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and alternate RETROGAS.SEH

This is basically getting the oldest released Strife demo exe to run with the
full game files but with resources from the demo to mess around with an
obviously unfinished game.

After adding sprites to retrohac.wad you can use it with any version of
Strife to have some different graphics and sounds.

Be warned that this is not as stable an exe and sometimes the game just
freezes up.  Multiplayer may sometimes bomb out with inconsistency errors
(Using teleport beacons in older full versions of Strife were a problem in
multiplayer).  I have tested multiplayer, but have encountered a consistency
error a couple times.

Some weirdness:
Things are set to use Doom 2 sounds (so I supplied them in retrohac.wad).
Older versions of sounds and a sound not in any other version of Strife.
Sigils behave a little differently.  Picking up the items of them in
  multiplayer actually works consistently opposed other versions of Strife.
Oracle has pain frames that look like death and has more life.
Stalkers are very nasty.
Sentinels shoot green lasers.
The Loremaster can't fly.
Things are missing so I had to give their thing ID#s to other things to
  prevent unknown thing errors with maps.
Gas Grenades are partly implemented.  Use retrogas.seh to replace Phosphorus
  grenades with them.
Secret exits work on levels maps 9, 11, and 31 and display a screen of text.
  But then they restart the level, except map11 takes you to map00.
Kill the programmer in map09 for a screen of text instead of the cut scenes.
This Strife exe uses Doom texture format and different scripts (so I used
  scripts from the demo to make shop keepers active in appropriate levels)
It's possible to play coop multiplayer mode instead of deathmatch only but
  unfortunately talking to NPC's is still disabled in multiplayer.
You can't spy with F12 on skill 1 deathmatch (but you can spy in coop).

Strife's multiplayer history:
demo v1.0 - only version with coop mode
demo v1.1 - loses coop mode but you can spy with F12 on skill 1 only in DM
full v1.0
full v1.2 - more stable, runs at lower frame rate (better for internet play)
full v1.3
full v1.31 - can no longer spy since F12 has been remapped to taking screens.
Aside from the key changes  v1.3 and v1.31 are nearly identical.  They are
even compatible with each other in multiplayer and can play back each other's
demos.  Also keep in mind that the demo v1.0 and v1.1 are both an older code
base than the full v1.0.  I think they should have had the altered frame rate
for multiplayer as an option.  I'm sure it helps with internet play but on a
local network where latency isn't a problem it looks like crap.  Well if you
want to play multiplayer with the maximum smooth frame rate you have to use
an older Strife but keep in mind multiplayer is less stable in them and using
teleport beacons will likely give inconsistencies.  Also, with this demo v1.0
exe, the last person to exit a multiplayer game will most likely get stuck on
the quit scenes while the music just continues to play.  In that case,
they'll have to alt+tab out and end the task.

* Setup Instructions *

Files needed:
Strife demo v1.0
A full version of Strife
The Strife editing package

Step 1: Follow the instructions in strfedit.txt to build a new full Strife
        iwad with Doom format textures.  Put this new iwad in a new directory
        and name it strife1.wad.

Step 2: Put these files in a directory with it...
        From the demo:
        a pwad with the voc entries exported from strife0.wad (optional)
        From the full version:
        voices.wad (optional)
        ipxsetup.exe and/or sersetup.exe (if you want to try multiplayer)
        From Doom:
        dm.exe (Deathmanager, if you want to try multiplayer)

Step 3: Use wintex to add sprites to retrohac.wad

Step 4: Use Sehacked's s0hack.exe to apply retrohac.seh to a copy of the
        demo strife.exe and name it strife1.exe

You can run with this command line:
strife1 -file retrohac.wad voices.wad demovoc.wad

Add whatever additional command lines you want such as -altdeath.  The
demovoc.wad (you have to create yourself) and voices.wad are both optional.

If you warp to map 33, the beginning of the demo level, set that's playable.
In the full version levels you can only play so far without cheating.  It
isn't meant to be that playable and more for just checking out what Strife
was like before it was finished.  In multiplayer coop you can't get as far
as even single player since you can't talk to NPC's.

Or use this command line to try multiplayer mode solo:
ipxsetup -nodes 1 -file retrohac.wad voices.wad demovoc.wad

Mike Fredericks (Gokuma)
e-mail: <email removed>
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