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======= Plutonia Adventure =======

== Index ==
Notes about the files
How to begin
Notes about the DEHs and BFG
For Level Authors

== Description ==
A megawad? project for Plutonia with a DEH. It will be in similar style as Plutonia.
Someone at Doomworld talked about Indiana Jones feeling in the levels,
and hopefully there will be some of that feeling too.

The DEH changes weapons and some other stuff to be a bit faster like they're in Doom64.
It is also meant to balance some stuff...

== Notes about the files ==
plutadve.txtthis file you're reading now

plutadve.dehprimary DEH file

plutadve_bfg_tweak.dehalternate DEH file (see DEHs and BFG notes below)

plutadve.wadprimary graphic resources (eventually the levels will be merged in this)

pltadv01.wadlevel 01

pltadv02.wadlevel 02

plutadve_starts.wadlevel start and end prefabs

plutonia_adventure.batBAT file for Chocolate Doom

plutonia_adventure.cfgDoom Builder 2 config file

== How to begin ==
The bat file is meant for Chocolate Doom.
It will load: plutadve.deh, plutadve.wad, pltadv01.wad and pltadv02.wad.

Don't load plutadve_bfg_tweak.deh with Chocolate Doom... (see notes below).

When you get to the exit.. do not press use, while you're exiting..
You need to stay still, otherwise the teleporter screws up the time and space continuum,
and you return where you started! Well, if that happens, then just idclev to the next.

There are currently two levels.

So far this has been tested with Chocolate Doom, ZDoom, Doomsday and GZDoom.
It could possibly work with any Doom port.

== Notes about the DEHs and BFG ==
The BFG is meant to use 10 ammo per shot. It uses the BFG attack and the Super Shotgun attack.
In Chocolate Doom this means the BFGCELLS is 8 and SSG attack uses 2 ammo, so total 10.
Therefore you can also fire the weapon with just 8 cells left, but then it will only use the SSG attack and 2 cells..
ZDoom also seemed to work with this kind of logic.

The plutadve_bfg_tweak.deh is meant for ports that alter the ammo use, like Doomsday and GZDoom (and maybe some others?).
In these ports any attack on BFG will use the BFGCELLS amount of cells.
So, the plutadve_bfg_tweak.deh changes the BFGCELLS to 5. Then you can fire the weapon with just 5 cells left...

The BFG no longer use the BFGSpray attack and the projectile damage is 50. Plasmagun damage was increased to 8.
This should make the BFG/Plasmagun ammo use a bit more balanced.
Max Damage for BFG would be 20*15+50*8 = 700 (if it could actually hit everything with max damage).
Max Damage for 10 Plasma shots would be 10*8*8 = 640.

== For Level Authors ==
You should probably use the plutonia_adventure.cfg Doom Builder 2 config file, maybe it can work with Doom Builder 1 too?

The plutadve_starts.wad has two versions of the level start/end teleporter. Large version for outdoor areas, and small version for indoor areas.
The large version is meant so that the ceiling parts of the teleporter don't just float in the air.
The small version is meant to have other ceiling structure to hold the ceiling parts together.

There is also an exit area. The levels should end in player getting "killed", so that the next level starts with just pistol.
The exit area and the things in it are meant to give player some impression of going through a teleporter, something like in Doom3.

== Credits ==

New textures: from

Texture edits: from or by me

Sprite edits: me

Level 01: me

Level 02: me

Sometime later I may try to remember which textures are from which texture pack and which edits are done by me, so that I can credit the right people?

Any questions, try the Doomworld forums, look for Jimi or email: greyjimi [at] hotmail [dot] com.
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