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Frenzy Deathmatch Patch by Qingshuo Wang (piXel reX)
October 2000

* For ports that support in-WAD DeHackED patches including all Zdoom and MBF compatible ports. The normal Boom engine is screwy with this patch.

This is an optional dehacked patch designed to enhance (or at least in my opinion) the game play of deathmatch on fast networks (ie LAN, IPX, USB, BOT, etc). This patch will alter the power of the weapons so that they are more balanced. The changes are:

Chainsaw: The cutting speed has been sped up dramatically so that you are almost garanteed to kill whomever the blade touches (unless they're lucky or had lots of health/armor).

Pistol: This has been changed to the single barrled shotgun running on infinite ammo. Thus, all players will be starting with just as much firepower as pre-existing players who have picked up new weapons.

Shotgun: The reload frames have been sped up by just a little so it can compete well with other weapons. Some good accuracy is still recommended though. *Note: Even though slot2 (pistol) has been changed to the shotgun, slot3 (original shotgun) still exists. Thus, on maps that have slo3 weapons, you will be picking up another shotgun which could cause you to make a redundant switch. Slot3 also runs on infinite ammo.

Super Shotgun: Reload frame is a bit slower. It was way too powerful before being EXTREMELY effective in close range and somewhat effective in high range.

Chaingun: The first firing frame has been spead up a little. Speed has been increased by about 1/6 of original rate.

Rocket Launcher: The rocket now travels faster so you have a chance at hitting someone in an open area ;-)

Plasmagun: It now fires slower than before but damage has also been increased. In general, the way this weapon is used is changed more than the power of the weapon.

BFG 9000: Warm-Up and cool-down frames have been lengthened. Some argue that the BFG wasn't overpowered before, but the real problem is that it's overused by certain players...not exactly overpowered.

Ammunition has also been adjusted. The max ammo for each type is set to 900, which really means no limit since 900 of any ammo type is insane on a DM map. You now get 2 times more bullets and rockets per ammo item.

Not all maps play well with this patch. The ones that don't are ones with many shotguns placed throughout the map (causing the player to make redundant switches) and ones that do not evenly distribute the weapons (such as making the BFG or plasmagun harder to get...since this patch weakened the two guns, they could become worthless on those maps).

Note that this patch was been put in a .WAD format because all of the Client-Server ports to my knowledge do not check for .deh patches...they only make sure the player has the same WADs as the server. But since TCP/IP client-server is rather slow, I suggest you NOT use this patch since it was made for virtually unknoticable lag.
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