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MAP01, MAP02
>>>AS YOU LIKE IT, PWAD for DOOM2.     <<<

in short:
new levels............: MAP01 (deathmatch),
MAP02 (single player).
new music.............: NOT QUITE, but some music included.
new sound fx..........: YES (check 'em out).
new textures..........: FEW (rocky ones and marks at the door to the double 
shotgun in MAP01).
new sprites, flats....: NONE (this is a real patch wad, usage:
doom2 -file asyoulik.wad).

I tried to let DOOM make something new and entertaining to the eye.
So I included special puzzles and effects (esp. The Tower in MAP02) and
designed the sounds and the visual appearance very carefully.
Thanks to Q for testing.

The first level is rather deathmatch oriented i.e. very circular (many options
where to go in every situation). With pseudo-bridges (jump), so it's more
three dimensional than DOOM maps are usually.
Two use-once-stay-open doors usable from one side only so you can influence
the appearance of the level during gameplay.
Two transporters as shortcuts (but everyone can hear you).
This map gave the wad file its name.
Try playing -altdeath.

This one's a single player level with a lot of secret doors and puzzles. There
are rather many health potions so you get through easily. Watch out for
The Theater and The Tower (visual experience), the latter you'll need to finish
the level anyway, but I mention it because I've never seen any doom level with
something like it.

hints (walktrough):
Try finding the best of the three ways to get into the level first, the
options I chose where different for different difficulty settings.

If you want to jump down to the double shotgun mind the red and green marks
ar the door to it: red - closed, go somewhere else first, green - open,
you'll get the double shotgun. (If noone's standing in your way while you
jump, that's how you can keep your friends away from there).
The damaged walls in the large rectangular room in the north can be walked
If you are trapped in the room with the moving floors (because someone's
switched them off), try using any wall of the room, it will raise and lets
you teleport out of there.
Try hiding behind every corner when you play against the arch-viles, they'll
raise a lot of seargents and heavy weapon dudes, so you get enough ammo to
take them out even if you don't use energy weapons (plasma and bfg).

Nearly every irregularity in texture and light is a hint for a secret door.

There's a secret door behind the armor. From there on you should find your
way to the chaingun and the invulnerability shpere with the two barons.
Nearby to where you get out again there is another secret door with a
health shpere and the double shotgun. Try walking backwards when you stand on
the teleporter pads to get the health sphere.
There's a secret area behind your starting position. There you'll find a
cross-shaped secret room with the blue key and a health shpere. Through the
blue door you get into The Theatre, there you'll find the red key that makes
things much easier in the rest of the level.
The metal door leads to The Tower. At the end of every floor you'll find a
switch that frees the way to the next one. (You want to finish every floor,
don't you?)
At the end of the green floor (first over ground) activating the bloodstained
wall sets you free again.
When you meet the cyber-daemon ("I am the god of hellfire"), walk around him
to let him be crushed. Then take the yellow key and get into the final room.
There, telefragging is the easiest thing that you can do.

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DM Spawns
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