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This is a BETA version of a Doom Hockey Game.

That's Right!  DOOM hockey!  Rather then fight and bash and kill,
you can play hockey with up to 4 players.  You must (well, must is strong
but the game is fun only if..) set all players to degreeless mode (iddqd)
, so you can shoot the center "puck" into the goal.  The teams are 
the Poisonous Pair and the Stop Them Before They Kill Againers.
WARNING: if you walk into the goal, make sure there is no other player
(or the puck) on the teleport spot.  You WILL die, even with degreeless mode

2 players will work, one on each team, and 3 will be 2 on 1 (1 vs 2+3)
and of course, you can practice with just one player...

This brings new meaning to the term 'Shotgun play'...
I like the rocket launcher the most, and the plasma gun seems to work
real well with good control over the puck.  But most weapons do move the
puck. (except the chainsaw...)

It's setup on Level 1 of Ep 1, but I haven't checked if it will work with
the shareware version.  I just used textures that looked good.

My friend Mark Wocicki came up with the idea and posted it, and when the new 
DEU 5.0 came out, I decided it was a project well worth trying out, 
in order to begin to learn to build a level from scratch...  
and learn I did...

I spent about an hour playing with the setting for nets, to make it
all come out right...  and then rebuilt the level from scratch to make
it all look even and neat (and even centered on 0,0).

This is a beta test version, so any errors, please email me with
ideas, corrections, etc.  The clipping errors are funky, and I'm not
sure what causes them.  If you know, please POST so we can ALL learn about
it, since the more docs on building we get out there, the better the levels
will become.

Future plans include a proper level with doors to 'locker rooms' with ammo,
and maybe a few monster spectators.  Plus anything that people think of.
Also, a good saved game for net play is needed (I can only play
2 player, so would some kind 4 player setup volunteer to make one?)

Future levels I plan to do mostly include neat puzzle type stuff, where
monster bashing is only half the fun.

Email replies welcome: <email removed>

I know it's not as cool as SPISPOPD, but... just wait for Quake Baseball!

Seth Cohn


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