ARENA Abandoned quarry.

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"THE BEST" series of deathmatches

By downloading any or all of "The Best" files, you are doing yourself
and all those around you a favour. If you are in to deathmatching, these
are files you won't want to be without. 


What can make these files so important? well firstly, they are small, all
of them are small. They don't take up much hard drive space and they don't
take forever to download. Secondly, they contain:

THE best deathmatch levels to date
Recorded deathmatches of some of the world's greatest players.
The most INTENSIVE matches you'll ever see.
A Tip file on making superb deathmatch levels
A tip file on tactics


So who are these people who think are they are so good?

Dario and Milo Casali. If you know anything about TNT - the overhaul
of Doom2 due out in a few weeks, you will know us - we are the major
contributers and have been the fuel for many debates over tactics,
level design and creation and generally sought after for demos.

So we thought we'd record some cracking demos in our best deathmatch 
levels, then upload them individually, with the level included. As
all our best DM levels are small, this amounts to only 30k average size.


So what files are available?

Well, this will obviously be open ended - but initially we will make 
six of the best:


These will contain, in our opinion, the best deathmatch levels you will
see. They are all a particular style. Skill 5 Old deathmatch. This means
one of each type of weapon (unless a particular weapon is NOT suitable)
and no running for health. because once it's gone - it's gone. We 
demonstrate in our demos that this is no problem, we sometimes take several
frags whilst at low health levels.

We have made other deathmatch levels for the altdeath game, but these are 
larger, so are residing at our internet homepage:


The level designing tips were collated from not just ourselves, but
from editors all over the world, so we believe they reflect the views
and opinions of a lot of doom players, so take note well and I hope
you go on to produce some great work from it!


This file:      THEBEST1.ZIP
Description:    ARENA
Abandoned quarry.
Length of LMP:  8 minutes

FRAGS:          DARIO           MILO            TOTAL
 19              20              39

LMP Title (if any)      : Dario v Milo
Filename                : Thebest.lmp
LMP Version             : 1.9
Game                    : Doom2
Pwad(s)                 : Thebest.wad
Map Level(s)            : 1
Skill                   : 5
Options                 : -nomonsters
Multiplayer Mode        : DeathMatch
Number of Players       : 2
Perspective             : Green (Dario - Punisher)
Length                  : ---
-timer                  : 10 min

Author                  : Milo (doom warrior) made this level
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Dario is ranked highly in the H2HMUD 
  tournament. But, I think it's all a load
  of wish wash - the real men play deathmatch
  not single player.

  Milo is my brother and constructs most of our 
  deathmatch levels.

  You can get more of this sort of level from our
  homepage at:

Description             : What do you get when you cross two of the best DM
  players in britain? This demo

What is the LMP about?  : Watch in particular the @Pulp Fiction@ effect
  Venom has managed to perfect. From my viewpiont,
  I shoot him with the double barrel at fairly
  close range and the bullets simply part them-
  selves around him!! amazing.

Additional Credits to   :   Who do you think? each other for sparring.  

* Player Information *

Green  : Dario (Punisher) Casali     - P5-120 - 24Mb ram, 64bit PCI 
     - Mouse+Keyboard
Indigo : Milo (Venom) Casali         - P5-133 - 24Mb ram, 64bit PCI  
     - Mouse+Keyboard

* DeathMatch Score *

Green  |   33      
Indigo |   28       

* Where to get this LMP *

Haven't you found it yet? you just unzipped it onto your hardrive and
you've already lost it!!!!!!


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