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BFG3500  -  The BFG3500  -  for DOOM or DOOM II v1.9
An upgraded version of the BFG3400 which had more advanced features
and more power than the original BFG9000.

NOTE: requires a Doom Port which can import DeHackEd patches and PWADs
      containing sprite data (such as Legacy, ZDoom, PRboom, Boom, etc)

This is an updated version of BFG3400.ZIP
Original author BFG3400: Cyberdemon         <email removed>
BFG3500 Update by      : Sparky of KISS Software       <email removed>

The original version was a D2Hacker .pat file and required the program
DeuTex to permanently alter your doom2.wad file.  The original patch
would only work with DOOM II.  This version is now compatible with both
DOOM and DOOM II, and the patch file is now in the popular DeHackEd
format for use with modern Doom source ports.

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- the original distribution contained 9 files, this one's only got 3:
  BFG3500.DEH   BFG3500.WAD   BFG3500.TXT
- created a DeHackEd patch file to simulate the original D2Hacker
  .pat file - and for compatability with Doom/Doom2 v1.9
- modified the .wad file for use with popular source ports
- slight mods to the patch file - made the BFG operate quicker
  (but not flat-out like a machine gun), increased the maximum ammo
  to 999 cells, decreased the cell usage (10 cells/shot instead of
  40 cells/shot)

Use BFG3500 with a Doom Port which can import DeHackEd patches and
PWADs containing sprite data (Legacy, Boom, PRboom, ZDoom, etc).
Patching is not required, just run BFG3500 as-is.  For example:

  To use BFG3500 with the original Doom levels:
    ZDOOM  :    zdoom -deh bfg3500 -file bfg3500
    BOOM   :    boom -deh bfg3500 -file bfg3500
    LEGACY :    legacy -file bfg3500.deh bfg3500.wad

  .. or with your favourite External User Level:
    ZDOOM  :    zdoom -deh bfg3500 -file bfg3500 MYLEVEL
    BOOM   :    boom -deh bfg3500 -file bfg3500 MYLEVEL
    LEGACY :    legacy -file bfg3500.deh bfg3500.wad MYLEVEL.WAD

Tested okay with:
  ZDoom v1.17c
  Boom v2.02
  Legacy v1.28
  (should work with any source port which can import DeHackEd patches
   and PWADs containing sprite data)

Note: BFG3500 can be used with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom or Doom2 but
      you'll need to add the missing sprites to the PWAD using a
      program like WinTex.  This is definately NOT recommended as the
      file could be up to 3.5 MB !!  You would also need to run the
      patch file through the program DeHackEd v3.1 (or greater).

The original text file follows:


The BFG 3400
Welcome space marine.  This is the newest version of the BFG.  
The weapons men came up with a way to make it even more 
powerful.  It does more then twice the damage, and takes out those 
monsters like nobody's business.  Get yours today!

To upgrade your old BFG 2000 to the 3400 follow these steps:
(you might wanna back up doom2.wad and doom2.exe)

1) Unzip the zip file into your Doom][ directory

2) At the MS-DOS prompt(in your Doom][ directory)type bfg3400

3) Wait while DeuTex Upgrades the BFG

4) Now type D2...move the cursor down to 'Load Patch' and enter in 
   BFG3400 for 'Patch Name' then press enter.  Now exit D2.

   NOTE: If you don't add in the D2 patch, the graphics will still 
         be there but the BFG 3400 will still only have the power of
         the BFG 2000
Okay, now what?

Well, the BFG 3400 does slightly more then twice the damage then the 2000 
did.  Also, the plasma balls are faster.  However, I didn't hack the EXE 
do the damage cone and such are all still the same.

And remember, you say it BFG Thirty-four hundred not BFG Three thousand 
four hundred, private!!

Please feel free to distrubute the BFG 3400 to all your friends.  If you 
need to DM, and your friend dosen't have the EXE patch, then type NORMAL 
in the D2 patch load.

You may use these graphics and patch for base in additional stuff if you 
want to, but please tell me, I'd be interested in seeing your work.  Thanks.

Any problems, comments with/on the BFG 3400?  Contact it's 
inventor at <email removed>
Visit for more cool Doom][ stuff.
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