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                                 Dr. Death
                            : P R E S E N T S :

                       "Assault on Neurotica Station"    


                               V E R S I O N  2

  Da Story:
   Well, you've killed your way through to the heart of the problem, Command
   Control. Herein lies the infamous gateway to hell that has caused so much
   death and misery. You hope that when you find the gateway, somebody has 
   left those weapons they were playing with.....
   You discover you have made your way to the dark side of Phobos. Wondering
   where all this is gonna end, you open the door and begin hunting for 
   something to kill..... ON WITH THE BODY COUNT!
  Whatz up:
   Hey folks, Dr. Death here tellin' ya about my newest level o' carnage.
  This is the Command Control, fondly known as the Neurotica Station, and is
  my 4th level in my BODY COUNT episode. This is another fairly big level, 
  but using my experience, I have made it fast and playable. This is my first
  level to offer Co-op and Deathmatch modes. It still doesn't support skill 
  levels. If its too hard, you need a lot of practice. I made my last level
  difficult, so I decided to make this one easier and with more eye-candy.
  DRDEATH5 will be smaller, more compact and with lots o' eye-candy. 
  Other Shit:
 This level was named after my favorite BBS, Neurotica, here in Waco Tx. This
 level is dedicated to the SysOp, Christopher Schneider. Hope you enjoy it.

 New sky texture ripped from the wad Nightfal.

 Wish I knew who composed the music, it rocks.

 As I don't have internet access, please FTP this file to id's official 
 server so others can play too.

 Author Info:

Name: Stephen Long   <-Send Netmail to this name. 
Age: 20 
Occupation: Biomechanical Corpse Disposal Unit (bum)
Current Whereabouts: Waco, Tx  

Where I can be contacted:  (Please Netmail me! I want your opinion!)
 Neurotica BBS
  (817) 757-0008
  Fidonet address: 1:388/12

 Bizzbum Sheethead's House of Illrepute
  Fidonet address: 1:388/13  
 Transmission 242
  (817) 772-3786
  Fidonet address: 1:388/32
Transmission 242 allows FREQuests of my levels. FREQ password is ALLDEATH 
and will send you everything in my directory. (I'm not the sysop, tho)
I can be reached via Netmail at the above address' and I will respond to all 
mail. Enjoy!

 (Note: I can also be reached via IPCGaming and DOOM echoes as well!)
  Bizzbum Sheethead: For being such a Sheethead and getting me my DOOM 

  Maldoror: For having the best board in Central Tx.      
  Baron: Keep working on yer board!!!!!!!!

  Spook: (Playtester)  For being a friend.      
  Lela Maxey: The only woman I could ever love. Wherever you are. If you know
  her, tell her I love her and I miss her!
  Holger Ehlers: I hope you find this an improvement on DRDEATH2! Keep on
  writing me! Spread this around Deutscheland for me.
        Dr. Death
    the x organization

  DRDEATH4.WAD (c) Copyright 1995, Stephen Long.



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