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- New fatality for Pain Elemental. Remade Mancubus's fatality.
- Added a new animation for the Mancubus's death when killed by Minigun/Chainsaw made by Eriance.
- Awesome new realistic and nasty wall decals
- Better water effects
- Reverted the rifle sprite back to the original one, but with a few changes. Added new sound effect for it.
- Increased kick damage and range
- Reduced the damage of all Imp's attacks
- Increased damage in Demon's attacks
- Fixed a bug that could make blood decals spawn behind monsters near other monster that was shoot/gibbed.
- Added more counter-measures to prevent 3rd person camera of not initializing during a fatality.
- Fixed weird AI with Wolfenstein SS
- Increased the damage of Flame Cannon and Revenant Rockets.
- New "soft" death for Archvile when killed by low damage weapons
- Fixed a bug causing archviles deal no more than 15 damage per attack
- Better effects for the captured lost soul when you throw them
- New death animation for the player: Arm disembowment
- Fixed a bug that could allow the SSG alt fire to be used even if the player had no ammo.
- Fixed a bug that could allow the player to harvest a flame cannon from the same Mancubus body infinite times
- New sprites for Rockets
- Fixed a bug that could make barrels disapear if a player uses the alt fire button to drop them in the ground
- Chaingunguys were not droping their Miniguns when killed by a point-blank SSG Shot, or Smash Mode punch. Fixed.
- Trying to use an imp brutalized by minigun fire as meatshield would give the player a Sergeant meat shield. Fixed.
- Fixed a bug making the player punch right after selecting the fists with berserk in Smash mode.
- Improved shotgun sprites.
- Changed Plasma Gun sound effects.
- Fixed MP40's infinite reloading bug.
- Improved the fingers on the Shotgun pumping sprites.
- Re-introduced the Skulltag weapons Railgun and Grenade Launcher, but the only way to get these weapons, is to play maps that contains them, or via cheats. It means that in most cases, you can't have access to these weapons.
- Rockets will deal more target damage, and reduced area damage.
- Minigun's alt fire will no longer stop player from moving.
- Improved Lost Soul's AI.
- New smoke effects for exploded barrel that will reduce fps lag.
- Reduced the number of pellets fired by the Shotgun Zombie from 9 to 8.
- Bullet decals will be spawned on floors and ceiling.
- Fixed a bug causing game to crash when a player gets the random powerup sphere.
- FIxed some issues of friendly fire caused by the NPC Marines.
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