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So what is "The Return"?

It's several things, but it's mostly a set of resources
from the folks who brought you Eternal DOOM and the BOOM
engine.  In addition there will be levels from a variety of
people, and you can be one of those yourself.  Read on.

Note: No levels are included in this ZIP file.

We have received many requests over the years to use material
from the mega-release Eternal DOOM.  You know what we mean -
the cool railings, breakable glass, and awesome textures - 
everything from Medieval to High Tech.

So here is our gift to you:

We are releasing the entire Eternal DOOM Resource WAD as a
publicly available resource.  That's right!  Now you can use
the entire Eternal DOOM resource (plus all the new resources
released for "The Return") to decorate your levels.

Now for the REALLY cool part:  We will be setting up a special
directory on ftp.cdrom.com for levels made with The Return
resources.  Ours will be there, and if you make some too, just 
go to our web page to submit them.  The details are there, and
we'll put them in that special Return directory too.  There
will be an index to your levels on our web page, and you can
use the handy standard text template file we provide.

Just to to http://www.teamtnt.com for details (click on the
link for The Return).

We hope everyone will use the new Eternal DOOM resources to
contribute a level of their own - whether it's SP, DM or COOP,
BOOM, ZDOOM, or more. :)

Go get it now at:



- Separate resource WAD now publicly available for use
- New status-bar (the one from Eternal Doom).
- Many other new and totally new graphics
- A few select new sounds (those from Eternal Doom).

- Made lovingly by an assortment of crazies dedicated to driving
  wad players mad (and pretty fair at it too <g>).

The RETRES (RETurn RESources) package RETRES.ZIP

The download package RETRES.ZIP contains contains everything you 
need except a working DOOM II installation.

ZIP File contents:

   RETRES.WAD   - The Return resource wad, contains the textures,
                  flats, sprites, graphics and sounds.  This is the
                  part that you can use things from.
   RETRES.TXT   - This file
   RESTEMPL.TXT - Template file to use when you upload your levels


Contact TeamTNT if you wish information on editing RETURN levels.

 - We ask you not to include RETRES.WAD with any levels you 
   distribute. Please ask them to download RETRES.ZIP from either 
   CompuServe, Action Forum or at ftp.cdrom.com, id Games.
 - Give Team Eternal and TeamTNT a mention in your text file.

So what does this really mean?  We are taking a very relaxed attitude 
on the resource WAD.  You can extract the portions of the resource 
you wish to use as long as you give proper credit.  But if you 
require the entire resource WAD for your level do not distribute the
resource WAD on your own.  Have them download the resource WAD from:


 Thank you :)

File Name              : RETRES.ZIP
DOOM 2 Engine       : Tested with BOOM ver 2.02 and PRBOOM ver 2.02
Play modes             : "The Return" is a resource wad file with no levels.
New Art       : The Eternal Resources.
Difficulty Settings    : n/a
Demos Replaced         : n/a
Where to get RETRES    : FTP ftp.cdrom.com...
                         Homepage http://www.teamtnt.com
                         CompuServe (Action Games Forum).
Support                : If you have problems feel free to send mail thru the 
                         homepage above. Do NOT contact id Software about 
                         The Return.


These  are the people that you can thank for taking up all that space on your
hard disk. In alphabetical order:

Jim Flynn               : (<email removed>)
Ty Halderman            : (<email removed>)
Paul Schmitz            : (<email removed>)

Play Testers            :  Ky "Rez" Moffet
                           Other TeamTNT members

Thanks to               :  id Software
                           Raven Software
                           Olivier Montanuy (DEUTEX, DEUSF)
   To all the folks who made up Team Eternal,
   especially the artists:

Sverre Andre Kvernmo (Main Graphic Artist)
Alex Mayberry (Assistant Graphic Artist)
Bob Evans (Graphics for EDIII)

/// End of file, last updated 5:55 AM 9/26/99
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