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3/15 fixed lava3, metal19, rebuilt wad with newwads 13 and 14.
3/2  added skill0_w,3_w 32x128 panels for start maps
3/2  added skill0,3 64x64 panels for start maps
3/1  added glass1, sky5, box2,3, gold/silver, fixed brick4 (thanks Scope!)
2/25 added wood8-woodb, lightf
2/24 fixed various colors, added floors d,e
2/23 added 128x128 tech door, more wood, redid door2
2/23 added grass and some rockery
2/23 added some wood
2/22 added more exits

Thanks to Scope for his patience while I procrastinate on fiddling
with all these lame fullbright problems!  Thanks also to Ace_Dave,
Scott Mcnutt, Bubbah, Neil Manke, all the people who've given me
feedback, and a big thanks to Christopher Wise and Daniel Gilliland
and Jonas P (joXonoX) for writing some damn fine utilities!

The artwork contained in gyrotex.wad is Copyright 1997 by Aaron Logue.
Commercial distribution of this material or derivative works without
authorization is prohibited.
Please include the above little notice with text files accompanying bsps.
If you use these textures and discover that your bsp has been commercially
distributed without your permission, please email me.

Gyro Gearloose  <email removed>

Textures with fullbrights:

lava1.pcx    *lava1
lava2.pcx    *lava2
sflame1.pcx  +0sflame
sflame2.pcx  +1sflame
sflame3.pcx  +2sflame
light4.pcx   light4
light6.pcx   light6
sksw1.pcx    +0sksw
sksw2.pcx    +1sksw
sksw3.pcx    +2sksw
sksw4.pcx    +asksw
cbut1.pcx    +0cbut
cbut2.pcx    +1cbut
cbut3.pcx    +2cbut
cbut4.pcx    +3cbut
cbut5.pcx    +acbut
cpanel1.pcx  +0cpanel
cpanel2.pcx  +1cpanel
cpanel3.pcx  +2cpanel
cpanel4.pcx  +3cpanel
cpanel5.pcx  +4cpanel
exita1.pcx   +0exita
exita2.pcx   +1exita
exitl1.pcx   +0exitl
exitl2.pcx   +1exitl
exitr1.pcx   +0exitr
exitr2.pcx   +1exitr
exit1.pcx    exit1
mpulse1.pcx  +0mpulse
mpulse2.pcx  +1mpulse
mpulse3.pcx  +2mpulse
mpulse4.pcx  +3mpulse
mpulse3.pcx  +4mpulse
mpulse2.pcx  +5mpulse
comp6.pcx    comp6
door9.pcx    door9

Textures with (hopefully) no fullbrights:

gyro4816.pcx gyrosig
black.pcx    black
white.pcx    white
sky.pcx      sky1s
sky5.pcx     sky5
lava3.pcx    *lava3
slime1.pcx   *slime1
slime2.pcx   *slime2
water1.pcx   *water1
water2.pcx   *water2
water3.pcx   *water3
teleport.pcx *teleport
telepor2.pcx *telepor2
mossroc1.pcx mossroc1
mossroc2.pcx mossroc2
mossroc3.pcx mossroc3
parquet.pcx  parquet
brick3.pcx   brick3
brick4.pcx   brick4
brick5.pcx   brick5
brick6.pcx   brick6
brick7.pcx   brick7
floor1.pcx   floor1
floor2.pcx   floor2
floor3.pcx   floor3
floor4.pcx   floor4
floor5.pcx   floor5
floor6.pcx   floor6
floor8.pcx   floor8
floor9.pcx   floor9
floora.pcx   floora
floorb.pcx   floorb
floorc.pcx   floorc
floord.pcx   floord
floore.pcx   floore
marble1.pcx  marble1
marble2.pcx  marble2
marble3.pcx  marble3
stone1.pcx   stone1
stone2.pcx   stone2
stone3.pcx   stone3
stone4.pcx   stone4
stone5.pcx   stone5
stone6.pcx   stone6
stone7.pcx   stone7
stone8.pcx   stone8
stone9.pcx   stone9
metal1.pcx   metal1
metal2.pcx   metal2
metal3.pcx   metal3
metal4.pcx   metal4
metal5.pcx   metal5
metal8.pcx   metal8
metal9.pcx   metal9
metal11.pcx  metal11
metal12.pcx  metal12
metal13.pcx  metal13
metal14.pcx  metal14
metal15.pcx  metal15
metal16.pcx  metal16
metal17.pcx  metal17
metal18.pcx  metal18
metal19.pcx  metal19
metal20.pcx  metal20
metal21.pcx  metal21
metal22.pcx  metal22
metal23.pcx  metal23
metal24.pcx  metal24
metal25.pcx  metal25
metal26.pcx  metal26
metal27.pcx  metal27
metal28.pcx  metal28
metal29.pcx  metal29
metal30.pcx  metal30
light1.pcx   light1
light2.pcx   light2
light3.pcx   light3
light5.pcx   light5
light7.pcx   light7
light8.pcx   light8
light9.pcx   light9
lighta.pcx   lighta
lightb.pcx   lightb
lightc.pcx   lightc
lightd.pcx   lightd
lighte.pcx   lighte
lightf.pcx   lightf
metaldr1.pcx metaldr1
metaldr2.pcx metaldr2
metaldr3.pcx metaldr3
metaldr4.pcx metaldr4
box1.pcx     box1
box2.pcx     box2
box3.pcx     box3
hwall1.pcx   hwall1
hwall2.pcx   hwall2
hwall3.pcx   hwall3
hwall4.pcx   hwall4
comp0.pcx    comp0
comp1.pcx    comp1
comp2.pcx    comp2
comp3.pcx    comp3
comp4.pcx    comp4
comp5.pcx    comp5
comp7.pcx    comp7
comp8.pcx    comp8
exit2.pcx    exit2
brock1.pcx   brock1
brock2.pcx   brock2
brock3.pcx   brock3
brock4.pcx   brock4
brock5.pcx   brock5
brock6.pcx   brock6
door1.pcx    door1
door2.pcx    door2
door3.pcx    door3
door4.pcx    door4
door5.pcx    door5
door6.pcx    door6
door7.pcx    door7
door8.pcx    door8
window1.pcx  window1
window2.pcx  window2
panel1.pcx   panel1
panel2.pcx   panel2
panel3.pcx   panel3
panel4.pcx   panel4
panel5.pcx   panel5
runes1.pcx   runes1
runes2.pcx   runes2
runes3.pcx   runes3
wood1.pcx    wood1
wood2.pcx    wood2
wood3.pcx    wood3
wood4.pcx    wood4
wood5.pcx    wood5
wood6.pcx    wood6
wood7.pcx    wood7
wood8.pcx    wood8
wood9.pcx    wood9
wooda.pcx    wooda
woodb.pcx    woodb
dirt1.pcx    dirt1
grass1.pcx   grass1
grass2.pcx   grass2
rock1.pcx    rock1
rock2.pcx    rock2
rock3.pcx    rock3
glass1.pcx   glass1
gold1.pcx    gold1
silver1.pcx  silver1
gold2.pcx    gold2
silver2.pcx  silver2
skill0.pcx   skill0
skill1.pcx   skill1
skill2.pcx   skill2
skill3.pcx   skill3
skill0_w.pcx skill0_w
skill1_w.pcx skill1_w
skill2_w.pcx skill2_w
skill3_w.pcx skill3_w
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