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===========================================================================Archive Maintainer      : Replace doomenh.zip, please.Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom/GZDoomPrimary purpose         : No levels included===========================================================================Title                   : Doom Enhanced v1.2Filename                : DOOMENH.WAD, DOOMENH-ITEMS.WAD, DOOMENH-ST.WADRelease date            : Author                  : The KinsEmail Address           : <email removed> Files By Author   : hehMisc. Author Info       : Hurf.Description             : This add-on enhances Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom,  evolving various features of it into something  more interactive and visually interesting, via  features from the games it inspired, without  altering the core gameplay too much.   For details, see below.===========================================================================ADDITIONAL CREDITS:===========================================================================id Software, Zdoom and GZdoom teams: Duh.Corwin: Liquid effects based on his splash3.wad.CutmanMike: Inspiration, help and some testing.Cory Wittle: Inspired by his Immoral Conduct mod for EDGE. Unlike     SOME PEOPLE however, I didn't use his resources.Nash Muhandes: Used his blood code from an old version of nashgore.wad.Raven: Used some Heretic/Hexen sounds as a base.Rouge: Used some Strife sounds as a base.Epic Games: Torch flare graphic, some Unreal sounds used as a base.3D Realms: A couple of spark sprites.Banjo Software: Used some HACX graphics for debrisMonolith: Edited some Matrix Online sounds (WolfSS's gun)Jer Sypalt: Some sounds from his Mindgrind Audio packs for Quake and Q3A.Bobby Prince, Jay Reichard, George Stone, Team TNT: Music.Valve Software: Some HL2 sounds used as a base.Vader: Alternate Imp Death (Edited from KDiZD/ST Dark Imp)Skulltag Team: DSTAUNT sound.Blade Nightflame: Torch flare lighting effect.Wildweasel: Bullet spark code.Neoworm, Carnevil, Phi108: Blood Demon + sprite edit for demon alt death.Eriance: DoomImpBall trail sprite.===========================================================================* Actual Enhancements *- Quake-style gibbing.- Nashgore blood and Corwin's splash mod.- Alternate death sequences for the Zombieman, Shotgunner, Imp, Marine and  Pinky that are sometimes played instead of the normal one, for variety.- Player now has an actual "standing still" frame, instead of balancing on  one foot.- Footsteps and body thud sounds, both for players and monsters.- Most of the props can be broken, gibbed or otherwise affected.- Sound enhancements - Imp Pain, Caco Pain, Lost Soul Pain, Chainguns and  some monster weapons now have their own sounds instead of reusing the  same old one.- Projectiles use teleporter lines and make sounds as they whiz past you.- Some little slightly-hidden things that will put a smile on your face.I also included a optional extra wad, Doom Enhanced Items, which should beloaded after doomenh.wad. It adds on...- Shell casings.- Unique pickup/raise sounds for all weapons and items.- Invuln uses the Heretic effect instead of the nauseatingly ugly Doom one.- Fist is silent. I also included another optional extra wad, Doom Enhanced Skulltag, whichshould only be used in Skulltag, and loaded after doomenh-items. It'ssomewhat of a work in progress. It adds...- Unique pickup/raise sounds etc. for ST weapons.- Multiplayer-friendly adjustments to the player and gib-spawners.===========================================================================* NEW IN VERSION 1.2 *- Changed the DoomImpBall trail (thanks Eriance and Wooly Wool!)- Fixed most Skulltag lag problems - the game should actually be playable now.- Fixed a bug where the Archvile would not resurrect enemies that had  used their alternate death animation. (thanks Wooly Wool!)- Changed the Secret sound effect from that crappy altered Wolf3d sound  to a slightly altered DSGETPOW (Thanks whatever sourceport gave me this idea!)- Replaced the terrible, TERRIBLE "Stealth monsters" that nobody likes or  has ever liked with Spectre versions of the monsters.This should be the last version, at least for a while.* NEW IN VERSION 1.1 *- Fixed a readme typo in Nash's surname. Sorry!- Replaced the radsuit sound.- Added preliminary Skulltag support!* What is included *New levels              : None.Sounds                  : YesMusic                   : YesGraphics                : YesDehacked/BEX Patch      : NoDemos                   : NoOther                   : Zdoom-specific files (DECORATE etc.)Other files required    : A Doom game. Duh.* Play Information *Game                    : Doom, Doom 2, Both Final Doom episodes.Map #                   : All Vanilla maps, maps that don't alter monsters.Single Player           : Designed forCooperative : Designed forDeathmatch : Designed forOther game styles       : Will never work with Zdaemon ever ever ever                          because they're too stubborn to upgrade from                          a, what, eight year old version of Zdoom?Difficulty Settings     : Not applicable.* Construction *Base                    : From scratch.Build Time              : Why is this field even HERE?Editor(s) used          : XWE, Goldwave, PSP8, Notepad.Known Bugs              : - May flatten your framerate in VERY rare                            circumstances. I'm assured that this wad    runs alright on a Pentium 75, so either    stop running seven different builds of Firefox    at once, or adjust your settings!  - May cause lag in multiplayer. I've tried hard    to avoid this, but have been unable to test it.  - Skulltag Grenade Launcher still uses the rocket    fire sound. Can't do much about this at the moment.  - Skulltag Grenade can kill enemies without exploding.    I have no access to much of the ST DECORATE, so...  - Skulltag weapons won't autoselect on pickup.    I have no clue why not.  - WILL cause havoc with DEHACKED stuff that alters    the monsters. Since DEHACKED is obsolete in                            ZDoom this is about as concerning as the grass                            being green. However, this might ruin your day                            if you want to playolder wads like Decade, but                            I'm sure you'll live.May Not Run With...     :   Source ports not based off Zdoom 2.1.8 or later.    Skulltag 0.97c or earlier.* Copyright / Permissions *Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base formodification or reuse. In fact, you know what? Go ahead anduse this in your WADs however you like! Hack it up, alter it, fixmy horrible code, whatever you feel like! All I ask in return isthat you email me (<email removed>) once you release somethingthis uses, so I can check it out. Cheers!You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, withno modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronicformat (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as blah blah blah. You'veread this shit ten thousand times. Just play it!* Where to get the file that this text file describes *The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrorsWeb sites: http://kinsie.helloiaminter.net/FTP sites:
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