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WAD file        : CLAUS_01.WAD
WAD title       : "The Possessed Warehouse"
Created by      : Claus Nielsen
                : (<email removed>)

WAD Description : The basic idea was to create a warehouse/office-like building
                  with 4 floors, combined through a staircase centered around
                  an open area, where it should be possible to see from one
                  floor to another. - Well, I've got the staircase and a store-
                  room, but the rest is not something you're likely to find in
                  any normal buildings... But nevertheless have I tried to keep
                  some kind of "realistic design".

Thanks to       : Peter Madsen & Peter Bendixen - hard but fair(?) critics and
                  playtesters. Also to the makers of the tools I've used, and
                  last but not least Id Software for a great game... (No, I did
                  not have Wolfenstein 3D in mind).

LMP file(s)     : CN01_12.LMP and CN01_16.LMP
Recording time  : 13min 09sec and 14min 23sec

LMP Description : A walk-through of this level, showing you how to get all the
                  good stuff... Both LMP's are recorded using the option
                  "-nomonsters", and should also be played with this option...
                  (I don't want you to know the locations of all the monsters
                  too). Because a LMP recorded on Doom 1.2 wont work with
                  Doom 1.666 and vice versa, I've included a LMP file that will
                  work only with Doom 1.2 and one for Doom 1.666. Feel free to
                  mail LMP's recorded with the option "-maxdemo xxxx", that
                  shows how you're dealing with the monsters...


How to play WAD : DOOM -FILE CLAUS_01.WAD   (-DEVPARM -WART 1 1 -SKILL 4)



WAD information : Episode and Mission #   : E1 M1
                  Single player           : Yes
                  Cooperative 2-4 player  : No
                  Deathmatch 2-4 player   : No
                  Difficulty settings     : Yes - But made for UltraViolent.
                  New sounds              : No
                  New graphics            : No
                  Demos replaced          : No - LMP file included instead.

Base            : Totally new level.
Build time      : Weeks!.. But it was worth it; I think it's a nice looking
                  level with matching textures and no "graphical bugs". Okay,
                  I know the spacing between the crates look terrible, but
                  there's an explanation to that; see the WAD diary...
Editors used    : DEU521GCC, DE_250B3 and BSP11X - Great tools!
Known bugs      : If you're "lucky", you should be able to catch a glimpse of
                  the HOM effect in the store-room. This is caused as you can
                  look across too many two-sided linedef's, but it shouldn't
                  affect the gameplay though... That's it I guess.

Copyright       : Authors may use this level as a base to build additional
                  levels, just be so kind and mention me... Thanks.

Distribution    : You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file,
                  with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any
                  electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
                  include this file intact. But DON'T charge any money!

Where to get... : Stop, stop. Who cares?! You've got it now, right?! So forget
                  anything about where to get this WAD, just play it...

Comments        : If you absolutely have to, then send your comments to the
                  e-mail address mentioned above! Thank you.


The Story       : Well, now you've done it! You just had to sneak over to the
                  new neighbours in the middle of the night, even though your
                  mother had told you not to go. But did you listen? No... You
                  think you know everything much better than you mother. If you
                  had only listened to her this time... But now it's to late to
                  go back, the door you just entered, is stuck! So you have to
                  find the emergency exit. And please try not to wake up the
                  neighbours, otherwise they could tell your mother!

                  Yes, I know the story sucks... Go buy a book!


WAD Diary       : I had a few problems building this level, and if you want to
                  know about them, just read on...

                  In the beginnig I mostly used DoomEd v2.50 Beta 3, but after
                  I had finished the staicase, the store-room, the roof and a
                  bit more, DoomEd began to crash. Apparently for no reason.
                  After a little testing, I think it's because DoomEd isn't
                  able to handle more than 2048 sidedefs.

                  A few days later I got my hands on DoomEd v2.60 Beta 4, and
                  the sidedef-problem was luckily not present. But not many WAD
                  modifications later, DoomEd began to crash again, and this
                  time I haven't been able to figure why. Well, this was not
                  good news; Neither DoomEd or DEU (or BSP for that sake) could
                  handle it properly if the crates were linked together, but
                  DoomEd were able to do a perfect node-building with a space
                  of only one! And it did look alright. But with DoomEd not
                  being able to handle my level anymore, I was forced solely to
                  use DEU and a bigger spacing between the crates. Even with
                  the "-SF 0" option DEU would still screw it up; you were able
                  to fall down into some of the crates! That's the reason why
                  the crates look the way they do. If somebody can fix this,
                  don't hesitate to let me know! (Otherwise I'll just have to
                  wait until DoomEd v3.00, or something like that)....

                  BSP v1.1x is a nice little tool... But after I ran a WAD
                  through it, and it added invisible walls and made a couple of
                  things hang in the air, I stopped using it.

                  I was left with DEU v5.21 GCC, and my WAD has been completed
                  with the help of this great utility. No complaints other than
                  the one mentioned above, and... It appears that DEU can't
                  handle anymore than 512 sectors; if you have more than that,
                  it can't build the Reject Data.

                  Finally I finished my level, only to discover that it wasn't
                  possible to save (or quit) because I had way to many things.
                  So I reduced the number from 498 to 472, which allowed you to
                  save your game - once! The number then dropped drastically to
                  the current 418, which dosn't(?) create any bugs...

The "hintbook"  : May only be read if you're stuck, (or just want to "cheat").

                  1. Wherever there's a blinking light, there's a good chance
                     of finding a secret room close by.
                  2. In the store-room there are three lifts; look for a brown
                     crate with small grey crates on top. It's also possible to
                     find a soul sphere there, it's pretty close to the blue
                     key - just jump down there...
                  3. The plasmagun is behind one of the gargyles.
                  4. To get to the BFG9000 you must activate the switch in the
                     opposite blue room, which opens the secret door you can
                     see behind the BFG9000 - it's got a poison warning on the
                     other side. You'll have to be fast!
                  5. You can see the yellow key, but you can't get it?! Okay;
                     When you've been in the south-west room, (the one with the
                     switch opening a door to another soul sphere!), a switch 
                     has been uncovered in the grey room with the lift and the
                     two windows, (with view to the green doors). Activate this
                     switch, and you'll be on you're way...
                  6. The secret door to the computer map is in the room with
                     the two windows, (and probably a lot of dead guys).


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