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Classical Music for Doom v2.0

This is the latest collection of high quality classical
music for the cultured Doom enthusiast :-)

   This music replacement is 100% complete.  Not a tune is left
untouched, and this includes the end of episode and even title
screen tunes.  Since episode one can be played by unregistered
users, the songs for episode one are all piano pieces (except for
the secret level), the Nutcracker to be exact.
   With the exception of the "Reed dance" of the Nutcracker, no
song is repeated, and as a small note, although the "Reed dance"
is repeated, the second version is the orchestrated version, not
a piano piece.
   I would recommend playing the entire game through again with-
out any knowledge of the music list.  At least play some of it
without consulting the list, as I think the element of not knowing
which song is coming up next adds some humor to the moment.
   Of course, if you aren't very knowledgeable of classical music,
by all means check the list, so that you may learn of the well known

   Credit must be given where it is due, and I have to admit I am
lacking in this area.  I did not enter any of these songs myself, but
have used the music I have found at various FTP sites.  The only names
I still have on my hard drive associated with the music are: Rashad
Chichakly for E2M8, and R.J. Stratton Jr. for all the Nutcracker tunes
in episode one.  As for the other names, I don't have them!  I really
wish I did because I admire people who enter in the songs so that the
rest of us can enjoy them.

   What I did/Why I should get jack-diddly-squat of credit: I went 
through the trouble to collect the songs.  Anyone who has a huge dump
of midi files or is a classical music buff like myself may already have
the same .mid's but there are many who don't have access to them, which
is where I come in.  I went through the trouble of making them into
a Wad (I know, big deal).  Here's the biggest part though: I made sure
that there were no deviant midi controllers (there were some) and that
songs did not leave active controllers messing up following songs.  I
also edited E2M8 so that it was small enough to be made into a .MUS,
and trust me, I hated deleting from it, as it is an excellent piece!
I did the intro screen music all by myself :-), just a simple C chord.
I also standardized the volume to a reasonable norm so all the songs
weren't at horribly different sound levels requiring a lot of volume
knob use.  I also used some discretion in choosing which songs to use
and where to put them.  Lastly, I cut some notes from some pieces so
that the soundblaster didn't have such a hard time but was careful not
to make the piece sound worse on capable equipment.  I made sure every-
thing sounded acceptable on my SCC-1 and my Soundblaster Pro.  That's 
pretty much what I did, it took about 20 hours in all, considering some 
errors I made which had to be corrected and such.

Now for the music list

Episode one -- The Nutcracker: Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky
1 -- Overture
2 -- March of Toy Soldiers
3 -- Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies
4 -- Russian Dance
5 -- Arabian Dance
6 -- Chinese Dance
7 -- Dance of the Reeds
8 -- Nutcracker Waltz
Secret -- ?, Bach

Episode two
1 -- Alla Turca: rondo, W.A. Mozart
2 -- ?, Bach
3 -- Hungarian Dance: Johannes Brahms
4 -- Jupiter Symphony (#41): 1st mvmnt: W.A. Mozart
5 -- Mountain King: Edward Grieg
6 -- Spring, 1st mvmnt: Antonio Vivaldi
7 -- Fifth Symphony, 1st mvmnt: Ludwig van Beethoven (complete)
8 -- Night on Bald Mountain: M. Moussorgsky
Secret -- "Moonlight Sonata", third mvmnt: Ludwig van Beethoven

Episode three
1 -- Nutcracker, Dance of the Reeds: Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky
2 -- ?: Dukas (Mickey's Sorcerer's Apprentice music)
3 -- Marriage of Figaro, Overture: W.A. Mozart
4 -- Eroica, ? mvmnt: Ludwig van Beethoven
5 -- ?: Liszt
6 -- Air: J.S. Bach
7 -- Fifth Symphony, 3rd mvmnt: Ludwig van Beethoven (complete)
8 -- Piano concerto #21 (?): W.A. Mozart
Secret -- K.476: W.A. Mozart
        k476 note: I don't know what this is supposed to sound like,
                   so I scored it for piano and woodwinds (strings
                   didn't sound right at the pitches it plays).

In the future:
  Well, this is pretty comprehensive, so I can't really imagine what
I can do with it past this.  If I find a whole bunch of really appropriate
new songs like "Die Walkurie" by Wagner though, then you can bet I'll
be releasing a v2.5!!  Don't hold your breath for any Puccini, though!

                Scott Kearney
<email removed>

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