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   Four new and absolutely original missions for DOOM, release July 2, 1994.

         |                                                            |
         |             The Graytest DOOM missions EVER!               |
         |                                                            |
         |       Try them, there are NONE LIKE THEM ANYWHERE!         |
         |                                                            |
         |     Even the WIZARDS OF id themselves will be amazed!      |
         |                                                            |

First and foremost - all of our thanks and amazement to id and the creators
of deu!  You've all added about six months of shear enjoyment to our lives.
And thanks to Morgana, SysOP Asst for CompuServe.

GrayDOOM is brought to you by:

                      GrayMatter Software Solutions
                      46 West Avon Road, Suite #2
                      Unionville, Connecticut 06085
                      (203) 673-8508

                      E-mail: <email removed>

                      Please send any correspondence, hard or soft.
                                       to me, pal!

New WADs: SWAMP.WAD   : Episode #2, Mission #1
          IMPSKULL.WAD: Episode #2, Mission #2
          BADWATER.WAD: Episode #2, Mission #3
          GAUNTLET.WAD: Episode #2, Mission #4

Special Notes:

1. All secret areas have not been marked yet.  Final touch that we haven't
   gotten around to yet.

2. Missions are set for "Hurt Me Plenty" severity level only, again, we were
   saving that for final touch-up.

3. The GAUNTLET kind of peters out because id would rather that we didn't
   sell these, as was our original intention.  The last room of this
   mission is right where we were when Jay Wilbur expressed his, ah, concern.

4. You can't save (F2) The Swamp (E1M2); the machine will just freeze on you.
   Sorry, ...something 'bout that ol' swamp?

To run GrayDOOM:

1. Make sure that you've copied the four wad files to your DOOM directory

2. Type GRAYDOOM and go ahead and hit any key when DOOM warns you that you
   aren't going to receive any technical support.  "Technical" support you
   won't need.

P.S.: Anyone else out there find out what a great combo listening to
      Nine Inch Nails and playing DOOM is?  Geniuses, geniuses!

The following is an excerpt from our manual.  There are maps for the first
three missions stored as BMP's, have a gander.

                         THE SWAMP, E2 M1

1. A Dark Beginning

   Shit it's dark in here. A good set of dilated pupils can just make
out a light source to the north...

2. The First Encounter

   Ya, okay, a few Troopers and a Sargeant or two. So what! They were
easy kills as they drew single-file down the Dark Beginning after you.
And they made for an early Shot Gun acquisition, too.

3. A Romp in the Nice Swamp

   The "Nice" Swamp? Is there any other kind? But what makes this one
nice! Actually it looks pretty nasty. Unwary feet can easily step into
gooey, unforgiving poison. And after only a few hesitant steps it
becomes painfully obvious that there are Imps galore here. Seeing
these brutal bastards through all of the overgrowth isn't easy. In
fact, if it wasn't for their flaming balls (no wonder they're so pissy
all the time), you'd probably never be able to even put a bead on
them. Sure are using up a lot of shells blasting at shadows and weeds!

   Swamp, swamp, swamped with swamp. To be honest, this is getting to
be a real pain in the shoulder. Up ahead, just past a warning post,
is the Suffering Trees Marsh. Poor, innocent victims of an ill-fated
planting. Maybe you can lighten their lives by clearing their area of
those foul fiends.

4. Grounds Keeper's Shed

   What a quaint, little shed in the middle of all this plush, green
slendor. Wonder if the Grounds Keeper is home. Maybe he could give you
directions out of here. Let's knock on the door, after all, it never
hurts to ask.

5. The Nasty Swamp

   Feeling warmed up? Many Imps have by now met their master, a Demon
or thirteen, too, even a Baron. This swamping around isn't so tough.
There's one more section of foul foliage to be cleared, though.

6. The Forgotten Fight

   Look at all of the dead bodies! Dead Sargeants by the dozens, the
broken fragments of hundreds of Troopers, and worst of all, a sea of
dead marines. What a disgusting specticle: marine blood freely pooling
with that of the lowest beasts of DOOM. They must have fought bravely
to have killed all of these venimous vermin, but for what, where were
they going? Maybe they tried to breech that wall. You'd stay to bury
your fallen comrades, and to burn the carcasses of their vanquished
enemy, but there is no time for heavenly protocol now. There's a Great
Wall ahead to the north...

7. The Great Wall

   Hmmmm, a double-skulled switch. It must do something; there must
be a door somewhere. Hope all the bad guys are dead, cause you're low
on ammunition. Your health is a little shaken, too. Click...

8. Baron's Look Out

   ...grind, snarl. Shit, looks like your mortified marine friends
saved the worst for last, and you've got mop-up duty on aisle eleven.
Well, a few Demons, a handful of Imps, no biggie. And what a nice
building! Magestic stairway leading up to a nice, empty room. Seems
like a nice place to freshen up after all of that swamping and killing
and sloshing through pools of blood and guts and, and, where were we,
...oh ya...

   A quick survey of the foregrounds shows that there is a great, tall
tower off to the right. And what's that in the tower? Something is
moving up there. Hey, wait, isn't that a little green dot slowly
approaching from the tower... WHAM! Yep, sure was, Baron's Breath. And
look, here come more, lots more. There must be more than a few Barons
up there. They're quick on the draw, they can cover a large area, and
they are as accurate as, well, as Barons. After a few shots fired in
frustration you realize that you can't seem to shoot high enough to
reach them. And besides, that pathetic pistol/shot gun combination
you're carrying just aint gonna cut the salami of a whole bushel of
   To the left and all the way down you'll find a few Lost Souls.
You'll do the right thang and help them find their way, if your
feeling DOOMish.

9. The Main Entrance

   The Grate Imp-Pass is to the right, and the Slab Salon is to the
left. You'll need the Yellow Key for the Slab Salon, so off with you
to the Grate Imp-Pass.

10. The Grate Imp-Pass

   Good, clean shootin' fun, for whoever sees whomever first!

11. The Night-Care Center

   Down the stairs and around back if your looking for the Yellow Key.
Don't believe it's just sitting there unattended, though.

12. The Slab Salon

   No one really knows what the slabs are used for, maybe to spread
out marines before filleting them.

13. The Caecademon Causeway

   A crushing experience for even the most experienced marine. As
though leap frogging from pad to pad wasn't precarious enough, there
are a few Caecademons in here that really don't want you to even try.

14. The Arena

   A simple little activity area used to pass the time away while the
locals wait for fools like you. Don't forget that crushing ceilings
(you just left one) can be used in your favor.

15. The Baron's Look Out (from within)

   Now's your chance to go at these ballistic bastards sight-to-sight,
mono-a-mono. Well, actually, it'll be your mono against their many.
Good luck cause this is your only way out.

                        IMP'S SKULL, E2 M2

1. The Imp's Incisors

   It's love at first bite on this level. And the Imps here will love
to get their first bite out of you as soon as you're re-intergrated.
So shoot fast and shoot clean. There's a Shot Gun within your
immediate grasp but not many shells to waste on wall divoting. One Imp
dead, but another one escaped through the teleporter. From the far-off
wooshing sound of other teleporters you can bet that he's gone to get
some help. 

   The teleporter, once you relinquish yourself to the blind faith
that all will be well in the end, will bring you to the Second Incisor
and, of course, more Imps. At least there's some real goodies here.

2. Cheek Chamber (left)

   Not too bad, after a dozen Imps, what's a few more gonna hurt. And
look, a Computer Map already. Wonder why the Doom Meister delivered
this so soon? Hmmm, two ways to turn. It's left to the Brainless
Cavity, or it's right to the Cold and Empty Eye.

3. The Cold and Empty Eye

   It's cold alright, but it's certainly not empty. Good target
practice here cause the bastards don't seem to want to leave their
pedestals. Unfortunately, you make a good target too, having to be
right in an open and narrow door in order to sight them. And if you
back up too far, or get pelted back too many times before regaining
precious ground, it's a one way trip down the Pit of No Return.

4. The Imp's Nose - Pit of No Return

   Don't "blow" the Imp's Nose cause you'll never, ever return if you
do. There are alot of Radiation Suits down there, but they will only
prolong your agony. If you shimmy around the edge of the Nose, there's
a window on the north side where you can pick-off a few bad guys
growling in the darkness of a neighboring room. The poor devils, no
really, don't have much of a chance for returning the attack, but
don't waste all of your ammunition here!

5. Cheek Chamber (right)

   Another Cheek Chamber, this one's filled with Pepto Bismaulers who
seem to be feeding from a number of toxic barrels. The nervous,
uncontrolled marine will fire at his first target of opportunity, only
wounding it and alarming all the others. This nervous and
uncontrolled marine will probably set off the cascade of exploding
barrels before the alarmed beasts are close enough to the barrels to
kill them all. He will be mauled. The cool and calm marine will fire
an "attention" shot away from the barrels first, alarming the beasts
and causing them to all rush at once. With only a single, second shot,
this cool and calm marine will then ignite the cascade of exploding
barrels when the beast are close enough to do the real damage. He will
have a genuine barrel of fun!

6. The Lipless Pool Room

   Through the right Cheek Chamber, you'll find the Lipless Pool Room.
Only a minor delay for even the average marine. On the far side,
amongst some ammunition, is a Radition Suit. The Nippers room is
ahead, and it's known to be a popular place for Lost Souls and Pepto
Bismaulers. Word to the wise: "Make sure all targetable monsters are
dead before donning Radition Suits.". You may waste your precious
protection time defending yourself and not be able to explore the
red-hot region after it's been cleaned of the unwanted.

7. The Nippers Room

   Used by real Imps, the live ones that is, nipper teeth scrap the
last bits of flesh from their fallen prey, and the Nippers Room will
surely scrap some of your flesh, too. Remember, it's hot in there.

8. The Evil Eye

   Like the first, Cold and Empty Eye, the Evil Eye is filled with
Imps-with-an-attitude. Unlike the first, these scaley scoundrels are
free to move about, right out of the Evil Eye and into your future,
your now very uncertain future. It's gonna take alot of fancy dancing
and quick-n-careful shooting before these guys will be pushing up the
weeds out back. Careful with your shots, too, cause a misplaced round
will alert the Imps praying in the Chapel next door.

9. The Chapel

   A quiet area of seclusion and reflection for the battle-weary Imp.
If you're quick, you can make clean with these bowing beasts with a
half-dozen shots in the back (go ahead, no one else is here to see
your acts of cowardice).

10. The Brainless Cavity

   Don't bother trying to recall your phrenology, the bumps on this
skull only reveal a very troubled personality whose story is better
left untold. The Brainless Cavity area is made up of more than one
chamber. The first that you will enter is the top of a stairway that
leads to that dark room where you thought it was so fun shooting the
shadowed monsters within. Remember the sheer enjoyment of hearing the
tortured and stymied screams of those almost helpless quarries? Well,
as you can guess, they're really pissed and haven't forgotten you.

11. The Big Switch

   There's a big, nasty-looking switch on the wall over there, but
we're not going to be the first. If you check your map, you'll also
notice a secret room behind the east wall. It's got a teleporter, but
you're not ready to take it yet, trust us on this one at least.
There's an Armory further on through the Main Hall; it's better to go
there and get loaded up first.

12. Main Hall

   The Main Hall centers on a grand red door, but you'll first need
the Red Key to open it.

13. The Control Room

   Further down the Main Hall is the Control Room. It's dark and dirty
in there, and you gotta know there's not much control to be found
either. But go ahead, it'll be worth it - heavy duty fire power is

14. The Armory

   Lots of weapons and ammunition, including some plasma for your new
weapon. Too bad you can't carry it all. Lots of Sargeants and
Troopers, too! A few strategically placed barrel shots can make quick,
airborne blood splatters out of these otherwise active gaurdians of
many things good.

15. BPOI, Local #666

   Once the Armory has been cleared, it's a return trip back to the
BPOI (Benevolent and Proud Order of Imps), Local #666. We all need
quality time together, with our contemporaries, and this is the
hangout-of-choice for the local denizens of DOOM. Lots of rotting,
festering bodies and general decay to nibble on, or just to kick
around. There's also a very nice view of the Baron Cage for those who
just want to kick up the ol' claws and watch some frolic and gaiety.
Please notice that the walls have that perfect consistency for honing
one's slashers. And the wall paper is the final touch that rounds out
the ambiance of this perfectly evil inner sanctum.

16. The Cross Bones

   There are only two unexplored areas left: the Baron Cage and the
secret room with the teleporter. The Baron Cage needs a Red Key, so
it's off through the teleporter for you. You'll be glad you waited for
the Armory.

   Wooosh! Lots of rockets, hmmm. The ceiling is awfully high in here,
too. As you approach the center of the Cross Bones, you notice a light
turn on at the far end. Must be something expecting a wake-up call.
No time to see if the blue and yellow doors at the center of the Cross
Bones need a Blue and a Yellow Key.

17. Bowling for Barons

   Sure enough, a few of the ol' Baron boys hangin' with their Pepto
friends. Hope you saved enough rockets cause they're coming your way
fast. If you survived, and didn't just run away, of course, there's
a Yellow Key at the very end.

18. Lasting Imp-Pressions

   The Yellow Key opens the northeast Cross Bone. A handful of Lost
Souls and an Imp. Okay, there are more than one Imp, and you probably
won't see the first fireballs coming, you'll feel 'em, but you
probably won't see 'em. All clear? There's the Blue Key!

19. The Dungeon
   The Blue Key gains admittance to the last of the Cross Bone
chambers: The Dungeon. Not so bad, in fact, as the Imp who greets you
at the door explains, a few of your old friends are hanging around in
here, ...right in the back there. And it wasn't so bad, not so many
goodies though, other than the Red Key. The Red Key, it must be time
to exit, ...through the Baron Cage.

21. The Baron Cage

   Massive carnage here. Seems the locals, the BPOI affiliates next
door, have been caging Barons and watching them vent their
frustrations on your former marine friends, ...they're still marines,
they're just former now. We've heard that this is the second-most
popular spectator sport in DOOM, but it's time to put an end to it

                         BAD WATER, E2 M3

1. El Agua Mal Plaza Supremo

   You seem to have landed in a large plaza in front of a big
building. No DOOM-play or goodies, not much of anything but this huge
building. Unfortunately, you need a Red Key to enter the building.
Where to find a Red Key? Hope the DOOM Meister has planned ahead. Hey,
look, a free Shot Gun, ...what an omnipotent DOOM Meister.

2. The Bad Water Moat

   If there's any fighting to be done out here, you'll have to be very
careful where you run. Admit it, we've all had to admit it, you will
be running soon. The bad water really is very bad and if you fall in,
there's only one set of steps out, one set of steps that you probably
will never reach in time to save your life.

3. Lost Soul Ambush

   All looks quiet so far, so far. On the east side of the plaza is
the entrance to the Bad Water Canals. There's a Radiation Suit there,
but the entrance doesn't look very inviting. Maybe there's an easier
access from somewhere else. 
   On to the north side of the plaza. What's all this? Lot's of
goodies, apparently free. Are you thanking your DOOM Meister again?
Good, then climb the obelisk and gather your goodies. Go ahead,
they're yours. Oh, wait, did we mention that there may be a hidden
trip switch. What, too late? Hope your awake. Get ready for some
vicious aerial attacks as multitudes of Lost Souls approach you from
all sides at once. There's only one way to fight these guys: run and
hide like the little girl you really are.  You really can't get them
all at once, but if you can situate yourself so only one or two of
them can get at you at a time, then maybe you'll live to fight another
day. Oh, and don't forget to pull up your dress before you retreat!
And remember what we told you about running in the plaza.

4. Bad Water Canals

   All those Lost Souls found, but no Red Key yet? Looks like you
gotta go into the Bad Water Canals after all. Fortunately there's that
one Radiation Suit waiting for you. Looks like there's only one, so
make it good. You'll spend precious time tackling Imps and won't have
much left for exploring the canals.

   At the end of the canals is the Red Key and, what's this, another
chamber too? Too bad the ledge is too high to climb. You'll have to
fight your way back through the canals and find some other way.

5. Bad Water Estate

   As you push the Estate's red door open, you see a rather large
gathering of Pepto Bismaulers. They're apparently holding some sort
of strange demon-stration. Sure are a lot of the stubby, knuckle-
dragging beowulfs! Good thing they don't seem to see you. You're
probably low on shells, but if you're quiet enough, you can slip
behind these dense devils and grab some of the shells on the back
wall. Okay, reloaded and warm-barreled? Now to make some fertilizer.
Again, remember the real marine, the one who isn't afraid to admit
he's got limitations, will find somewhere to run so these guys can be
dealt with one at a time. So scramble to the nearest, convenient covy
and start blasting.

   Well, the door to the right is locked with a Yellow Key. Looks like
it's on through the left passage for now.

6. Caecademon Corridors

   Tight passages seem to offer nothing but good things. Could this
be true?

7. The Baron's Slot Machine

   What's with the moving megaliths? They seem harmless enough, even
to a three-toed sloth like yourself. We're sure you noticed all of the
shells in here, boxes of them. Good, you'll need them. A couple of
turns, and, oh yes, isn't that a Baron at the end of the hall! Taking
on a Baron in a tight spot is a sure loss. A few quick pops with the
ol' 12-gauge and then back through the megalithic slots. Runaway
early, cause the slots take time to open and Barons are quick. And the
slots take time to close, ...but maybe they'll hold the bloody Baron
back long enough for you to bring him down with a barrage of
well-placed, wall-tracing, side shots.

8. The North Room

   Another Yellow Key door, but still no Yellow Key. Where in DOOMdom
is that damn Yellow Key! By the way, did you notice the Peptos as you
entered, or did they notice you?

9. Caecademons Crib

   Caecademons Crib? So where are the adorable, little tikes? No
worries, grab the rockets and health, and head south for now. Woosh!
...Auch Sheise, noch einmal mit dem verbergen Schalteren! Three of the
big-balled, round-in-the-body-but-pointed-in-the-personality
blue-and-reds coming straight up your strap! You've got plenty of
rockets, but no launcher. Looks like it's the slow, tedious
death-by-Remington for these guys. Wonder what all those rockets are
for, anyway.

10. The Baron's Dining Room

   Another door and, no suprise, another suprise. It's the Baron's
Dining Room, and look, the Baron is in. He's entertaining a few
guests, too. Time for a good food fight! As a matter of fact, watch
the cuisine on the table as you trade blasts with the feasting
beasties. Looks like that fat-laddened slop is bulky enough to even
stop some of the Baron's Breath and the Imp's Balls. A light set of
surface shoes will go far here, as long as you're still in 'em.

   Yes, the Yellow Key, and a teleporter. Should you head back to that
north room of the Estate with your newly found key? We seem to
remember an inaccessable chamber at the end of the Bad Water Canals,
maybe the teleporter is best. Your call, chief.

11. Army Assault

   Here you are, but no army. Actually, seems kind of quiet for the
massive military presence you expected. And look, lots of health and
potions and ammo? Who just leaves this stuff laying around like this,
unguarded and out in the open? Ooops, what's this, a warning post?
Well, doesn't make much sense, but okay. How to get out of here... The
level's exit is here, but you're not done yet. More warning signs on
the wall up ahead, and a Chain Gun! Ho-ho-ho, now you have a Chain

   One last unexplored area just ahead. Step number one, number two,
number... woosh! Sacrimonious excrement! An army of 64, we know cause
we've counted 'em, 64 Troopers and Sargeants. And they look bored to
death, your death actually. Glad you loaded up that Chain Gun, cause
it's time to do the Chain Gun Cha-Cha with a whole platoon of VFW's
(Venturers of Fallen Ways).

   All done? Who, you or them. If your heart is still ticking, or
pounding, you can scarf up on all of that nice ammo and shells your
former toe-tapping foes left behind. They couldn't take it with them,
so you might as well. And look, a teleporter. Wonder where it goes

12. The Leap of Faith

   Damn it! Don't you hate these dark, flickering, moving ashwall
chambers? We know we do! There's always a Specter or thirteen in these
places. Low and behold, what's that shimmering figure over there?
Well, only one way to find out for sure, BANG! Snarl, chortle! Here
they come, but from where? Looks like another opportunity to practice
your "Gotta a Gatling, Gotta Go" Reel. Maybe you can improvise with
a little side-stepping, spray-pattern shuffle while your dancing your
way out of this one champ.

   Okay, they seem to all be lifeless, but how to get out of here.
There's a nasty looking fire pit on the east side, but those are never
much fun, usually down-right deadly, actually. Well, nowhere else to
go, might as well F2 this one and take the plunge. Woosh,
back to the Estate.

13. Back to the Estate

   Okay, Red Key, Yellow Key, let's go check out that yellow door in
the north room of the estate. A good shove on the yellow door and it's
up the stairs to who knows where.

14. The Upset Inerds

   What in Wilbur's name is all this? We warned you about the water,
but all this swirling and swooshing of pink-coated intestines is
really upsetting. A slim walkway from the door at the top of the
stairs leads to... leads to... to a god damned wall. You're getting
nauseous just being here, and that damned wall won't budge! Where to
go but down.

   Okay, two sides of the walkway means two ways to jump. To the
right, or to the left. Let's try the right cause, well, cause it's
right isn't it? One step, then another, then a plunge and the
"umphhhh!" sound of the air leaving your lungs. No sooner does the
sound of your abdominal discharge fade when comes the disintergrating
sound of a teleporter's woosh. Time for another "where the hell are
we now?". A quick TAB to the map and it looks like you're back in the
north end of the Estate. Let's hit those stairs again and jump left
this time, huh?

   Step, step, plunge, "umphhh!". ...No woosh. Hmmmm, lots of helmets,
and a corridor. First one turn, then another, then, what's this, a
Pepto Bismauler, and his back is turned!. Blast, blast, one in the
back and one in the breast. It was a quick kill and, like all of the
others, it was a satisfying kill. But what's all that growling still
echoing in the corridor? Like a well-trained marine, you've made sure
that all was clear in your rear, must be up ahead. Let's check.

   "Growl, thump, growl!". The way is clear ahead of you but flashes
of red are be telling you that your life's blood is being pounded from
your frail little body. Shit! Pepto Bismaulers from the rear, how'd
they get there? Hope you still have a good stock of shells and ammo.

   A switch! With a quick flick comes the familiar sound of grinding
gears and clashing concrete. Turn for the teleporter behind you and,
sure enough, that bothersome wall at the end of the slim walkway above
is opening.

   A teleporter out and we're back in the north end of the Estate
again. And again it's back up the stairs.

15. The Baron's Penthouse

   That's "Penthouse" as in a room high up in a building, not a
filthy, smutty magazine filled with photos of promiscuously posed Imps
and naked Spectors. Naked Spectors? ...aren't they always naked? Who
could tell even if they weren't? Who'd want to! ...okay, okay, back
to our story...

   Nice place, huh? What a pretty, glowing red. Gives you a kind of
warm, cozy feeling, ...warm and cozy if you like being pelted with
Imp's Balls and Baron's Breath! In the Penthouse, it's a question of
strategic positioning. Let's see, this looks good,, two, three
Imps dead. WHAM! A blast from the past, due left. A quick pivot, a
reload, and a few more Imps are singing in the Choir Invisible. WHAM,
shit! WHAM, WHAM! Baron's Breath, don'cha hate it just after they've
eaten. Maybe it's time for a few of those rockets you've been saving.
You did save some rockets? "Duuuub", SPLAT! Oh yes, that wonderful
smell of home-baked Baron ala Rocket Shrapnel.

   A Computer Map! Good, must be near the end of this little piece of
hell. Let's check. Yep, looks like a big 10-4 on that final 10-20.
Let's find that teleporter to the Army Assault Chamber and get to that


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