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 By George Hamlin

This is a graphics, sound PWAD, and Dehacked 2.3 patch for DOOM 2 ONLY! This PWAD and patch
will not work with DOOM 1!

1) What's in the PWAD?
   Graphics that will replace the SS Nazi character in DOOM 2 with a Mech-BOT type walker.
   From now on referred to as UACBOT.
   The UACBOT has a 6 frame walk cycle and extended death animation. 
   The PWAD also has sound files for the UACBOT walk and other sound effects. (See (2) d-f below)

2) What does the Dehacked patch do?
   a) Changes all info needed for the UACBOT.
   b) Replaces the green armor with a fire monster.
   c) Causes barrels to erupt in flames, burning and killing for as long as you wish.
      Just change the barrels hit points in Dehacked to set the desired "burn" time.
   d) Adds a ricochet sound to bullet puffs.
   e) Adds a splat sound to blood splats.
   f) Adds a continuous sound to the rocket as it's in the air.
   g) Turns the plasma gun into a awesome flame thrower weapon. Flames will burn like barrels,
      killing monsters as it flies by. (Kills by area effect)
   h) Makes the BFG9000 possibly the most powerful DOOM weapon ever. Can kill hundreds of
      monsters with one shot! Will continue killing even after you die!
   i) The Lost Soul now explodes like a rocket when killed. Really pisses off the Pain Elemental. 
   j) Also an unintentional, but neat, side effect of the bullet puffs. The Revenant's
      guided fireball trail has the bullet puff sound. Now you'll know by sound when
      the fireball's guided!

3) What you will need.
   For the PWAD to work, you need the included Dehacked patch. Dehacked 2.3 is not included.
   Dehacked 2.3 should be at (I didn't check)
   And of course you need DOOM 2.
   You WON'T need to build a separate "Sprites" PWAD or modify your DOOM 2 Wad.

4) Installation instructions.
   First of all, make sure your original DOOM2.EXE file is backed up. You should have
   an understanding of Dehacked and what it does. Read the instructions included with 
   Copy the uacbot2.deh file to your Dehacked directory. 
   At the command line type: dehacked -reload -load uacbot2.deh
   You should see confirmation of a successful patch. 
   Copy the uacbot2.wad file to your DOOM2 directory.
   Now go to your DOOM2 directory and load the uacbot2.wad like any other PWAD.
   Example: doom2 -file uacbot2.wad -warp 32
   This will run DOOM with the UACBOT2.WAD and warp you to level 32. (Home to a bunch of UACBOTS.)   

   To restore your original DOOM2.EXE, go to your Dehacked directory and type:
   dehacked -reload
   That's it.....    easy!?

5) Using this PWAD with other PWADS.
   The UACBOT replaces only the SS Nazi in DOOM 2. Therefore your other levels must have
   the SS Nazi in it. Unfortunately (and rightfully so) not many custom levels contain the
   SS Nazi, and if they do, they usually have a bunch close together. I have rated the UACBOT
   at 2000 hit points, so obviously you will die quickly if confronted by too many! I usually
   just add a couple to a custom level in wide open spaces. (The UACBOT needs alot of walking
6) A word of WARNING!
   The Dehacked patch and PWAD are made to work together. If you ever run your patched DOOM2.EXE
   without loading the PWAD, DOOM will crash!!! Don't do it! You've been warned.  
   In the Dehacked patch, I swapped positions of the SS Nazi and Commander Keen character,
   because I didn't like the UACBOT dropping ammo clips. Kill Commander Keen and he'll give
   you clips. Also the Hell Knight has been changed to the Hell Baron because I needed to
   "steal" some frames for assigning the sounds. It shouldn't much matter to you because
   the Hell Knight was a pretty weak addition in DOOM 2. id just changed the color of the
   Hell Baron. 

8) Bugs?
   I have extensively play tested this PWAD and patch combo, both in single and two player
   modem modes and found it very stable. With one exception;
   The BFG fire seems to burn forever on floors of some very large levels. DOOM 2 doesn't
   crash, unless you launch repeated attacks, but all you hear is the fire burning, blocking
   out all other sounds. Best advice is to limit your BFG shots to one or two at once.
   One shot should take care of all monsters, while one or two more is OK if your psychotic.
   Also I'm running DOOM 2 on a Pentium 90. I'm not sure if the added effects of the patch
   will slow down your system. If it does, get a Pentium. :')

9) Thank You to the following;
   id for DOOM 2
   Greg Lewis for Dehacked 2.3
   Olivier Montanuy for Deutex 3.4 
   Eric Peterson for use of his 3d Studio mesh file

   Send comments, questions, or suggestions to:
   <email removed>
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