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Edgar's Mystery Science Theater 3000 DOOM Wad!


Inflicted onto the Net ca. 3/20/97
by Edgar Martin del Campo

(<email removed>)

Be prepared to be CRUSHED by the immensity of this MST3K wad!  HA HA!  This 3 Meg monster's got sounds from all of 'em - Joel!  Servo!  Croooow!  Mike!  Clayton Forrester!  TV's Frank!  Gypsy!  Even Pearl Forrester!  Almost EVERY sound is replaced!

(And if you don't like a sound, get an editor and splice it out yourself.  I only picked sounds I still laugh hard about.)

This is my first wad made entirely from my own videotape gallery.  I wanted to cover the spectrum from the earliest Comedy Central experiments to the newest on the Sci-Fi channel.

I've gotta give my grat's to Best Brains, Inc. and the intelligentsia at id Software for making the greatest PC game and the funniest TV show ever made.  I'd also like thank Wintex 4.2 for its excellent wad editor.

You should all know the routine by now: <doom2 -file edgarmst.wad>

Plays for both Doom and Doom II
Episode and Level #: n/a

Single Player: Yes

Cooperative 2-4 Player: I guess so
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: I guess so
Difficulty Settings: n/a

New Sounds: Good God YES!
New Graphics: Only the title logo
New Music: No - get the metldoom.wad or nin.wad for great MIDIs!
Demos Replaced: No

Possible Bugs: None that I'd accredit to this wad

What the hell, now that my sounds are on the Net, they're going to spread like a plague, so who am I to say "you can't use them freely"?  They're not even mine - they're from MST3K.  But it would be nice if you gave some credit to the guy who spent half a year putting them together into this wad.  And include this text file, as is.

FTP sites:


and        ftp.cdrom.com/pub/doom/doom2/sounds

And now some shameless self-promotion: My personal page is up on: members.aol.com/vucubcaqix/edgar.htm
and if you have ANY interest in ancient Mexican culture, you're welcome to stop by my Mesoamerican art page at: members.aol.com/emdelcamp/edgar2.htm

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