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                     HUNT 2

A DOOM PWAD created specifically for DeathMatch play!

OK, here it is!  Another level modified specifically
for DeathMatch DOOM games.  I got tired of DeathMatch
games being more of a continual "arms race" instead of
a matching of wits and skill.  This level (and others in
the HUNT series) is designed to make DeathMatch more even
and enjoyable.  Here are some of the features:

- NO big weapons, power-ups, medkits, stimpacks, armour,
  or ammo,

- The ONE weapon to be used for ALL players is selected
  at the beginning of the game,

- NO acid pools and only a few barrels (no suicides here
  boys - you fight to the death!),

- It takes two players in cooperation to exit the level,

- Loads up as Episode 1, Level 2 so it's easy to load,

- Great terrain with no "gauntlets"!

   Yes, that's right, there are no "big" objects in this
map, only "furniture" and the one percent health and
armour bonuses.  Also, there are no other weapons in
this map so don't bother racing for that place where you
always went to grab the plasma riffle - it's gone.  This
removal of powerful objects keeps it fair for everyone.
You've got to use your wits and skill (not objects) to
stay alive to frag your buddies!

   A great feature of this map is that it lets YOU
choose what weapon will be used in the game!  It was
rather easy to do.  I'm sure you've noticed that at
different skill levels you see different objects (usually
more or less monsters).  I used this feature of DOOM to
cause the different difficulty (skill) levels to show
a different weapon!  These "tagged" weapons are right in
front of each regeneration spot so as soon as you
regenerate, just moving forward will give you the
weapon.  So just remember when you're setting up your
DeathMatch game to choose the right skill level for
the weapon you all want.  Here's how it goes:

       -----------     ----------------
          1 & 2          Chaingun
            3            Shotgun
          4 & 5          Pistol

Of course with any of the decent DOOM editors out you
can go in and change this selection of weapons to those
of your own choosing!

   All savvy DeathMatchers know that the smart thing to
do once you're way down on health is to go find a quite
acid pool and die as a coward.  Not anymore!  All acid
pools have been nuetralized (with TUMS!) so no more easy
way out while you deny someone a frag.  Also, the barrels
have been kept to a minimum so you can't use them to
commit suicide either.  I left a few in because barrels
CAN be a strategic way to frag - if used properly.

   Many DeathMatchers have commented that they use certain
rules to decide when someone can exit the level (like you
must have 10 or more frags).  I took this a bit farther by
making it necessary for two players to cooperate in order
to exit the level.  I thought this might just help assure
that there has been at least some concensus as to when to
quit the level.
   For this map, one player must press the button at the
end of the small hallway whos entrance is in the "ring
finger" area of the map.  This momentarily lowers the
floor at the end of the "finger" so that a second player
may jump into the exit teleporter there.

   This map loads as Episode 1, Level 2 even though you
will immediately recognize it as being based on the map
from Episode 3, Level 2 (Slough of Despair).  I did this
so the map will be easier to load.  This map also
compliments my first HUNT map (HUNTE1M1) so that you can
load both HUNT 1 and HUNT 2 and play them one right after
another.  I also plan to modify or create more DeathMatch
levels that can be loaded as other, higher levels
(i.e. Episode 1, Level 2).  But don't worry, this map will
only work with the registered version because it uses
bitmaps and other resources that are only found in the WAD
file of the registered version.  Attempting to load this
map into the shareware version will cause an error that
will terminate DOOM.

   As noted above, this map is based on Episode 3, Level 2
(Slough of Despair).  This has been one of our favorite
DeathMatch levels!  There are LOTS of hiding places in the
center of the map (the "palm" area) and the corridors
branching off of the center area (the "fingers") provide a
more open but dimly lit terrain.

   One final note: I would load this map with the
-NOMONSTERS switch since with the weapons available and
the small amount of health around, the monsters may beat
you up quite a bit until you can kill them all.  Just a
suggestion, your mileage may vary.

   Look for other maps in the HUNT series (like HUNTE1M1)
to add to your DeathMatch gaming!  If you havecomments
about this map, please send them to me at:

<email removed>

ENJOY! :-)
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