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shred2.wad is a PWAD playable on DOOM2

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SHRED2  -  Ultimate Chaingun Combat (version 2)
for either DOOM or DOOM II v1.9

This is an updated (and legalized) version of SHRED.ZIP
Original author:   unknown (not stated in the supplied text file)
Version 2 Update:  Sparky of KISS Software       <email removed>

The original version illegally contained a hacked doom2.exe.
This version contains an equivalent DeHackEd file which you can
either use with a Doom source port or run with 'Plain Vanilla'
DOOM or DOOM II.  The original distribution was 700KB uncompressed
and this version weighs in at a mere 30 KB !

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- deleted the illegal hacked doom2.exe and created an equivalent
  DeHackEd patch.
- added some of the DOOM II Super Shotgun sounds to the WAD file
  to enable SHRED2 to be used with DOOM I.
- deleted the install/uninstall batch files as installation is
  not required when SHRED2 is used with a source port.

SHRED2.DEH requires DeHackEd v3.1 or greater if used with
'Plain Vanilla' Doom or Doom II.

Patching is not required if used with a Source Port such as ZDoom,
Boom, PRboom, Legacy, etc.  For example:
  To use SHRED2 with the original Doom levels:
    ZDOOM  :    zdoom -deh shred2 -file shred2
    BOOM   :    boom -deh shred2 -file shred2
    LEGACY :    doom3 -file shred2.deh shred2.wad

  .. or with your favourite External User Level:
    ZDOOM  :    zdoom -deh shred2 -file shred2 MYLEVEL
    BOOM   :    boom -deh shred2 -file shred2 MYLEVEL
    LEGACY :    doom3 -file shred2.deh shred2.wad MYLEVEL.WAD

Tested okay with:
  'Plain Vanilla' Doom v1.9
  'Plain Vanilla' Doom II v1.9
  ZDoom v1.17c
  Boom v2.02  -  the recoil when discharging 400 shells instantaneously
                 from the Shock Rifle or Super Shock Rifle is something
                 to be experienced!  It will send you flying backwards
                 across the room !!!
  Legacy v1.28 - tested okay, but not recommended. Discharging the
                 Shock Rifle causes too many items to be displayed on
                 the screen and things start disappearing.  From memory,
                 this happens with ALL the ports, but Legacy is unique
                 in that it gives you a loud beep to state what is
                 visually obvious.  There is also a minor diference
                 with the operation of the Hollowpoint Chaingun when
                 used with Doom Legacy.

- SHRED2 should work with other, untested source ports which can import
  DeHackEd patches (eg. PRboom).
- Don't be suprised if things disappear from the screen when you
  discharge 400 shells simultaneously from the Shock Rifle or the
  Super Shock Rifle - even the source ports have display limitations.
- Most source ports have an option to enable/disable rocket trails.
  To use the new weapons as they were designed, please disable the
  rocket trails from the port's setup menu.
- See below for descriptions of the new chaingun weapons.

The original text file follows:


                                 S H R E D !
                   Ultimate Chaingun Combat for Doom2 v1.9

        Very simple.  Just unzip SHRED.ZIP to your Doom2 directory.  Type
SHREDON to install.  Type SHREDOFF to uninstall.

        TO PLAY:
        Just hook up with your friends by network, and play Doom2 with the
-FILE SHRED.WAD parameter.  Enjoy!

        They're all different, unique kinds of chainguns.  Here's a brief
   Pistol: a regular, semi-slow Chaingun.
   Shotgun: the Shock Rifle.  You just keep loading ammo into this thing,
and each time you pull the trigger, it fires all the ammo you have.
   Super Shotgun: the Super Shock Rifle.  Has a wider spread than the Shock
   Chaingun: THE Chaingun.  Devistating.
   Rocket Launcher: Hollowpoint Bullet Chaingun.  Fires slowwer, and the
ammo is scarce, but this weapon does very serious damage.
   Plasma Gun: Just an adapter for the chaingun that makes the bullets into
tracer rounds (so you can see where you're shooting).  It's also much more
   BFG: The Spreadfire Cannon.  Pack 50 bullets into this thing and pull the
trigger.  Covers the entire screen with gunfire.  Kills almost everything
you can see... instantly.

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