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++++========== I don't need no stinking template! :-) ============++++
(Actually, some dufus included a file called "wad_auth.txt" in the
zip for their wad, which overwrote my template copy... *sigh*)


(Note that this replaces combat.wad, a fine level which you all loved...)

----------Files:        =====   =====   =====   =====   =====   =====
3 files are included in this ZIP archive (COMBAT_2.ZIP):
        1) COMBAT_2.TXT (you're reading it :-)
        2) COMBAT_2.WAD - 8 level replacement wad for episode 2
        3) COMBAT_S.ZIP - 8 levels in seperate wad files, for individual
                manipulation.  (So that way you don't have to play with
                DEU if you like a particular level and hate all the others)
                        combat1.wad, combat2.wad, combat3.wad,
                        ..., combat8.wad

----------Description:  ====    ====    ====    ====    ====    ====
What is COMBAT_2.WAD?

It's an 9-level episode for DOOM 1.2 which is designed for
combat intensive play for one player, but is also multi-player
and DEATHMATCH ready.  The 9 levels (E2M1 --- E2M9) are a collection
of levels I've designed over the past year.  They're all simple,
with no puzzles and no secrets, just lots and lots of blood.  They
should run on almost any machine that is capable of running DOOM
(although E2M5 may get slow due to the ENORMOUS number of monsters
on it.  My machine is a 4MB 33MHZ 486 DX, and it runs slow at times 
on that...).  If you like lots of mayhem, and plenty of dying (both you
and the monsters) then these levels are for you.  If you like pretty
artwork, or frustrating puzzles, then find another wad.
(BTW - the levels aren't UGLY - the textures are all aligned and selected
with some care - you actually might really like how some of the levels
look.  But one none of them did I spend more than an hour or two selecting

-----------Technical info:      ====    ====    ====    ====    ====

Modifies: Levels E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M8, E2M9
Single player ready?            : YES!!!!!
Multi-player ready?             : YES!!!
DEATHMATCH ready?               : YES!  ( -nomonsters advised, 'cause
                                          there's TONS of them )
Supports 32 players with 
cybernetic virtual-reality 
interface?                      : NO!!!!!!
Difficulty Levels Implemented?  : YES!!!!! ("Ultra-violence" rough, 
                                  "Nightmare" blatantly impossible. 
                                  "I'm too young to die" is moderately hard.
Modifies sounds, graphics, etc? : NO!!!!!!
All levels have exits?          : YES!
All levels well-texture aligned?: YES!
Hours spent on texture picking? : NO!
16/256 linedef HOM errors?      : NO!
Missing textures?               : NO!
# Former Human Soldiers         : 128
# Shotgun Dudes                 :  93 /  93 / 165
# Imps                          :  69 / 177 / 281
# Demons/Spectres               :   2 /  98 / 100
# Lost Souls                    :   ZERO!!!!
# Cacodemons                    :   0 /   4 /  47
# Barons                        :  59 /  59 /  75
# Spiderdemons                  :   ZERO!!!!
# Cyberdemons                   :   6 /   6 /   7

-----------Author Info: ====    ====    ====    ====    ====    ====
Karl R. Peters
<email removed>
Junior at Rutgers University, Mathematics major.
1000+ Hours of single-player DOOM I experience
0 Hours multiplayer/deathmatch experience :-(
50+ Hours DOOM II experience.  
(What's wrong with me? Why don't I like DOOM II???!!!)

-----------Permissions: ====    ====    ====    ====    ====    ====
If you make no money off whatever you do with these levels, you can do
whatever the hell you like.
If you earn a single cent off of these levels, I will sue you for
every penny you own, your family owns, your cat owns, your...
(Unless you pay me first, of course :-)

-----------Play Info:   ====    ====    ====    ====    ====    ====
These levels are HARD.  Expect to die.  Often.  I'd suggest initially
playing at "Hurt me plenty" or even "Not too rough" difficulty until
you get an idea of where the monsters and heals are.  "Ultra Violence"
should only be attempted when you have a pretty good idea what's going on.
Don't worry about dying: each level is designed to be startable from
scratch.  Carrying extra gear from the previous level won't help you much.
Also, there are LOTS of heals on each level.  If you die, it's most likely
NOT because you "ran out" of heals.  Instead, it's because you got surrounded
and slaughtered.  You you survive a combat, most likely you'll be OK to
go into the next one after a little gathering.

If you're finding these levels too easy, you're doing something wrong.
Make sure you kill everything before you exit the level.  If it's
still too easy, use your fists. :-)

Having a stereo sound card is vital on the later levels.  Otherwise, you'll
find yourself constantly getting blown away by a cyberdemon sneaking up
on you...

On some of the levels, I have taken some care to make DEATHMATCH more
interesting by including all the weapons, etc.  Specifically, I imagine
that E2M5 is the best level for deathmatch play, although you had better
use -nomonsters on it.  ALL of the levels have 4 deathmatch starts, and
weapons nearby, but often it's just a shotgun and nothing else.  Sorry.
Feel free to add what you like.

Finding the exit on some levels may be slightly difficult, so here's
some instructions to make your life easier:

================----------EXIT INFO!!!!-----------====================

E2M1: Step into the lava for an instant exit. (No, you won't get burned.
        BTW - exiting before the imps are dead is definitely cheating.)
E2M2: Obvious: flip the switch
E2M3: Go to the center of the wad, and look behind the pillars for
        an end level switch.  Again, don't cheat and leave too soon.
E2M4: Just keeping pushing buttons.  There's a total of 16, 8 of which
        reveal the other 8.  Don't worry, none of them are hard to find...
E2M5: Originally, the exit was in the center of the wad, but I too often
        pressed it before engaging ANY of the enemies.  So I moved it
        to a pillar in the center of the southern chamber.  Just look
        for the switch.
        The exit that is still in the center of the wad takes you to
        E2M9 - the "secret" level.  Use this if E2M5 is too slow.
E2M6: Open doors, flip switches, remember to look at the EW walls and the
        center of the wad
E2M7: Just run up the stairs, dive down the hall, and get the hell out! :)
E2M8: I think you know what to do here :-) (And yes, it IS possible, just
        tough as hell)
E2M9: Grab the keys, open the "door", and it will be easy to find.

For those of you who are getting fed up with dying, read this before
vaporizing these wads that I've spent countless (OK, maybe 30 or so)
hours slaving over....

(please read before deleting :-)

General tip:  ALWAYS run.  Slide often.  Shotguns kick ass.  Conserve ammo.
        Run circles around your enemies - it keeps them in a nice bunch
        which you can blast away with.  Never let them get behind you.
        Never let them suprise you - keep track of where they are.


E2M1:  Grab the shotgun, blast your way out of the ring of imps, and keep
        circling the suckers. Conserve ammo and heals.  Run, use
        hit and run tactics.  Do not stand in one place, AND NEVER LET

E2M2:  There's a suit of armor on the northernmost wall of the wad - GET IT!
        IMMEDIATELY!  Then just blast away.  For the Baron hall, open
        the door to let the monsters know you're there, then let it close
        in front of you without going through.  Let them kill each other, 
        then dive in.  Fratricide is the key here.

E2M3:  Uh... Good luck!  Practice, practice, practice.  Keep moving.  
        Fratricide will help immensely.  Above all, AVOID GETTING TRAPPED!

E2M4:  KEEP RUNNING.  If you run out of ammo (and you will), check out
        the buttons.  Pushing the buttons will open up needed supplies
        and additional buttons, but unfortunately both will be in other
        (but nearby) locations.  Make sure to push ALL 16 buttons before
        trying to leave.

E2M5:  Open one door at a time.  The monsters are NOT deaf, but there
        are sound-blocking lindefs to prevent monsters in one chamber
        from hearing the activities in another.  Conserve ammo.  Fratricide
        will help enormously.  DON'T GET TRAPPED!!!

E2M6:  RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN!!!!!  Plasma will not cut down these babies
        fast enough.  But you can blast your way out if you get surrounded,
        without taking too much damage.

E2M7:  FRATRICIDE!!!! Stick close to the demons as they charge down the 
        steps - the baron's bolts will rip them apart.  Keep moving, letting
        the baron's artillery sail above you.  When you get a clear chance,
        charge up the steps and get the hell out.  Don't bother firing
        a single shot on this level.

E2M8:  Yes, that's FOUR cyberdemons.  Count them - one, two, three, four! :-)
        Just keep moving, keep blasting, never let your health and armor
        get too low.  Run circles around them to keep them in a pack.  
        Do your best to keep track of where they are - getting shot in
        the back by a Cyberdemon REALLY sucks.  Any way, good luck!!!!

E2M9: This is easy.  Just kill.  Be careful of the Cyberdemon, though.

Note - I've completed ALL of these levels on "Ultra-violence" - it IS 
possible.  Just long and painful and hard as hell, and 50% of the time
I die myself.  So don't get too discouraged, OK?  And have fun!!!


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