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ZDoom Wars I

by Repo Man & TerminusEst13

Visit for more information about this project.

Contact me via email at <email removed> for any questions, concerns, comments, bugs, or just feedback about this mod. This includes questions on how stuff works.

Abridged Credits for contributions & resources until a proper credits screen is created:
Captain Ventris: For the original ZDoom Wars, and making several large suggestions and contributions as this project has gone on.
Mik57 and Damage: For the original ZDoom Wars.
Banjoster: For the concept of the colored classes, Team LMS, Upgraded Armor Bipedal Sprites, Turret Sprites, Spore Sprites, and the Nitro Mummy Sprites.
75: For the concept of Chex decals, the basis code, and for the Chexter Radiation Suit sprites.
Neoworm: For the new mana sprites, and chainmail Ettins.
Bloax: For the Doom monster burning sprites.
Donald Duck: For the Doom frozen sprites.
Liamythesh: For the Sirena sprites
Major Mike: CEO of talent relations.
Popsoap & Thetis: For the Nashgore colored blood fix.
Savant: For the Sniper Templar sprites.
Vilde: For the cleaner Arachnotron sprites.
Zael: For having a good build for me to work off of. May the pump be with you... always.

v3.0B (May 9th 2014)

Trying something new here. Doing separate resources in hopes of updating things easier as they come and to 'finish' 3.0 because this wasn't the vision I had for the release. Yeah... don't count on that happening. Unless I'm getting paid don't expect anything too crazy here. We'll see though.


-Cleaned up a lot of antiquated and old code. Using this as an excuse for anything that's now broken that wasn't before

-Teleport fog now changes depending on your class. The sprites and sound now correspond to whichever class you are by using the sprites and sounds from their game of origin

-Created a new CVar called 'ZDW_PermanentMana.' If set to 1, dropped mana will no longer disappear if not picked up

-Made another CVar called 'ZDW_HeroMessages.' If set to 1, Hero Event Images no longer appear

-Made yet another CVar called 'ZDW_ManaPerKill.' If set to 1, you will be rewarded with mana for successfully killing monsters instead of mana being dropped

-And of course if that's going to exist, why not 'ZDW_ManaDrops.' If set to 1, mana will no longer be dropped by monsters

-Time for another Cvar! Created the 'ZDW_Starting*Health' cvar. Default values are the classes normal health. For example Doom's is 'ZDW_StartingDoomHealth 270' and these values can be set to ANYTHING

-And since you can set starting health, why not max health? Just used 'ZDW_Max*Health' instead of 'Starting' as mentioned in the previous bullet point

-Since you can control starting health(and this CVar is admittedly overdue), 'ZDW_HealthRegenerationSpeed' now exists to control the rate that health regenerates

-And because that is now a CVar, the old cvar to turn off health regeneration has been removed as a result

-Removed the 'Double Max Mana' CVar and instead replaced it with two way more in depth variables. Now exact amounts can be set via server with 'ZDW_ManaMAxAmount' and 'ZDW_HeroManaMaxAmount'

-Cooldowns can now be controlled based on the hero. You can set '*CooldownTime' (ex: CyberdemonCooldownTime) to whatever value you want per hero

-Hero mana drops can now be enabled! By default they equate to the same values of mana as normal monsters drop. The CVar is 'ZDW_HeroMana'

-And for fun, normal mana drops can also be turned off by setting 'ZDW_SummonMana' to 1

-'ZDW_PermanentItems' has been created and when set to 1, items will no longer disappear once dropped

-Lowered the time it takes to remove an unwanted upgrade from 5 seconds to 2

-Gave the teleporter summoners the correct telefog sprites per each class

-New Translations: Heretic Imp(s), Undead Knight(s)


-Arachnotron: Arachnotrons have redone sprites that clean up their legs courtesy of Vilde. This means translations look way better


-Stalker: Upgraded Stalkers are now gold to tell the difference between the non upgraded ones


The Ground Upgrade summoner can now be removed from inventory



-Lost Soul: Mr. Skull Head's damage has been lowered

-Hell Knight: Dropped their projectile from 10 to 7 damage

-Baron of Hell: Dropped their projectile from 11 to 10

-Arachnotron: Lowered Arachnotrons radius to 48

-Spider Mastermind: Changed and adjusted the height, radius, and scaled size back to .85


-Mummy(s): Melee Golem's painchance was lowered to 60. Their Melee states tics have also been reduced and Golems that shoot fire have had the projectiles damage lowered

-Disciple: Disciples damage was lowered

-Ophidian: Ophidians damage was lowered

-D'Sparil: The amount of Disciples D'Sparil summons is now limited to 12


-Adjusted some values for unlocking. It now takes 9 Serpents to unlock Bishops and only 8 to unlock Wendigo\Yeti\Mage Man

-Ettin: Slowed down Ettin's melee state

-Wraith: Lowered their melee and projectile damage

-Korax: Lowered Zoraks radius to 55


Bipedal: Health lowered to 140

-Armored Bipedal: Lowered their damage a bit

-Larva: Raised Larvelle's painchance from 20 to 40 and lowered their melee range to 70 from 84 and slowed down their attack state


-Speadshot Turret: Raised damage from (4,5) to 2 and dropped their projectile speed from 24 to 16 and also raised their missile state speed to match single shot turrets


-There was a typo on the cvar ZDW_FieldLimit so they would not archive between map votes without intermission or game changes

-Respawns would break item givers for colored and even vanilla inventory and screw up several functions

-The team selector start for most team based maps is 5082. For ZDoom Wars it was 5082 for the Green team. Not anymore

-Teleporters cost message said 3 per round, not 5

-'ZDW_FieldHeroLimit' still appeared on the console log for servers. This flag no longer exists and was antiquated code

-'ZDW_Flight' wouldn't work upon respawn

-Here's where things get even cuter: There was a typo for TLMS heroes on the fieldcheck so you could summon an unlimited amount of monsters on the field UNLESS you were Doom. Nice

-Permanent mana did not have GLDefs


-Cacodemon: Cacodemon's spawn states looped instead of going to See

-Revenant(s): When a Revenant was a Rail version, their idle states had A_Chase instead of A_Wander which is why they likely went ballistic when someone died or spectated

-Rail Revenant: If retrofitted, Rail Revenants did the same melee damage as normal Revs

-Mancubus: If retrofitted and teleported, Flame Mancubus would revert back to normal

-Pain Elemental (Dual): Dual elements via retrofit could revert back to single

-Pain Elemental (Dual): If retrofitted and teleported, Flame Mancubus would revert back to normal

-Cyberdemon: Blue Team Cyberdemons couldn't teleport


-Green LMS teleporters would explode upon being summoned

-Gargoyle(s): Impys XDeath state didn't have unset blocking so their corpses were still solid

-Mummy(s): Team upgraded Golems all summoned the silver team projectile upon their death

-Nitro Mummy(s): Hothead couldn't be teleported

-Nitro Mummy(upgraded): Upgraded Nitro Golems wouldn't spew fireballs upon death

-Disciple: Disciples couldn't be teleported and vanilla ones could be ghosted. Their attack sound also didn't fully play

-Undead Knight (Ghosts): Vanilla revived Knights when removed would drop blue instead of pink mana

-Iron Lich: TLMS Liches had +FIREDAMAGE which drastically lowered the damage they did with fire projectiles

-D'Sparil: Wizzrobes attack sound for team form 2 monsters didn't play


-Wraith: Reiver's summonballs didn't summon in mid air


-Cooldown images for Spectre A, B and the Programmer were all scrambled

-Most monsters had either 32 MaxDropOffHeight or MaxStepHeight. Default for other monsters is 24

-Acolytes: Acolytes had a Melee state that forced them to constantly fire when in melee range. This is actually a leftover but from 302_2

-Reaver's: Reaver's spawn states looped instead of going to See

-Templars (Sniper): Vanilla revived Sniper Templars would be the normal variety

-Entity: You could summon 7 Entitys per round. Nice job fixing revised code you idiot

-Repair Drone: Their cost message displayed antiquated information. For the record, most of the time when I say antiquated information, I mean I change something wacky in the beta, but is different in the final and I forget. I'm sorry that I don't get paid enough to test this more


-Common Flemoid(Split): Upgraded and gummi flavored gelatino men dropped normal colored spores

-Armored Bipedal: Vanilla revived Armored Bipedals couldn't be removed by Hexen. Yeah I doubt anyone noticed this

-Maximus: LMS Maximus displayed the TLMS obituaries

-Flembrane: The jump states in the missile could bypass the spore limit all together

-Slime Carrier: When teleported, Slime Carriers would be 'ready' and full of goo to drop

-Flem Meteor(s): The amount of spores a meteor could make on the hud message was off


-Greater Prism: Greater Prism's cost was wrong on the full screen hud

-Mesh Flier: Mesh Flier's cost was also wrong on the full screen hud

-Land Carrier: Cost message said they summoned 50 drones instead of 50 pairs. Changed it to 100 just for clarity. Also when teleported at the right time, Land Carrier's could skip the Drone and Air Carrier limits and make unlimited amounts of each
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