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The weapons in DOOM II are okay.  You kinda get tired of them after a while.

I sure did.

So I download this file called "DEHACKED" ( from
Man.  That changed everything about DOOM forever.

I also downloaded some flame throwers.  I found them lame.
I couldn't believe that people actually pretended thest things to be 
flamethrowers.  It's more like a bottle of ketchup (catsup) getting 
squirted on the enemies.  Powerful ketchup splatting the enemies, but I 
was not impressed.

In the infinite manly wisdom that I can do it better myself, I set out to 
do just that.

First of all, We're talkin FLAMEthrower here.  How in the world could 
everybody possibly make ketchup spurting flamethrowers without any FLAMES!

So, the first thing I did was add some flames to the flamethrower.

Here's how to use FLAMES.ZIP

Unzip FLAMES.ZIP into your DOOMII directory.  If you don't know how to 
unzip something, read the PKZIP documentation.

You will notice 3 files appear in your DOOM2 directory when you unzip 

If you have dehacked version 2.2 installed in your DOOM2 directory, then 
you may proceed.  You must have this program in order to run this 
program.  Get it from or some other fine ftp site or CD-ROM.

Once you have run Dehacked (by typing Dehacked at the DOOM2 prompt) you 
can load the patch file that I have worked oh so hard to create.

Type L to load a patch file
enter in the name "flames.deh" for the filename when prompted to do so.

Press W to write the patch to your DOOM2.EXE file (Hope you made a backup 

quit to dos, and type

DOOM2 -file flames.wad

Once in DOOM type IDKFA to load all weapons, then choose the plasma gun.

Flame away.

This is really great for deathmatch, too.
Just make sure that both players have the patch file installed.

Flames.wad is just one little sound file in WAD form.  the flamethrower 
will still exist, just the sounds might be a little unlike a real 
flamethrower:  It'll still sound like the plasmagun a little.

Notice that you will get a different text block when you pick up the 
Flame Thrower.

Also notice that all of the players will now be red.  I'm sick and tired 
of always being Green, and having no stealth advantage over the guy who 
is the perfect shade of grey.  Man.  I could be so stealthy if I were 
grey all the time.  It ain't easy bein green.

Notice that the Flamethrower's distance is not infinite.  The balls of 
flame will drop with distance.  On level three, you can even lay Fiery 
death into the little pit with the BFG, Armor, invisibility, etc.  Handy 
for that annoying opponent with no guts to come out and fight like a man.

Deathmatch kills have previously been judged on how good the scream is, 
or if the opponent splats.  You will score a splat most of the time, and 
you will rarely hear the screams of death from your oppponent, cause his 
death is so quick and painless.  The way death outta be.

Well,  If you absolutely hate my flame-thrower, send me flame mail to 
<email removed>

If you love my flame-thrower, send me non-flame mail to <email removed>

Shameless plug:

If you want to become a better person, tune into Babylon-5.  It's just 
the best show on T.V. today.  Period.

Legal stuff:

Do what you will with this beauty that I give unto the world.  Just 
please include this professionally written piece of documentation with 
the files. 

The author hereby gives the user to distribute freely, either in CD-Roms, 
bulletin boards, FTP sites, or ancient Sumerian scripts. 

You can even put it on a 360k floppy disk and throw it out the window. 

If you really want to register this product,
   Stand up and shout,


and consider it registered.

Happy flaming.

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