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R  E  A  D  M  E
 WASTED: UAC Waste Facility #253
   For DOOM 2

Creator: Rusty Slacker
Filename:wasted.wad, wasted.txt
Email adress:<email removed>
Other Work: Dimensional Analysis, Gigantic Bathroom

First serious release, don't be too harsh! ;)

About the file:

New levels:Yes
Music:Yes: "Bed of Razors" (Children of Bodom), "The Jester Dance" (In Flames), and "Die With Your Boots On (Iron Maiden)"
Graphics:Yes: New titlepic, interpic, and level names
Dehacked work:None
Other files required: Doom2.wad
Game: DOOM 2
Difficulty settings: yes!


Base:From scratch
Build time:Nov. 29-Jan 10 
Editors used:zdbsp, Doom Builder 1.66, WinTex 5.0, midi2mus
Runs Best with:PRBoom, GZDoom, Risen3D
May not run with: doom2.exe. You'll get a nice visiplane error. However, some ports screw up the texture alignments. This problem is worst on Legacy, so I recommend GZDoom, Risen3D or PRBoom. 

Known Bugs: There are no bugs, only features. Seriously though, there are no bugs. Except one time I totally ruined the map after I made a bunch of changesand had to redo a lot of it. That sucked.

The Story So Far:

     Chapter 1: The Facility

So you beat the demons on Phobos, Deimos, Earth, and even in Hell itself. But the UAC's operations have finally been stopped. The weapons research the corporation did left a lot of radioactive waste as byproducts, and the UAC set up waste facilities to dump the stuff. All of these facilities were believed to have been shut down, but the last, UAC Waste Facility #253, is on Earth's own Moon. After you defeated hell the final time, they retreated back to the Moon, where a small outpost has been made out of the facility.

But you're on vacation now. Nobody knows your name, nobody recognizes you. Which was good. You were expecting to be famous after your many battles, but you're glad it didn't happen. You're taking a little reprieve on the moon, but before you got there you had no idea of the final Waste Facility. 

You step out of the ship with the other tourists and onto the Moon's surface. The tour guide herds everybody away from the looming building imprinted with the UAC logo. The tour guide's perky voice picks up and your thoughts drown her out. A low growl interrupts you and your hand flies to the butt of your faithful pistol. Damn! One of those brown bastards from hell! Your vacation hasn't dulled your reflexes, so you whip out your marine-issue pistol and shoot the imp until the magazine runs dry and the slide locks. Two more imps have already killed the rest of the tourists, but you whip out another magazine, reload, and blast them into gory lumps of mush.

The Facility must have become a demonic outpost. You have to exterminate the hellspawn before they can plan some sort of attack on Earth. Time to go back into action, one last time. You take a deep breath and take the teleporter into the UAC Waste Facility....

    *  *  * 

After the UAC Waste Facility comes WASTED PART II: The Spaceport. To be released sometime in 2006/2007. 


Other Stuff:

Thanks to Aliotroph?, ace, DeusExMachina, wendt, sane-in, Bob Larkin, and Sexi Waffles(plus anybody I forgot) for testing. Thanks to danimetal for testing this one, giving me a lot of help on it, and for helping me with all of my maps and giving me good advice ever since I joined NewDoom way back in May. 

Peace out.


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