things that should NOT have been clientsided. You shouldn't be able to walk through torches or stalagmites anymore



-Cyberdemon: Raised the spawning height of its rockets


-Shotgunners: Lowered Sergeant's damage from 6, 12 to 4, 8

-Flame Mancubus: Flame Mancubus should fire more frequently now

-Arachnotron: Arachnotrons now have a MaxStepHeight of 32

-Spider Mastermind: Spider Mastermind now have a MaxStepHeight of 32


-Demon: Colored gibs used archaic translations

-Spectre: Colored gibs used archaic translations

-Cacodemon: Melee obituary was bugged

-Chaingunner Summoner: There was a second Select state which made the weapon not have smooth animation when it raised and lowered. Yeah, nobody noticed this but me

-Chaingunner: Vanilla resurrected Chaingunners couldn’t be removed by their respective classes

-Zombieman: Zombieman rifles would stay on the field

-Hellknight: Hellknights did not drop the right amount of mana

-Arachnotron: Their plasma was all screwed up for silver and yellow. Yellow displayed some red GLDefs, and had no decal. Silver displayed the yellow decal

-Dual Pain Elemental: Dual Pain Elementals dropped 2 blue mana, and sometimes 2 armor bonuses upon death

-Spider Mastermind: Green Mastermind's removal image was broken.



-Hero summons now use the tomed staff sprites instead of the normal ones


-Gargoyle: Gargoyles health has been increased to 75 from 55

-Gargoyle Leader: Gargoyles Leaders health has been decreased from 75 to 55

-Mummy Leader: Nitro Mummies attack homes slightly less now

-Undead Knight (Ghost): Undead Ghost Knights melee has been reduced from 12 to 10

-Ophidian: Lowered the damage from the ice projectile by 1


-Gargoyle(s): When altfire Gargoyle/Gargoyle Leaders were summoned in midair, they would be normal and not ghosted. Is anyone else as sick of this bug as I am?

-Nitro Mummy Ghost: Health was at 140, not 150

-Weredragon: When retrofitted then ghosted on TLMS, Weredragons turned normal and lost the retrofit

-Weredragon(s): Weredragon's Death and XDeath states were missing from previous versions of ZDoom Wars

-Iron Lich: Liches secondary ice projectiles didn't display the proper obituary message

-D'Sparil: D'Sparil's second forms attack sound didn't play



-Enchant: Added in the 'lost' sprites to the enchant projectile

-Slaughtar: Attempted to differentiate Centaurs and Slaughtars by giving Slaughtars golden armor


-Death Wyvern: Wyvern's cost has been raised from 60/50 to 70/55


-Wendigo/Yeti: Dean Malenko's projectiles no longer hurt themselves, or each other. The obituary for secondary projectiles was busted as well

-Traductus: The burning sprites on the colored variants were not colored



-Player: The 'FireWaveHands' in the burning state now work. Let's hope that inheritance didn't break anything else in the process...

-Programmer: Charles now spawns like it did on the original Strife


-Spectre A: The lightning attack homes less now

-Entity: Cost Raised from 100/80 to 100/90

-Repair Drone: Repair Drones now explode and cause damage upon their death


-Added missing sounds for Order Bishops, Crusaders, and Inquisitors. Since this isn't the first time, makes me wonder how many Strife sounds are missing

-Order Bishop: Raised the height in which they fire missiles so it now comes from their boombox, not their torso

-Loremaster: When removed, Loremasters dropped 10 mana instead of 5

-Spectre A: Hud message displayed the wrong health for Spectre A

-Entity: Sub Entites would sometimes telefrag upon spawn. They will ALWAYS spawn now



-Cyclops: Lowered Cyclops damage from 8, 12 to 6, 12 and lowered their hp to from 200 to 185

-Flem Meteor: Meteors have been completely reworked. They will now spawn spores quicker now, but after 40 spores have been created the meteor dies. Upgraded Meteors may spawn 50

-Slime Canisters: Canisters now have a 50% chance of dropping a spore instead of a res slime


-Quadrumpus: None of the vanilla revive decals worked properly

-Slime Carrier: Slime Carrier's Flemoids used to be considered enemies

-Flem Meteor: Meteors did not properly check for mana when a player used the split upgrade and you could summon with less than the required 30 hero mana

-Flembrane: Flembranes had no way of going to the replenish state

-Flembomination: There was a typo in the damagetype 'Suppression' for Team LMS which caused all sorts of damage issues



-c375: Created an XDeath state for the player

-Prism: Added in their missing death states from the original Virus WAD

-Greater Prism: Created a more spectacular death based off how I'd imagine it. No, they don't split into Prisms upon death


-Upgraded Spore: Increased their damage and lowered their attack speed by 2 tics. They should be infinitely more useful now

-Turret(s): Both varieties of turret were given +PAINLESS for their projectiles

-Treadmill: Treadmills now take 1.5x sniper damage

-Mesh Flyer: Mesh Fliers should attack more often now

-Air Carrier: Air Carriers dropped Turrets are now affected by the Ground Upgrade

-The missiles now home a lot less and their damage also got reduced to be more consistent with Mesh Walkers. Their Wall of Death blaster shot was also lowered from 5 to 2


-c375: The player STILL would use the Doom Marine sounds for pain. This has FINALLY been fixed correctly now. The flight item they dropped wasn't permanent either

-Deathblaze Mill: Fixed 2 annoying sprite angles that made it harder to determine if it was a Deathblaze Mill or a normal one

-Shield Drone: Taunt shots were more pain and less taunting in TLMS

-Land Carrier: Land Carrier's move sound would not play

v2.6D (December 9 2012)



-The reason HP Bars were so darn glitchy and causing so much havoc was due to the ACS calling for TIDS +100 which overlapped with player TIDS. They now behave correctly.



Mummy(s): Gave the upgraded Mummies the white band translations to tell them apart and of course added Banjosters new sprites for Mummy Leaders. Thanks again!

v2.6 (November 26 2012)

This was a loooong time coming. I really tried to take the game into a new direction with all those CVARS and I can definitely promise there will be more in the future. I also made the game somewhat compatible with all the game modes so you guys can enjoy playing invasion (or funky CTF) with this again. Hope you enjoy!

-There was a stupid ACS bug for teams so Chex would always get the wrong team powerup.

-Removed the trail from Cyberdemons rockets.

-Forgot to put this txt in the pk3.


-There are now 12 server side CVARs that radically affect the gameplay of ZDWars. They are:

ZDW_HeroReimbursement: If set to 1, mana refunds from missumoned heroes are turned off. NOTE: This is turned off by default due to reimbursement still being a tad bit glitchy. Use with caution.
ZDW_Items: If set to 1, no items will be dropped by monsters or players.
ZDW_ManaRegenSpeed: Controls the rate in which mana is regenerated. The possible multipliers at this time are 2, 4 and 8.
ZDW_FlightLimiter: If set to 1, removes the flight limiter set for Virus and the flight items.
ZDW_MonsterRemover: If set to 1, turns off the monster remover.
ZDW_TeamFriendlyFire: If set to 1, players take team damage in TLMS and CTF.
ZDW_SummonerSpeed: If set to 1, players are given rage runes
ZDW_Cooldowns: If set to 1, hero cooldowns will be disabled
ZDW_AllSummoners: If set to 1, you will start with all available summoners for your class. 
ZDW_Heroes: If set to 1, disables heroes from being summoned. Also affects 'ZDW_AllSummoners.'
ZDW_VanillaSummoners: If set to 1, all LMS classes will be vanilla colored. NOTE: This breaks Reimbursement.
ZDW_ClassicWeaponSwitch: If set to 1, summoners will no longer autoswitch.

 NOTE: All of these are set to 0 by default.

-Holding down altfire for 5 seconds on monster upgrades now removes them from your inventory.

-New translations: Zombiemen, Mancubus, Shotgunners, Red Spores (+ upgraded ones), Ophidians, Green Mummies, Strife Pinkies, Red and Green Cacodemons, Silver Hellknight, Chex Templars, Red Loremasters, Green, Yellow, and Red Gargoyles, Prisms (Greater as well), Blue, Red, and Chex Reavers, Chex, Strife, and Virus Clinks, Red and Blue Barons, Red Revenants, Yellow Pain Elemental, Green and Yellow Ettins, Doom, Chex, Strife, and Virus Chaos Serpents (Homing especially), Red Wendigos, Red Order Bishops, Order Turrets, Traductus, Zedek, Red Treadmills, Red, Yellow, and Doom Undead Knights (and ghosts), Silver Minotaur, Red Lost Souls, and Arch Viles.

-The mini progress trees have been revamped graphic wise for your viewing pleasure. Check them out!

-4th team is no longer gold, but now silver. I'd make a joke about downgrading and the economy but eh... too easy.

-Optimized Summonball GLDefs and deleted countless lines of coding.

-Went through and remade every revive state for every single monster that can be revived. This means monsters should always revive (unless they are in water terrain... I'll have to manually apply that fix to maps later on), and color conversions, when applied will happen at a higher frequency and are less likely to fail. Say hello to botch free Centaurs, Sentinels, and Treadmills!

-Cleaned up and removed a lot of antiquated and unnecessary decorate throughout the pk3.

-All weapons now have proper 'Raise' states. This really doesn't affect gameplay unless you're spectating or have the CVAR for old weapon switch on. Still needed to be done though.

-Slime Canisters and Upgrade Staminas are now scaled to be a big bigger.

-Several sprite offsets have been fixed thanks to the tedious efforts of Captain Ventris.

-Revamped and began sorting how sprites and graphics are sorted in the wad. It's unfinished for now mainly because I had about 430 graphics and 600 sprites in some directories that needed proper sorting.


The wad should be fully compatible with the 'Invasion' game mode again.

Fixed an ungodly amount of small typos, wrong damagetypes on the green and yellow teams, and a lot more other inconsistencies that aren't worth mentioning. The game should be a whole let less buggy and consistent now.

Attempted to fix botch reimbursements always give 50% back on hero summons even if the monster was successfully summoned. Unfortunately it STILL doesn't always work, but it's slightly better than before.



All monsters (except for heroes of course) now have proper freeze deaths courtesy of Donald Duck. Thanks a ton!


Zombieman: FINALLY got the rifle working on the alternate death. In case you weren't aware, it was added in 2.0 and has never worked online.

Hell Knight: Colored GL Defs were still applied to projectiles.

Spider Mastermind: The silver removed image was improperly named and did not work.

Cyberdemon: The silver removed image was improperly named and did not work.



Mummy(s): Lowered the attack state by 2 tics on non nitro mummies.

Ophidian: The fire projectile no longer does 'Suppression' damage.

Iron Lich: Lowered the flame projectile damage from 18 to 8, ice from 15 to 10 on the main projectile and 11 to 7 on the shards.

Disciple: Inherited colored projectiles could hit ghosts.

Weredragon: The black bar that appeared on the I frames was actually present in the Heretic wad itself so it wasn't fixed last time. The sprite has since been manually edited to remove said bar.



Chaos Serpent: Lowered the projectile damage from 12 to 7.

Wraith: Raised painchance from 25 to 55.


Homing Serpent: The cost said 24/5 on the hud message.

Wraith: Team Wraiths could not properly convert colors.



Sniper Templars: Now Sniper Templars have unique sprites thanks to Savant.

Repair Drone: Remade, revamped, and fixed the repair drone to act like the original documentation outlined. If it strikes Acolytes, Stalkers, Sentinels, Reavers, Order Turrets, or Templars OF YOUR OWN, they will come back to life upon death. That is all. These do NOT revive monsters from other classes like they had on accident previously. They only affect YOUR Strife monsters so trying to steal another Strife army will not work (unless it's a friendly team strife). This also means previous bugs (ex: Sentinels, and Order Turrets were unrevivable) associated with the drone were fixed as well.


Acolyte: Raised the painchance from 35 to 75.

Stalker: Raised the attack tics from 12 to 13 and increased painchance from 30 to 100.


Order Bishop: Inherited LMS colored projectiles were able to hit ghosts. Their missiles also hurt themselves.

Spectre A: Green Spectre A's death image was never added to the pk3.

Entity: Colored variants could summon vanilla.

Repair Drone: Repair drones, when removed would drop 10 mana.



Bipedal: Raised the attack state by 2 tics and lowered the damage to 6,7.

Larva: Lowered attack state tics from 20 to 18.

Slime Canisters: You now can only carry 3 instead of 5 at a time.


Flem Spores: ANY spore summoned on TLMS was the normal colored variant, NOT the proper team monster. Yeah... that was a pretty major bug.

Flembomination: The cost should have been yellow on the fullscreen hud.



Prisms: Removed +PAINLESS from the Prism shot.

Upgraded Spores: Lowered attack state tics from 17 to 16.

Greater Prism: Removed +PAINLESS from the Greater Prism shot.

Speadshot Turret: Increased projectile speed from 20 to 24.

Mill: Lowered laser damage from (random(35,60)) to 5.

Mesh Flier: Changed the missile damage from Damage (random(24,36)) to 9.


Spores: Unupgraded LMS colored Spores could summon vanilla.

Upgraded Spores: TLMS Upgraded Spores, with the exception of red, had 24 tics in their missile state.

Turret: When idle, some turrets displayed the wrong sprites and may have incorrectly stated the monsters level. This is such an insignificant bug that I don't even know why I'm including it here.

Leader: Green Leaders event message was never added to the pk3.

Felix: Level 2 and 3 colored variants would always reimburse mana. Team summonballs also didn't have XDeath or Crash states.

Land Carrier: Level 2 and 3 colored variants would always reimburse mana. Team summonballs also didn't have XDeath or Crash states.

V2.5v2 (August 24 2012)



-Should have fixed all the problems related to summoning monsters that should be colored but were not.



Entity: Sub Entities will no longer attack their team mates. There was also an issue with the incorrect Sub Entites summoning during TLMS that have also been resolved.



-Refined and hopefully fixed the problems with the decorate that caused you to lose flight perminaently.

V2.5 (August 5 2012)

Long time coming here. Didn't get too far into balance and gameplay changes that I've been meaning to tinker with, but this is still a good release. Expecting some bugs and fine tuning for a few of the new things.



-It is now possible to remove monsters off the field. There is a new key in the controls that controls this. When pressed, the class will launch a fist attack, and go back to the weapon you were using previously. The hit monster then drops whatever amount of mana it would drop when it dies. Virus obviously doesn't have fists and has a lot more flying units so the c375 instead gets a short range basic shot projectile.

-Missummoned heroes now give 50% mana refunds! There is also a flag that's set server side and so this can be disabled inputting 'set mana_reimbursement 0'

-Brand new 'Hero Joined the Fray' images have been created for EVERY monster. Huge thanks for TerminusEst13 for pumping out 426 different images that greatly enhance the appeal of the game! Very very beautiful work!

-Reworked the mini tech trees. They should now behave exactly as they used to.

-Virus' flight isn't broken. Yep. You read that right. It will no longer glitch and break over huge pits anymore. I'm absolutely elated!

-New mana sprites courtesy of Neoworm. Thanks a bundle!

-Made mana pickup sounds unique to the class. The played sound is appropriate to the game your class is based on.

-Bullet based monsters are a lot more aggressive in TLMS. In an attempt to curb this, globally all the bullet monsters in TLMS do -2 damage from their normal counterparts.

-And to save pointless bullet points, the following monsters have new translations: Cacodemon (Silver), Chaingunner, Pain Elemental, Doom Imp(Yellow), Baron of Hell, Vile Fire, Ophidian, Iron Lich, Ettin (Silver, Red and Blue), Daedalon & Magebosses, Sentinel, Stalker, Reaver, Cubemen, Korax, Wyvern, Red Mummy, Leader, Felix, Land Carrier

-Repositioned cooldown timers for any hud larger than 1024x768 so they overlap as intended.


-Attempted to fix all the issues with trails of blood hanging in water and bouncing all over the place. Only time will tell if this was successful!

-Team ice attacks didn't freeze for some reason.



Hell Knight: Removed the translations on their projectiles. Hell Knights are so well translated now that you no longer need projectiles to tell em apart.

Low Tier Humanoid Monster: New burning death sprites curteousy of Blox!


Cacodemon: Yellow Team Cacodemons could hurt teammates.

Baron of Hell: Yellow Team Baron of Hells melee did 'Green Team' type damage.

Cyberdemon: Blue Team Cyberdemons still had that lousy TID Hate method which may have bugged their AI on TLMS.



Mummy(s): Made the melee only vanilla Mummies like the colored variety in which the white wraps on their body are all one solid color.


Nitro Mummy Ghosts (upgraded): Green Nitro Mummy Upgraded ghosts inherited from the Blue Nitro Mummy which lead to them appearing blue.

Weredragon: A frame for the Weredragon's back, 'BARGI0' had a strange black bar on it.



Ettin(Upgraded): The blocking Ettins now have new sprites shamelessly taken from Neoworm. Thanks again!


Ettin(Upgraded): Blocking Ettins would revive normal for any non colored class.



Acolyte, Macil, Rebel, Player: Enhanced and redid the greens for all these sprites. Translations to different colors should look way sharper now.


Stalker: Changed melee damage from random 4,6 to 4.

Dev Crusaders: Melee damage from 4 to 3.


Faction Info: The information image incorrectly stated that the Strife Player takes 10% less damage from various things instead of 50-60%.

Stalker(Upgraded): For whatever reason, upgraded Stalkers didn't like summoning when being summoned into a wall.

Reaver: Team Reavers didn't have the damagefix for their projectiles and still took off 40hp a shot.

Repair Drone: Not really a bug, but they've not been broken for a long while. Finally got around to reverting the message.

Spectre A: Added a 1/2 damage resistance to players.



Common Flemoid: Increased attack speed by 2 tics for both normal and upgraded types.

Bipedal: Attack speed increased by 1 tic.

Stridicus: Increased health back to 480 from 450. Also increased attack speed by 2 tics.



c375: Did I mention that the flying is no longer glitched? Well... it isn't! It works perfectly now!

V2.4B (May 5 2012)

Trying to hammer out the bugs before adding anything completely new here. Hopefully new junk will be on the horizon for 2.5.



-A lot of obituaries have been altered thanks to your friend and mine, Captain Ventris.

-The Mini progress trees now have their own key and no longer share the 'Strife Mission Objectives' key.


-Red mana jars weren't animated.

-For some bizarre reason +FIREDAMAGE didn't inherit from the LMS projectiles so fire death states were broken in TLMS.



Hell Knight: New sprites were made by TerminusEst13 and now Hell Knights finally have great translations. Thanks again TerminusEst13!


Demon: Raised melee damage from 11 to 12... again.



Ophidian: Added Fire and Ice damage for Ophidian projectiles.


Nitro Mummy Ghost: They now do as much melee damage as their normal counterparts.


Mummy: Altfire ghosted mummies came out unghosted.

Clink: There were still instances of Clink in there.

Weredragon Retrofit: Using the retrofit would make your weapons glitch and render them unusable. I should have fixed this for 2.3. Sorry about that.



Player: Enhanced the player sprites.

Ettin: Remade all Ettin translations.

Centaur: Remade all Centaur translations.

Slaughtar: Remade all Slaughtar translations.

Korax: Enhanced red translation.

Crystal Vial: You may now carry 5 in your inventory instead of 4.


Wyvern: When summoned in air they could come out vanilla. Never get tired of this one. Nope.



Templars: Enhanced all translations.


Templars: When retrofitted, Templars after attacking would vanish. This only affected the team variety.



Larva: Increased their attack speed to 20 tics and lowered their damage from 8,10 to 6,9


Stridicus: Virus revived Stridicus came up with the Strife revive color.



Spore: Remade green translation.

Treadmill: Remade red translation.

Virus: Remade blue translation.

Leader: Remade green translation.

Turret: When retrofitted, the Spreadshot sprites appeared in the Missile state only.

Treadmill: Turrets should be more likely to convert colors on revive now.

V2.3B (April 24 2012)

This version is mainly to get the website up and running. Visit it by going to and take a look! You also can submit bugs there too.



-Optimized and downsized the weapon summoners. Went from having 1270 weapons summoners to 127 and have deleted an ungodly amount of decorate. The game should load quicker now.

-Again, rearranged and organized the ACS for my own benefit.

-Added these sweet faction information charts 'behind' the tech trees. Once you have selected the Tech Tree, hit the button again and it'll give you information on your currently selected class. Thanks to TerminusEst13 for the concept and images!



Imp: Changed red translation to the brighter one.

Mancubus: Changed red translation to the brighter one.

Baron of Hell: Changed red translation to the brighter one.


Lost Soul: GLDefs for any colored Soul didn't work.



Clink: Changed red translation to the brighter one... Sabreclaw?


Gargoyle: Normal altfire Gargoyle's weren't ghosted. Gotta love this constant bug with 'goto Death' in the decorate.

Nitro Mummy: Nitro Mummy summoners when unlocking the next tier via altfire could skip over the Ghost Nitro Mummy summoner completely.



Swamp Stalker: Enhanced translations.


Afrit: Enchanted Afrits GLDefs were broken.



Snotlord: When summoned in midair, the Snotman would come out vanilla colored. Again my favorite consistent bug!

Player: When attacked by any non normal damage type unless they were the vanilla color would not spawn spores/flem slime.

V2.2B (March 23 2012)

Huge release here with 62 different bulletpoints. Hope it was worth the wait!


-With Skulltag fixing DesignatedTeam for the 98E release, DesignatedTeam was reactivated. This again means flawless AI in Teamplay, and it is once again possible to play with 4 teams! Team LMS should be the best it has ever been now, including the last version of TZDWars as well.

-This hasn't been *fully* implemented as far as my concepts for these ideas go, but you can also successfully play other game modes such as CTF and all that jazz with ZDWars now.

-Finally reorganized, reconfigured, downsized, cleaned up, pasteurized, homogenized and added all the fancy GLDefs and minor details that were present in LMS that weren't in TLMS.

-This also means an absurd amount of glitches that were present in Team LMS have been fixed as well. It should run a hell of a lot smoother now.

-Added a fix Nashgore Blood fix from Stronghold. This means that colored blood is no longer black and now is translated properly. Thank you Popsoap and Thetis!

-Removed A_DropFire from humanoid monsters so they all don't catch on fire when one monster does. If ZDWars had elemental based damage I'd totally use and abuse A_DropFire, but since it doesn't it's gone.

-Reconverted all the summoners into their native palettes for games like Hexen, Strife and Heretic. This just means the summoning animation should look a lot more detailed for OpenGL users.

-Added special summonballs for hero monsters. The only classes that don't have them are Chex and Virus because I couldn't find any great sprites for it in their respective wads. Anyone have suggestions for those two?

-Made a few GLDefs for some items. Will make more once I figure out a good way to light the bobbing items.



Zombieman: Enhanced the Zombiemen translations.

Mancubus: Enhanced translations.

Arachnotron: Attempted new translations. Will probably revert because I really dont like how they turned out. Also finally added color decals for their translated plasma balls.

Arch-Vile: Revised the Green Vile translation.

Cyberdemon: Greatly enhanced every Cyberdemon translation.


Demon: Lowered melee damage from 12 to 11.

Baron of Hell: Lowered melee damage from 30 to 26.


Zombiemen: Colored LMS Zombiemen weren't able to fire... erm... yeah...

Imp: If unlocked by a Shotgunner on Team LMS, gave normal colored summoners.

Lost Soul: Blue team summoned Red team souls.

Arachnotron: Silver and yellow summonball translations were reversed.

Vile Pulse: Pulsed Viles on TLMS behaved like invincible Arch Viles

Cyberdemon: The space checker was not working due to the sprites being deleted.



Mummy(s): Removed the translatable sprites and replaced them with crisp looking translations. Also added GLDefs to the mummies burn death states.

Clink: Made revived colors/states have a higher chance of converting correctly from a corpse. Also enhanced color translations.

Weredragon(s): Enhanced every color translation.


D'Sparil: Reduced the fireball damage from 16 to 14.

Altfire Ghostwave: TLMS Altfired units would attack other monsters.

Gargoyle Leader: Summonballs didn't have GLDefs.

Nitro Mummy: Nitro Mummies lacked burn death states.



Altfire Enchant: Added the Altfire summonballs to TLMS finally.

Wendigo: Translated colored shards and made sure the attacks translucent when they're upgraded.

Enchant: Finally updated the antiquated hud message that said Enchant heals units.

Korax: Enhanced colored translations.


Altfire Enchant: TLMS Altfired units would attack other monsters.

Ettin: Team upgraded Ettin's didn't block like Centaurs.

Swamp Stalker: 'Can be resurrected' wasn't on their hudmessage.

Wraith: Could not be properly converted and revived on TLMS.

Yeti: Team Yeti summonballs were Wendigo summonballs.

Traductus: Quite a few instances of 'TRADACTUS' on the obituaries.

Korax: Hud message said the Korax cost 100/90.



-Enhanced several sprites for Strife translations. Rebels, Macil, Player, Acolytes

-Order Bishop: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations.

-Crusader: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations. Yes, I'm aware yellow looks cruddy.

-Inquisitor: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations. Woohaw.

-Spectre(s): Enhanced color translations for both Spectres.

-Entity: Enhanced colored translations for the Entity.


-Crusaders: Reduced the attack speed of upgraded Crusaders to 29 from 26.

-Inquisitor(Clipped winged version): Added +NODROPOFF so Inquisitors will no longer walk off ledges.


Rebel: Rebels lacked their proper sound sets. They now aren't so silent!

Macil: When spawned, Macil would attack the player who created him.

Order Turret: Yellow Turret's were silver. Green alarm beams were also Yellow.

Stalker: Red Team upgraded Stalkers were blue.

Inquisitor: Colored flying Inquisitors would sometimes revert to a inherited grenade state in which the sprites weren't translated.



Armored Bipedal: Upgraded Armored Bipeds didn't drop spores on LMS.

Quadrumpus: When selected on the new hud, it highlighted and drew the number 2 in the spot where 1 is.



Greater Prism: Added GLDefs to the Greater Prism.

Mills: Gave all Mills more of a chance of converting colors correctly when being revived.

Treadmill: Treadmills now have a higher chance of converting colors correctly from a corpse.

Air Carrier: Made the translation make more sense.


Leader: Lowered the total attack speed for basic shot by a lot. Also raised their damage from 3 to 5.

Upgraded Spores: Upgraded Spores converted into regular ones upon being revived.

SpreadShot Turret: Red Spreadshot Turrets didn't have the right sprite assigned to them so they appeared to be level 3 at level 1.

V2.1B (January 26 2012)

Another bug revision version. Optimized the Team LMS decorate in preparation for 98E now that 'DesignatedTeam' has been fixed. Still a lot to do for it and I still have a laundry list of changes/additions I want to do for this and now can due to a lightened real life schedule so stay tuned!


-Optimized the decorate for Team LMS stuff a bit.


Team LMS:


-Fixed various broken retrofits and other such anomalies by doing a quick once over of the decorate.

-When reviving to the same color, the monster would be invisible upon revival.



Hell Knight: Lowered melee damage from 20 to 19.

Baron of Hell: Lowered melee damage from 35 to 30.


Cacodemon: The team projectiles were stronger than the LMS ones.

Rail Revenant: Summonballs radius was 64 and it should have been 20.

Hell Knight: Yellow Hellknights replaced normal ones.



Ghost Wave: Colored summoners weren't inherited from the original Ghost Wave and instead were inherited from Shotguns. This caused crashes and other abnormalities.

ArtiInvisiblity: Wouldn't go into existing player inventory if picked up by Heretic.



Artihealth: Wouldn't go into existing player inventory if picked up by Hexen.

Enchanted Chaos Serpent: Altfire versions of Chaos Serpents crashed servers due to me botching the inheritance. Told you I'm horrible at decorate.



-Made a few puffs and things of that nature clientsided that weren't before.


Rebel: Colored ones would drop off ledges.

Templar: Team LMS Templar still attacked with 8 tics instead of 16.

Sniper Templar: Team LMS Sniper Templar did 95 damage not 90.

Repair Drone: Crashed Servers.



Flem Spore: Upgraded yellow flemspores spawned silver.

-Team LMS Decals were green.



Spore: Upgraded Spores did not shoot as fast as the LMS versions on TLMS.

Felix: Level 1 blue Felixes were Yellow.

V2.0C (January 17 2012)

Yikes! Server crashing bugs! Time to fix these bad bad botches.


-Monsters could still summon vanilla colored in midair. This applied to flying monsters and a few select heroes. This also may have been a contributing factor in TLMS being all wonky with teamdamage and infighting. Hopefully it's fixed now!

-Changed the translation to red summonballs from that funky salmon colored to cherry red.

All the class changes below are bug fixes.

Flame Mancubus: Blue, and Green didn't spawned as Vanilla.

Spider Mastermind: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.


Clink: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.

Iron Lich: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.

D'Sparil 2: Idle state didn't loop.


Afrit: Didn't have an Idle state. The Hudmessage didn't indicate that they could hit ghosts while enchanted.

Bishop: Idle state didn't loop.

Heresiarch: Cubey crashed servers.

Swamp Stalker: Idle state didn't loop.


Inquisitor: Altfire was inherited and flew.


Flembomination: Didn't have Idle states. The classic 'HPBar' bug could happen when summoned.

Lord Snotfolus: Red Snotmans were dark Green.


Prism: Didn't have Idle states.

Land Carrier: Truckie crashed servers.

V2.0B (January 15 2012)

This version is a complete rehaul/reformat of the entire pk3. This is why it took over 7 weeks to release because it required a tremendous amount of work, time and energy. Every single actor has been edited for maximum efficiency and a whole lot of details have been added. Now editing the game is a lot less stressful especially when it comes to multiple colors and balancing on my end. There is still a laundry list of stuff to be added for 2.1 and maybe for that version, if I'm not too lazy, Team LMS will also get the rehaul that it missed out on for this release. With this said, decals and some opengl defs are missing for Team LMS and I'll hopefully remedy that for 2.1. I truly hope 2.0 was worth the wait!


-Completely reformatted the pk3 and reorganized everything so it's easier to edit and access. Now the pk3 behaves like a 'real' pk3. The file also somehow dropped in size as a result too!

-Edited and rewrote every single actor for LMS making a lot of things clientsided, fixing broken decorate, reorganizing the wads into a true pk3, adding an insane amount of gldefs, fixed broken gldefs, fixed all decals and a whole lot more little details such as enhanced translations and a whole lot more.

-Speaking of decals, Banjoster and I created some for Virus monsters too. Now every projectile monster has a decal of some sort.

-Colored class duplicates now have translated summonballs.

-Gave all items pickups their respective sounds from each game they come from.

-Added fire, ice and templar vaporization death states. The fire states affect humanoid monsters that are hit by obvious flame projectiles, ice affects any non hero, and vaporization affects humanoids as well. Ice and Vaporized corpses cannot be revived.

-Made the altfire animation smoother.

-Gave the HPBar BRIGHT so you can better see it in the dark.

-Made all player classes drop items for all death states.

-Added 'Can be resurrected' to the hud message for summoners.

-You can no longer retrofit/ghostwave/enchant someone elses monsters. You can do it if you're on the same team, but not on opposing teams or if you're a different color. Vanilla Ressed monsters also can't be ghosted or enchanted for that matter.


-Mana Regeneration: I believe all instances of mana giving double the amount, and the telefrag bug have been fixed (gee, how many times has this been said before) due to a new method in which a player gains mana. Because of this along with the reworked decorate, the game now uses 1/3 less bandwith than 1.9 did!

-Yellow Gibber: Produced green gibs.



-Zombieman: Found alternate death sprites in the wad that were never used so I gave it 1/2 chance to do said death.

-Hell Knights: Added color translations to their projectiles.

-Spider Mastermind: Slightly reduced the radius size from 96 to 90.

-Increased Armor pickups amounts to 5, 10, 15 from 2, 6, 10.


-Hell Knight: Raised painchance from 15 to 30.

-Baron of Hell: Raised painchance from 5 to 15.


-Lost Soul: Didn't drop mana.

-Pain Elemental: Dual Retrofit didnt work for whatever reason.



-D'Sparil 2: Added some sounds in from Heretic and gave it +NOTARGET so spawned Disciples will not target it.


-Iron Lich: Had +MISSILEMORE and +MISSILEEVENMORE flags. I removed the +MISSILEMORE flag which should slow down the rate of fire a bit.

-Weredragon: Lowered the painchance from 100 to 35.

-Barrage Weredragon: Lowered the painchance from 100 to 25.


-Hud: When Ghostwave was selected, the 6 was 100px away to the right from where it should have been.

-Gargoyles: XDeath states didn't work properly.

-Corvus: You could pickup your own shadowsphere on death.

-D'Sparil 2: Could be pulled by Loremasters.



-Ice Men: Translated the projectiles and made translucent where appropriate.

-Assassin Bosses: Reimplemented the fire death states from Hexen.

-Wyvern: Changed the projectile to the original one from Hexen. May make the attack exactly like the game later on.


-Afrit: Enchanted Afrits now hit ghosts with a slightly stronger and faster attack rather than the magic death particle.


-Enchanted Ettins: No matter what they all blocked like the upgraded counterparts and lacked the enchanted melee. What was the point?

-Enchanted Units: All of them had funky state errors that if you saw server logs or played offline you would get. All have been fixed.



-Acolyte: Found green translatable sprites online and made new translations for all colors. Thanks to Aaron Zendt for making these bad boys back in 1999!

-Sniper Templar: Changed the bullet puff to the alt mauler fire from Strife.

-Crusader: I don't know how many times this was requested, but since seriously over 30 people have mentioned it to me since I've been involved in ZDWars, Crusaders missiles no longer home.


-Order Turret: Raised health to 275 from 225.

-Templar: Increased the rate of fire from 8 tics to 16.

-Lore Master: Increased the melee range to 70 from 56.

-Devesator Crusader: Lowered the damage for the melee TeslaZap from 12 to 4, but kept the melee increase. Still feel pretty sheepish about that one.


-Acolyte: No sounds would play. A lot of monsters are like this and I'll fix them all for 2.1.

-Upgrade Staminas sprite was misnamed so it would never be visible. I also replaced the sprite with the 'correct' one from Strife.

-Reaver: Health was 280, not 300.

-Sentinel: Colored ones still may have flashed red.



-Slime Canister: They now behave like weapon summoners in terms of how they spawn. Should have done this from the beginning.

-Armored Bipedal Flemoid: Upgraded variants now have alternate sprites without the helmet. Big thanks to Banjoster for these!

-Cyclops: Made them slightly more translucent.


-Common Flemoid: Upgraded ones were slower (why?) than upgraded brethren. Made the upgraded commons speed 12 compared to the unupgraded 10 and made their melee attack 1 tic faster than before from 22 to 21.

-Larva: Lowered their attack rate from 20 to 18 tics.

-Cyclops: Increased damage from 8, 10 to 8, 12. Also lowered the amount needed to unlock mines from 18 to 15 to compensate for the 6 mana raise that was put in a few versions ago.


-All ressed Vanilla colors didn't have proper blood colors. I stopped being lazy and decided to fix this along with the gibs of every colored Chex monster.

-Snot Lord: Sprite offsets were off during the death state.

-Flem Meteors: All of them had a red gibber on death and 'bled.'



-Spores: Upgraded Spores also have a new sprite set, thanks to Banjoster... again.

-Turrets: Leveled up Turrets have new sprites courtesy of Banjoster. He's definitely a great guy for going ahead an making all of these!


-Spores: Upgraded Spores shoot faster now.


-Mill: Deathblaze Retrofit didn't work for whatever reason.
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