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WAD file        : CLAUS_03.WAD
WAD title       : "Alone in the Dark"
Created by      : Claus Nielsen
                : (<email removed>)

WAD Description : This is quite a huge level. Not very tricky, or difficult for
                  that matter. It's just plain fun "dooming"... Oh, and by the
                  way; your monitor shouldn't be too bright when playing this
                  level - that would spoil the effect of the dark areas.

Thanks to       : The playtesters: Peter Madsen and Peter Bendixen. (Well,
                  they're to blame if there's something wrong with this WAD :)
                  Also the maker(s) of the great DEU521GCC. And Id Software,
                  may they live long and prosper, (so they can make a lot of
                  new games :)...
LMP file        : CN03_12.LMP and CN03_16.LMP
Recording time  : 14min 51sec and 15min 48sec

LMP Description : A walk-through of this level, where I'm giving all the secret
                  rooms away, but still leaving some surprise I'd think. Both
                  LMP's are recorded using the option "-nomonsters", and should
                  also be played with this option... (I don't want you to know
                  the locations of all the monsters too :).
                  Because a LMP recorded on Doom 1.2 wont work with Doom 1.666
                  and vice versa, I've included a LMP file that will only work
                  with Doom 1.2 and one for Doom 1.666. Feel free to mail any
                  LMP's recorded with the option "-maxdemo xxxx", that shows
                  how you're dealing with the monsters...


How to play WAD : DOOM -FILE CLAUS_03.WAD   (-DEVPARM -WART 1 1 -SKILL 4)



WAD information : Episode and Mission #   : E1 M1
                  Single player           : Yes
                  Cooperative 2-4 player  : No
                  Deathmatch 2-4 player   : No
                  Difficulty settings     : Yes - But made for UltraViolent
                  New music/sounds        : No
                  New graphics            : No
                  Demos replaced          : No - LMP file included instead

Base            : My poor imagination...
Build time      : A little week with 2-3 hours a day.
Editors used    : DEU521GCC - This is just a great tool!
Known bugs      : Well, I haven't found any. But feel free to send me some mail
                  if you should discover something...

Copyright       : Authors may use this level as a base to build additional
                  levels, just be so kind and mention me... Thanks.

Distribution    : You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file,
                  with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any
                  electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
                  include this file intact. But DON'T charge any money!

Comments        : Any comments will be highly appriciated. I can be reached at
                  the E-Mail address mentioned above... Thank you.


The "hintbook"  : May only be read if you're stuck, (or just want to "cheat").

                  1. Hey, didn't you read the sentence just before?! Reading
                     this may spoil all the fun! Don't say i didn't warn you...
                  2. On top of the lift at the beginning there are two switches
                     that can be activated. One of them will open a door into a
                     shotgun and some ammo.
                  3. You can find a blue armour behind some of the barrels.
                  4. Look at the walls; that green stuff looks suspicious,
                     doesn't it. If you've found it, don't stop examining that
                     green stuff - you'll also want the chainsaw, right!?
                  5. After you've found the yellow key, and used the teleport,
                     you'll enter an area where you can find: A bag pag, the
                     plasmagun, supercharge, a box of ammo and the red key,
                     among some other things... Pay attention to the holes in
                     the walls. - Oh, and don't run, just walk!
                  6. The left switch is a surprise... The switch in the middle
                     activates the lifts, and the switch on the right will
                     bring the blue key to sight.
                  7. There's a secret door next to the yellow danger-nuke-sign
                     behind the barrels...
                  8. The Baron is guarding a secret room that keeps a shielding
                     suit and a blue armour.
                  9. In the area behind the blue key, there's a secret room
                     with another blue armour, (I hope you've got the red key).
                 10. Just before you reenter the nuke area, turn around and
                     look for a hole in the wall, which bares a shortcut...
                 11. In the little room near the end, there are two secret
                     doors; One of them will lead you to some health and some
                     ammo, the other will take you to a supercharge.
                 12. To reach the computer map you must use the entrance that's
                     hiding on the left...
                 13. No more help - watch the LMP if you're still in trouble.


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