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        Months after the event, an excavation crew working in the destroyed
        enemy Uca Base recovered a portable log recorder near the former site
        of an enemy pulse laser cannon.  The recorder was not badly
        damaged and easily salvageable.  C-Lab's data retrieval revealed
        the recorder had belonged a member of Red Squad, Register Number
        RX2432-9 (MIA).  Only one log entry was recorded.  The following is a
        transcript of the complete entry:

        Moon, Deimos
        Uca Crater
        Operation UCA
        Mission Time Elapsed 0130

        "MTE 0130, Red-nine, personal log.  I think I'll drop protocol, as
        the chances of my getting out of here alive and of UAC Central
        hearing this entry are very remote.  Red Squad touched down at
        MTE 008 and we were subsequently ambushed.  I can't help but feel
        UAC Central knew there was a high probability of this yet sent us
        just the same.  Damn top brass.  I'm stuck in some hellhole with no
        air support or ground support.  As far as I can tell, I'm the only
        member of Red Squad alive.  There's no possibility of help from the
        terrain squad or the first Drop Squad either - I saw what remained of
        them...hanging like trophies in some marble hall.  The demons are
        here alright.  They're swarming everywhere.  There's some huge
        construction crater just outside the base entrance - I can only
        imagine what atrocity the demons are creating.

        I tried radio contact, scrambled and secure channel, with the
        Gateway just a few minutes ago.  I couldn't hail her; the transport
        could have been shot down.  If she is, I might as well just blow
        my brains out right now, since I'm a dead man.  I...wait....


        ...ok, just damn sentries.  I think I triggered some sort of alarm
        sneaking through the construction site and into the base.  That's
        the third group of troopers I've heard march by.  They don't
        sound too pleased, and I think it's clear they're looking for me.  I
        don't know how much longer my luck will hold out.  If I stay up here
        in this teleportation chamber any longer, someone is bound to see me.
        Let me just....ugh...


        ...Damn it, the lights just completely died for a moment there.
        I don't know what's going on, but I can hear something awfully big
        powering up south of my position.  It's got this chamber shaking and
        flickering pretty badly.  Better get moving again before some bloody
        demon materializes in my face.

        Besides, I've got a hunch I know what's out there, south of me.  And if
        the Gateway is still out there somewhere, I've got a hunch she isn't
        coming to rescue my sorry ass...until I do something to make sure she
        doesn't end up like that bloody mess, the Aquarius.

        This is Red-nine, entry stop.  I hope to hell some sorry soul gets
        to hear this.  And I hope to bloody hell I'm there to hear it again
        as well.  Over and out."

        Welcome to talpoida.wad, my second wad and a continuation of the
        storyline first presented in uca.wad.  If you're curious as to what
        the full storyline is, then I recommend getting a copy of uca.  As for
        TALPOIDA, it replaces e2m2 and was constructed using DEU5.1
        and BSP1.0.  It is fine-tuned for single player mode; multi-
        player mode and deathmatch are supported though not tested.  Also,
        talpoida was designed to be played in succession with uca.wad; you
        can certainly play it as a stand-alone, but you may find some of
        the fighting situations a little tense without the weapons you
        have obtained from uca.wad (of course, you could always use the
        cheat codes, but where's the fun in that? :) ).
        This wad, and uca.wad, can be found at or
        by emailling me, Eddie Nguyen, at <email removed>.

        I hope you enjoy it.  As far as I know, uca and talpoida are
        both bug-free.  If you spot anything, or if you have any comments or
        suggestions, please do email me.  I'd love to hear from you!  As in
        uca, I made this wad as fair as possible while still keeping it
        challenging.  Of course, it will be a bit harder if you play it as a
        stand-alone instead of after uca, but trust me, it's beatable both
        ways.  I've been able to complete it in about 25 minutes.

        If you enjoyed uca and talpoida, look for the third installment of
        this storyline sometime in the next month or so.

        Happy Hunting!



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