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Doom 1 
DeathMatch For Two Series
Kurt Schulenburg 76360,3125

This wad is a compilation of 8 wads designed for two player modem 
DEATHMATCH.  The wads are physically on the small side so that you
don't spend all your time hunting the other guy.  They are not so small
that 3 or 4 player matches won't work; I just seem to find too many HUGE
wads out there and felt there was a need for more action with two players.

A few of these levels have been uploaded before in one form or another.  
This is the first time they have appeared completely redesigned for 
DeathMatch.  One level, E1M7, was created entirely by Scott Scurlock
(74721,1250) and is included with his permission.  Please, write to him
and encourage more work like this. (This level was known as "Trench.wad"
in its standalone version.)

Use the ALTDEATH2 parameter--some of these levels only have one or two of
some items and unless they regenerate, you're in for a short game.  Also,
ULTRA-VIOLENCE is the preferred mode...

The Basic Deathmatch level...a few walk through textures, moving floors,
elevators, teleporters.  No monsters here.  The switch by the plasma
gun opens a door in the red hallway for the exit.  It takes two to exit.
Use the cheat codes (idspispopd) to exit if you are browsing alone.

The Doom Death Match--this one was inspired by Trench.wad, but plays much
differently.  No monsters again, no BFG 9000, but some good ambush spots,
lots of running and a good central court area.  Try grabbing a Bersek and 
an Invulnerability and drop from the skies on your foe!

The Cage--this level has monsters and is slightly larger in scope.  There is
a cage that can trap you or your opponent (check those bars--there is a way
out!).  All weapons are here somewhere and there is plenty of opportunity
for the valued "TeleFrag". This wad was built from "Tutgood.wad" which came 
bundled with DoomCad.  There is a little of the original left...but not

The Chase...this level is one room...sort of.  A very large interior space
with lots of buildings, elevators, moving walls.  No monsters.  Try getting
up high and use the plasma gun or rocket launcher for a nice long distance

The Arena--this one was actually uploaded as FRED.WAD several months ago,
but has been cleaned up and changed a bit for DeathMatch.  There ARE 
monsters in this one, no BFG, but everything else is here.  Some shoot doors
aren't as obvious as they should be...check out the room where one of the
barons is for the rocket launcher.

The Rocket Level--probably the smallest of the levels, so that makes the
rocket launcher the weapon of choice.  A bad death is when you cause your
own--watch it!  Some good telefragging opportunites as all teleports go to
a central station first.  Some quickness is needed to get to some areas.  
(Push the button, run through the teleporter, turn to the white teleporter,
run and run...good luck!) Some good ambush spots behind some one way walls.
No monsters.

The Trench Level...Scott Scurlock designed this one--his brother helped
playtest it.  A truly great DeathMatch Level.  It was made before the 
Altdeath2 parameter, so there are more than enough supplies here.  Also, 
plenty of monsters.  This one has inspired much of my work and has taken
up way too much of my free time as I play it again and again.  A Trench2
level should be making it's way to Doom2 DeathMatch For Two soon.

The Splat Level--this one gets it's name from the many heights it has.  It's
not easy to pick somebody off in midair, but it's been done several times.
No monsters here, but lots of action.  This level has recieved more praise
for it's playability than any other.  It almost requires you to record a
Demo because there are so many cool frags here.  A few small secrets, but
action is the name of the game.  Leaping is the skill needed.

That's about it.  Stay tuned for the DeathMatch for Two coming for Doom2.
So far, we have Alley (Available on CompuServe as ALLEY.WAD)(Designed by
my wife, Carolyn Schulenburg, the published wad authoress), Building 
(Currently available as DMBLD.WAD on CompuServe), Rooftop (Another by
Carolyn), The River, Trench2, Shotgun, Fountain, Fort and Yard.  Soon!

You are welcome to use these wads in any way you would like...please give
me credit for any of mine that you modify or use.  Level 7 belongs to
Scott Scurlock, so write to him before using this level.  Having said
all this, I think that DShrink makes it just about impossible to edit
these any further, but you're welcome to try...

Special thanks to Marty (Mega-Death) Magnini for playtesting, Ray Cook for
playtesting, my wife Carolyn for EVERYTHING and Karl for playing with his
own keyboard while daddy plays at this.

The programs used:
DEU 5.2 for most everything...
BSP for fixing up things...
IDBSP for fixing the invisible artifacts from BSP and DEU...
DoomEd, the Real Thing, for stairs here and there...
DCK for copying and pasting things together...
Reject for speeding things up...
DShrink for shrinking these down to manageable size...
Multilev11 for putting the wads together into a big wad...
PKUnzip and PKZip for zipping...

Information sources used:
Line Types by Brian McKimens
DMSpec by Matt Fell
Dr Sleep Reveals and Defines Doom 1.666 and Doom II LineDef Types
Managing Textures by Scott Amspoker
DesignFAQ by Tom Neff
DoomFAQ by Hank Leukart

And thanks to ID Games for DOOM 1 and 2.  









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