Unlike most other Final Maps (including the original) where you end up *IGNORING* the monsters and concentrate on shooting rockets at the final ene...

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WAD Type
      U N C O N D I T I O N A L   E L I M I N A T I O N
  (i.e. ZAP)
  - Replacement of the Final Map (Icon of Sin) for DOOM 2 - 

Files:                  zap30.wad zap30.txt zap30.lmp zap30_np.lmp
Note:                   This is the second release.
This one has 2 lmp files (you wanted them, here they 
are :) an awesome new sky texture, 
and a modified text file.

Author:                 Andy Badorek
EMAIL                   <email removed>
Misc Author Info:       not much interested in other computer games
Other files :           Single Player: TWILAB, DEMONIC PARK, ZAPxy, ...
Deathmatch: ZUMA01, TOD, MBASExy
Levels for Memento Mori, Memento Mori II
and Paradox

Description:            Unlike most other Final Maps (including the original)
where you end up *IGNORING* the monsters and 
concentrate on shooting rockets at the final enemy, 
ZAP30 makes you remember the point of the game
and *FIGHT* against those baddies (and for your 

This level is over a year old now but still awesome!
If you can't figure out what to do, watch the demos.
It's designed for Co-op play but single player is 
likewise possible.

Don't waste rockets against ordinary monsters. You 
need them against the final enemy to end the level.

Rockets needed:         # of players    need    available (all players with
rocket launcher)
1               5       11
2               8       13
3               8       15
4               13      17

LMP files:              ZAP30.LMP is a standard single player lmp showing
how to finish the level. It's a guided tour, not 
going for a fast time. Don't bother to ask for my
record time until your time's under 2:30

ZAP30_NP.LMP is for all those guys who say the level
is too hard and/or hasn't enough ammo.
NP stands for: NO PLASMA used!


Game:                   DOOM 2 ver 1.9  
Map:                    30
Single:                 Yes     
Multi:                  YES!    
Deathmatch:             Yes, start area and armory are not accessible
Skill settings:         Yes
Extras:                 sky texture
2 single player lmp files worth watching

Editors used:           DCK34, IDBSP11B
Build time:             18 hours


Deathmatch contact:     If you live anywhere near the Lake Constance (Bodensee) 
please send e-mail to: 
<email removed>

Additional credits:     migru for play-testing
Ben Morris for DCK 
Ron Rossbach for IDBSP
id Software for the game

Copyright/Permissions:  I know I can't stop anybody from ripping the sky from
this WAD. You may use it if you give credit and 
don't use it in multi-level WADs.

Where to get ZAP30:     cdrom.com and mirrors

Feel free to send comments or demos regarding any of my wads to:
<email removed>


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