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----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD DescriptionÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
For those of you who have played through my previous levels and
expect all of them to be smallish, like the existing ones, then
prepare yourself for a major change.  This my largest independent map
(so far ;-) that I can still call coherent, weighing in at 300k but 
still being perfectly playable.  It's like four small maps joined 
together to make one large base.  It's totally non-linear, and there
are about six or seven distinctive areas in it.  Demo-recorders
should have lots of fun finding all different routes through here...
On the last day, I found that ZenNode refused to compile the map's
nodes without crashing, and I also found that it had screwed up the
map into random junk, and I basically said "AAAARGGGHHH!!!!!!".
I had a backup copy though, and I recompiled it with my trusty BSP.

Thanks for the music must go to Michael himself, for making it back
in 1996, and also to Nick Baker and Marc Pullen; Marc found some old
MIDIs and sent them to Nick, who asked me to extend some of them to
a more respectable length (a few were like 30 seconds), and one of
them was a piece by Walthius (FYI, "The Gates of Doom") and his
homepage and address were in the file.  I visited his homepage and
got about 45 songs off there, totalling over 4 hours.  This is my
favourite of the lot, I think.  ("Pacific Coast Highway" is my second)
"Memories..." is in fact a Yamaha XG song, and it is included in this 
ZIP for those with Yamaha XG to delight in listening to.  (As it
does not convert properly to MIDI, the timings get buggered)

Note that several of the pieces Nick sent to me shall appear on
the forthcoming CD by me, "Suburban Non-Life", which will be available
at:, to order for £5 (~$7)
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD InformationÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
Name:           Omega Facility
Game:           Doom II 1.9
Maps Replaced:  map01
Authors:        S. 'Metabolist' Woodman
Email Address:  <email removed>
Demo Recording: S. 'Metabolist' Woodman
New Graphics:   TNT-Evilution sky
New Sounds:     --
New Music:      "Memories of Arden Road"
  by Michael Walthius (<email removed>)
            check out his homepage at
New Demos:      Pleeeeeease! Tyson if you can manage it :-)
Known Bugs:     --
Unknown Bugs:   --
Build Time:     5 or 6 days
Tools Used:     DETH 4.24, BSP 2.3x
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWhere To Find ItÄÄÄÅ----------------------
At the central Homepage:
Or at the Walnut Creek Archive:
(you can paste these URLs into your browser if you're a
repressed kid whose parents have enforced browser restrictions...
or if you can't be bothered to type them in by hand :-)
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