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                °°±±²² Shadows of Darkness DOOM2 WAD ²²±±°°
                                DOOM2 Version
                                 Release 2.0
                                 Readme file


Files that should be included in "SHADOWS2.ZIP":
        1)  SHADOWS2.WAD
        2)  SHADOWS2.TXT (obviously what your reading)
        3)  FILE_ID.DIZ 

Level specs:
This level is for DOOM2, not DOOM (a DOOM version is out on BBSs), MAP01.
I have included difficulty settings...they aren't as accurate as I'd like 'em.
Cooperative play is recommended, deathmatch is good too (I put all the 
        deathmatch starts in on area so you and your opponent don't have to 
        run all around the level just to find each other) and solitare is fun.
Very BIG, with many secrets and switches!!!!!!!!!  Go for 100% in everything!
This IS different in some ways from the DOOM version.  Check out both and 
you'll see.  Nothing major, just some more cryptic spots :)

Quick info that you may, or may not care about:
        This level was made by Sean Birkel of Bangor, Me using DEU521GC, 
DEU2C, and BSP1.2x.  I started this level in Dec. of '94, I expected to 
finish within a month...but, no, it has taken till March 12th of '95!  I made 
this for the hell of it, and hell it was...mucho hours, and many brainstorm 
headaches.  Yes, I do have a life, that is why it took me 3+ months to make 
this, usually I do better things than waste time using the computer, but level 
making just seemed kinda cool.  You now have what I believe to be the best 
WAD file made for DOOM2 outside of the "ID" levels in the game.  I admit that 
I have some ego, but hell, I spent many f***ing hours on this damn thing and I 
say it's good!  Most WADs you'll get from a BBS will have globs of stuff where 
they don't belong, one texture throughout the level...with NO alignment, no 
exit, bugs from missing textures, etc., but not this one :)  I have made this 
as perfect as I could (or had the patience for :) and as close to an actual 
"Id made DOOM" level as I could.  If you don't like it, well that's ok, at 
least respect the time I put in to making this "fit" together.  If any of you 
out there have tried making levels but they come out bad...don't give up, it 
takes a LOT of time to understand how the editors work, It took me about 2 
months before I even had a clue about what I was doing!  Anyway, I hope you 
enjoy this...please upload it to BBS's with the ORIGINAL ZIP file.  You can of 
course take ideas from this and even some cutting and pasting, I just ask that 
you give credit like, "the shitty part of my level was made by this DOOMer up 
thar in Bangor, Maine."  Well, thanks for reading, etc...Buh-bye :-(burp)

Misc. Info that you also probably don't care about:
This level was made with DEU521GC ÄÄÄÄÄ>  The *BEST* level editor for DOOM!!!!
Everything was done on a AM486DX2 80 ÄÄ>  AMD makes the *BEST* CPU's:) 
Spring IS here in Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you like this level and would like to leave me a message, call Ambrosia BBS
in Bangor, Me 207-942-7155 or any BBS's in the Bangor area (check "Computer
Shopper" magazine for Maine 207 numbers).

Extra Info
I've also made a DOOM2 deathmatch level called Hangar18, if you find it, get
it!  Hangar18 is the favored deathmatch level among my friends and I, and
we only use *good* levels, if you want a copy call Ambrosia or look elsewhere.
Remember...I would like to see these levels accross the country, and I'd 
really like to see 'em on a CD-ROM or two :)

°°±±²² Remember the two best external DOOMII WAD files you'll ever see are 
       * "Hangar18" (my personal favorite), and "Shadows of Darkness (DOOM and

The names came from:
        1)  Hangar18 ÄÄÄ>  A Megadeth song
        2)  Shadows of Darkness ÄÄÄ>  A great game by Sierra!

Saying "Buh-bye:"

There!  I'm done!  Have fun!  °°±±²²Metallica RULZ!²²±±°°  Register DOOM if 
you haven't levels require the registered version, the guys at 
"Id" deserve the money, because they made a kick-ass game!  "Seinfeld" is 
the *BEST* comedy show :)


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