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             //         MR.ROCKET'S QUAKE III "The Longest Yard"        \\
            //                                                           \\
           //                  __________________________                 \\
                             //                          \\
                            //     (RE-MAKE FOR DooM)     \\
                            \\                            //


 Misc. Author Info : 

 Made to be played using the GZDOOM sourceport.
 As like the last version, It's not an exact replica or something, the map 
 is a bit linear due to the player scale however I tried to keep the playing 
 field size about the same for good flow, I think it turned out ok.

Description :

 4 player DM, Q3 tc style map remake for DooM.
 (GZDOOM with IN OPENGL modes only)..

Credits to  : 

 ID SOFTWARE for making an awesome game! 
 THE GZDOOM TEAM for making and awesome port!
 Everyone involved in creating a sourceport which lets you have such a conglomerate of editing features in one. 
 Also the guys that made the EDITORS I used!


+ Credits for play testing :

 Me, and my laptop computer :P

+ Additional Credits to : 

 Id software's Tim Willits for making the original Q3 map The longest yard - Always one of my favorite's
 Chris aka Dragon for the Quake3 to Doom texture conversion resource wad q3afultex
 Planky for helping me decide that the jump pads work good enough.
 To all that have mirror'd or hosted this wad file on they're site 



* Play Information *

 Engine version      : GZDOOM 0.9.21
 File name           : MRQ3DM17_gz.wad
 Episode and Level # : DOOM2 MAP01
 Single Player       : yes - But only for a look, it's a (DM map) though I put a (few monsters) in for (single player) testing/fun.
 Cooperative         : no  - Well It's possible but not really what the map is for.
 Deathmatch          : yes - 2-4x8 Player
 Difficulty Settings : yes - BFG on Quad platform in Nightmare Skill setting.
 New Sounds          : yes - Mostly q3 sound fx
 New Graphics        : yes - Sprites and textures, some x2 flats, some made by screenshots and some gathered from the
 New Music           : yes - Q3 mp3 music, from the same archive as the textures :
 Demos Replaced      : no
 Secrets             : no 

                                        ? MRQ3DM_gz.CFG ?

    This is so you can Zoom in and out using your Mouse3 mouse button.
    Place the MRQ3DM_gz.cfg in your GZDOOM directory, e.g. C:\games\gzdoom
    If you want a different key binded, just edit the .cfg. you can rename that mouse3 to the key you might rather use from within the cfg.
    The MRQ3DM_gz.CFG can be loaded at game init by adding +exec MRQ3DM_gz.CFG to a gzdoom.exe shortcut.

    e.g.: "C:\games\gzdoom\gzdoom.exe" -file MRQ3DM17_gz.wad +exec MRQ3DM_gz.cfg

                     Or you can simply use the batch files I supplied for you.:)

                                          ? BATCH FILES ?

  Purpose is purely for convenience of hosting and joining a netgame in the current Gzdoom version with the supplied pwad and cfg.
  Aren't you special, not only did I make a map for you to play, I'v also included some batch files to make things even easier for ya.
  You can edit the batches to your liking.

  *For instance the MRQ3DM17_GZ_join_netgame.bat will need to be edited if you'd like to connect to your buddy.
  As default the ip is 
  "Right click on the MRQ3DM17_GZ_join_netgame.bat and edit" to change the ip.

* Contained batch files

 MRQ3DM17_GZ_join_netgame.bat :

            Joins the game of the given ip address. 
            GZDOOM.exe -deathmatch -connect -dup 1 -file MRQ3DM17_gz.wad +exec MRQ3DM_gz.cfg

 MRQ3DM17_GZ_host_netgame.bat :
            Hosts the game so you and your buds can deathmatch.
            GZDOOM.exe -deathmatch -host -dup 1 -file MRQ3DM17_gz.wad +exec MRQ3DM_gz.cfg

 MRQ3DM17_GZ.bat :

            Runs the game in single player mode.
            GZDOOM.exe -file MRQ3DM17_gz.wad +exec MRQ3DM_gz.cfg


* Construction *

  Base : From scratch, updated for gzdoom, although based on the q3 map "The Longest Yard"
  Time : Legacy version was about 10 hours, the update for GZ took about 5. 

* Editor(s) used : (Doom Builder 1.67 +acs compiler +glbsp, Wintex 5.0, XWE 1.16) -misc. psp7.2, cooleditpro2.0. 
  Known Bugs : Jump pads don't always work just right.

* Trouble shooting *

1 : The map's only playable in OpenGL because the "current gzdoom version" doesn't support 3dfloors in software mode. - So run in OGL!!1 :)
2 : If your framerate is poor, turn off dynamic lighting or run at a lower resolution, or both.
3 : If your having problems getting around the map using the jump pads, trying running directly at them instead of a walking Boobie.

* Copyright / Permissions *
  Authors (may NOT) use this level as a base to build additional levels. 
  However feel free to use it as a tutorial/reference if needed.  

 (One of the following)
 You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this readme file, with no modifications.
 You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include This Readme file.


 That's it Have fun ! ;)



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