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This is the first, and hopefully not last, Chuckwad...  I have made
some discoveries during the making and testing of this map!  I don't 
know if it's common knowledge among Doomers, or even known at all, but 
I've found that barrels, if put close enough to a teleporter, will go 
through the tele while exploding, or even without exploding!  And, I found 
out (the painful way) that teleporting into a barrel makes it explode! 

There is a demo of the wad, and the tricks and traps included with this file.

Anyway, this is hehehe.wad... it has several tricks to it, so here they are:

1: I know this looks like a lot of stuff! (it is) But once you spend some 
time exploring, you'll get used to what is activated by what!  All this 
complicated stuff makes it easy to tell where the other players are, and you 
can't be snuck up on very easily...  During testing, there were TONS of frags
and lots of action!  The wide open spaces and teleporters are set up so that
players can shoot at each other from a distance and/or get real close real 
quick!  I tried to make sure that every hiding place has it's disadvantage
or "backstab" and so does getting the BFG and Plaz (which are waaaaay too
powerful to be just given to players without cost or risk).   I also made the
Major rooms have very easy to remember color and/or texture schemes, once you
walk around a few times, you'll see Red, Blue, Brick, or Wood and know 
Exactly where you are!  (you're welcome) (and the red guy finally has a room
where he's not sticking out like a sore thumb!)

2:  To get the lift between Red room and Stone room to activate, the 
third barrel from the left (on the north ledge behind the Stone sniping 
room) must be blown up. (don't ask me why 'cuz I don't know, but it's cool!)
      (try pushing on the lift before blowing up the barrel...)

3:  To get the BFG9000, you can either walk around that stupid ** fence ** 
(which is all highest strength acid)  or, after the barrel trap (or one of 
them anyway) (explained below) has been taken care of, you can run thru the 
Plaz tele and thru the north tele (which is the one with blue and red flame) 
and you will be right next to the platform which is now on the floor (going 
thru the Plaz tele activates the lift) turn 90 degrees to your right and 
BAMM!, there's the BFG! (or stand next to the lift and wait till some other 
fool does it! hehehe)
      ** to raise the fence, go down the Blue sniper room to the south end,
       there is a hidden panel there.  go thru and shoot the door in front 
       of you to open it, then go thru and hit the switch (with the spacebar)

4:  To SAFELY get the plaz, (unless you LIKE dying) you can shoot the barrels 
in front of the tele (on the south wall of the Blue room)activate the lift 
(which  takes several seconds to get out of your way) and go thru... then
(if you're the 1st one thru) you will be surrounded by barrels! (hehehe) 
There are two places where you can shoot the barrels (ONCE EACH WITH THE 
PISTOL!) to move them out of the way and squeeze thru, now you can drop down 
into the dark (which activates the rising stairs to the Berserk platform) 
and get the megasphere and go through the other tele to get back into the 
action! (or wait till some fool comes in and blow up the barrels! hehehe)

5:  The lift in the Brick corridor is accessible from all four sides,
(the two sides of the hallway, the Pulse room, and the health room)  it 
is also activated by anyone pressing on the south wall in the health room,
or anyone crossing a certain line in the panel hallway (just east of the 
lit 'T' in the hall).  Part of the lift is a little gray pillar with blue 
lights on it (by the Blood curtain), so when the lift goes down, so does 
the pillar!  (you can watch for enemies to come through, but you can also be
fooled by the other line which activates it!)

6:  The Stone sniper room is a death trap!  There is a skull switch on the
wall right next to the Stone/Blue tele,  you don't hit the switch to activate 
it, just walk along the wall next to it, and it starts a crushing ceiling in 
the sniper room (and if the barrels are still up there, KABOOM!) the sniper 
can escape by jumping down into the Stone room, or running back into the Wood
room. (btw the crushing ceiling is stopped by crossing the second to last 
step on the way down to that sniping room)

7:  (isn't this getting complicated!?!) there are several places that, when 
walked thru, switch the lights on and off in the sniper rooms! (aren't I 
evil!)  The steps down to the Stone sniping room and the section of hallway 
between the Stone and The Red rooms strobes the lights in the Blue sniping 
room.  The steps up to the Berserk platform strobe the lights in the Stone 
sniping room.  

8:  The crates in the Stone room will go up and down during the game, and
there are two lines that are crossed to make this happen.  The steps in the
Brick hallway (between the Stone and Blue rooms) will drop the crates to the 
floor, and one of the steps in the hall west of the Red room will raise them
up by one crate height (64 pixels).

9:  The diagonal lift in the middle of the Blue room is activated by 
walking thru the Blood curtain or by walking off the north edge of the 
Berserk platform.  The lift in the Red room is activated by either pressing
on it (like normal), walking up to it (the step up to that area), or pressing
on the walls between the Stone and Blue rooms (between the skull switch and
the Brick hallway).

10:  There is a Rad suit in the cove off the Red room, that might make 
climbing the fence to the BFG a little easier.  In the cove off the Stone
room, (the one with the animated SNAKE walls) there's a light amp goggle 
and an inviso sphere.  In the cove in the Brick hallway there's a set of 
blue armor.


The only bug I found is that from a certain small part of the BFG fence
(near the lift), you might see a hole in the texture(damn textures! hehehe).  
If you find any other bugs, or come up with even more devious and evil 
traps, let me know!  

Feel free to expand on or rearrange this map and distribute it!  Just please
leave my name in here, and keep the name similar to 'hehehe'.
Snakeeyes @ the Wild Onion!


Special Thanks to Don "Treygood" Good!  for the inspiration (taxi1c!) and
Desiato "The Postage Stamp Screen" at The Wild Onion! for egging me on! (now 
that's a true DOOMer!)



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