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'1flag-v1' (08/06/10)

Original maps modified and compiled by Cybershark (<email removed>)

Same principal as when Worst and I did 3wayCTF - no point wasting time creating original
maps if no-one is ever gonna play the damn things.  The similarity ends there however.
Some of the maps I ported over to 3way were plainly done simply because they looked like
they would be easy to convert.  But with the 1flag conversion process taking very little
time then I had a much broader scope of material to use and so I scoured every CTF pack
I have for some of the most defensible 2way maps I could find.  I think these versions
will be much more satisfying to play than the original implementations!

To play it on a ZD server run it just like a regular CTF server,
but with 3 teams and 'Assign Team Keys' enabled.

Recommended settings:
Players:  2-12

Map credits:
Map#NameOriginally from#thereAuthor
Map01"Return to Phobos"ZDCTFMP2map16Exl
Map02"Gettin' Ready"TheLostCTFmaps_final map13 Spacepirate
Map03"The Sandcastle"BPCTFMP_LOL3A map07 Barbapapa
Map04"Schattenland" ZDUCTF map11Exl
Map05"Copy&Paste Entryway"BPCTFMP_LOL3A map12Barbapapa
Map06"Crawl Space" ZDCTFMP3 map24Earthquake
Map07"Romero Race" BPCTFMP_LOL3A map05Barbapapa
Map08"Depeche Mode" TheLostCTFmaps_final map08Spacepirate
Map09"Deathflag" BPCTFMP_LOL3A map08Barbapapa
Map10"Waiting Game" NOTCTF map03Exl
Map11"Land of Bricks"BPCTFMP_LOL3Amap03Barbapapa
Map12"Tough Times"ZDUCTFmap21Izm

Thanks to:
* Jay Reichard whose 'Project: Doom' (prjdoom.wad) I used a couple of MIDIs from:
* Insanekid for being Spectatorking and ensuring that green spawn area was suitably
marked - and also because he provided a loop of Phoenix's 1901 for the intermission.
* the usual plas/xxx crew who helped ensure the maps were bug-free.
* Earthquake for the wonderous title/intermission pic which he composed in no time
at all!
* MegaDog who thought up a better angle to approach 1flag from.

Earthquake and Spacepirate were the only guys I directly approached regarding the use
of their maps in this pack.  Exl and Barbapapa are thankfully very easy going about
having their stuff used elsewhere in a sensible manner.  Izm... well, she's long gone
and Spacepirate has bootlegged her stuff in the past, so yeah.
But y'know, just because I have an understanding with those guys doesn't necessarily
mean that anyone else will.  So yes kids, ask before you 'borrow'.
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