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MAP01, MAP02
*** BUG FIX ***  

Note:  Despite several hours of testing, I just found a small but
deadly bug in the revised version of epic being distributed with 
epic2.wad.  The problem was a small segment of a larger line chain   
wasn't linked to a sector.  The result is that the action defaults to 
a local sector, creating an undesirable effect.  This bug occurs in 
the left side of the ledge behind the "dead boss brain" wall in the 
room off the elevator on the secret staircase (NW room of MAP01).
Only the area closest to the ledge is affected (thus the reason it
wasn't noticed during testing).  Epic2a.wad has a fixed version of 
epic.  Please download epic2a instead of epic2.

                                   EPIC 2
                              by Matt Williams

*** General Info ***   

EPIC2.WAD for DOOM2 is a sequel to the popular EPIC.WAD.  Like the original,
it was designed for single player mode.  Nonetheless, all levels of
difficulty, and all modes are supported.  This release of EPIC2.WAD also
includes the latest revision of the original EPIC.WAD.  Enhancements to 
EPIC.WAD include better deathmatch and cooperative support, all levels of 
difficulty, more beasties, and more surprises.  If you liked EPIC.WAD, then 
you'll want to download this just for the revisions, but you'll probably 
enjoy the sequel as well.  

*** Storyline *** 

You roam around a bunch of rooms, passages, and landforms.  Things try to
kill you.  Kill them first.  The End!

*** Play Info ***

Map:                             01 (EPIC1), 02 (EPIC2)
Single Player:                  *YES* (recommended)
Co-op:                           Yes (thoroughly tested)
Deathmatch:                      Yes (thoroughly tested)
Skill levels:                    All
New gfx,sfx,mus:                 No
Demos replaced:                  No
Real Par (at UV, 100/100/100):   MAP01 - 30:00, MAP02 - 25:00 

*** Technical Info ***

Editors:                  Waded 1.83, DMapEdit
Base:                     New levels from scratch
Build Time:               Time Sucks!
Known Bugs:               None that haven't been accounted for (you'll  
                          experience the mother of all HOM's if you clip to
                          the "restricted" areas around the Mayan temple in
                          EPIC2 - it's a very complex structure).  If you 
                          don't clip, you won't see it, so don't clip! 
                          There's nothing out there but trees anyway.  There
                          are several lines in EPIC2 which I have purposely 
                          left off the map.  This is for effect, and is 

*** Copyright / Permissions ***

You may use EPIC.WAD or EPIC2.WAD as a base to build other levels provided 
you give credit to the original author, though it is more rewarding to 
build your own levels from scratch.  You are encouraged to distribute 
EPIC2.WAD provided you include this file (EPIC2.TXT) with no modifications.

*** Acknowledgements ***

Beta Boys and Stolen Ideas:     Danny Johns and Scott Appleton
EPIC.WAD Revision Suggestions:  Adam Thrasher
Stupid Comments:                Kyle Woodson
Never played DOOM2 Before:      Lauren Sullivan 

*** Author Contact ***

Need a hint, find a bug, have a comment or flame?  You can reach me at:       
        <email removed>


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DM Spawns
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