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*** El Documento Original est  en Espa¤ol (al final). ***


*** The Original Document was written in Spanish (at the end). ***

********** ENGLISH : **********

NOTE: Excuse me for the bad translation of the texts into English, I used
the program Spanish-Assistant to do it and I didn't check the text very
much. If you have problems whith it try to read the original Spanish
text. I thought the English text could be useful to get a basic idea of
the WADs for people who cannot read Spanish. I'm SURE that there are many
silly expressions, I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me.

TITLE: " Calm of the wild animal"

A PLAYER: A relax after "Mortal Traps", but amusing.
DEATHMATCH: One must compete very hard, the are only a few ammunition.

- An easy WAD!! , you requested it loudly, then here it is.
But don't use the ticks! , that this time there is no argument.

- Discharge to the walls, that many doors are opened so.

- Easier, fewer enemies and less dangerous, but fewer weapons,
fewer bullets, and less energy.  What emotion does it have or else is it so?

- Still so could not be lacking their appointment a Cyber-Daemon,
but it is only one, almost at final. And leave that the spiders kill

- Discharge to the walls that seem different of the others.
IMPORTANT: The weapons 5, 6 7 doesn't open this type of doors.

- A conceded desire: A massacre in some stairways.
- It's prepared for several field.
- Please, don't try it in Nightmare!! the one which before was
easy it's converted in difficult, although I have gotten it.
- And discharge to the walls (or hit them a punch or else there are

  A rest after "Mortal Traps" !!!.   (but without being bored)

SOLUTION: If it costs you then follow these advice:

   - Discharge to all the lamps that there is in the walls of brown brick.

   - You could throw you without fear for the hole that there is in the floor
and has the walls spouting blood, you will find useful objects below.

   - There are several false walls that one could cross and they seem solid,
use the map in order to see who they are.

   - In a room there is a central column (it is not the wooden) that occult a
key. Discharge to the hole of the wall (it has a different texture).
You can see the key within a cage, but one could pass for one of
the sides (it's false).

   - In the metallic room don't approach many to the enemies (if you
discharge them with the missile-launcher) or you will die also.
   - In the same aisle in the that is the metallic room there is a lamp in a
wall, it is the door of the yellow key. Behind there are a soldier, energy
and bullets.

   - Don't throw you to the external room, the spiders will kill you.
You have to discharge to the wall of the bottom (it has a different texture).
The floor will ascend. Once you up should run toward the barrels with fire.
Avoid the shootings of the Cyber-Daemon with the lateral displacement.
Catch the objects that there are between the barrels and you wil teleport to
the exit. Kill the small spider from the back before it discharge you, and
exit (there is a false wall to pass).

*** ESPA¥OL: ***

TITULO : " Calma de las fieras "

UN JUGADOR : Un relax despu‚s de "Trampas Mortales", pero entretenido...
DEATHMATCH : Hay que competir muy duro, la munici¢n escasea...

- ­­ Un WAD f cil !! , lo est bais pidiendo a gritos, pues aqu¡ lo
teneis. ­ Pero NO useis los trucos ! , que ‚sta vez no hay escusa...

- Disparad a las paredes, que muchas puertas se abren as¡.

- M s f cil, menos enemigos y menos peligrosos, pero menos armas,
menos balas, y menos energ¡a...  ¨ Qu‚ emoci¢n tiene si no es as¡ ?
- A£n as¡ NO pod¡a faltar a su cita UN Cyber-Demon, pero eso s¡,
s¢lo es uno, casi al final... Y dejad que las ara¤as se maten entre si.

- Disparad a las paredes que parezcan distintas de las dem s...
IMPORTANTE: Las armas 5 , 6 y 7 NO abren ‚ste tipo de puertas.

- Un deseo concedido: Una masacre en unas escaleras.
- Est  preparado para varios jugadores.
- Por favor, ­­ NO lo intenteis en Nightmare !! lo que antes era
f cil se convierte en dif¡cil, aunque yo lo he conseguido.
- Y disparad a las paredes (o pegadlas un pu¤etazo si no hay balas).

  ­­­ Un descanso despu‚s de "Trampas mortales" !!!...  (pero sin aburrirse)

SOLUCION: Si os cuesta seguid estos consejos:

   - Disparad a todas las l mparas que hay en los muros de ladrillo marr¢n.

   - Puedes tirarte sin miedo por el agujero que hay en el suelo y tiene las
paredes chorreando sangre, encontrar s objetos £tiles abajo.
   - Hay varias paredes falsas que se pueden atravesar y parecen s¢lidas,
usa el mapa para ver cu les son.

   - En una sala hay una columna central (no es la de madera) que oculta
una llave. Dispara al hueco de la pared (tiene una textura diferente).
Se ve la llave dentro de una jaula, pero se puede pasar por uno de los
lados (es falso).

   - En la habitaci¢n met lica no te acerques mucho a los enemigos (si les
disparas con el bazooca) o morir s tu tambi‚n.
   - En el mismo pasillo en el que est  la habitaci¢n met lica hay una
l mpara en un muro, es la puerta de la llave amarilla. Detr s hay un soldado,
energ¡a y balas.

   - NO te tires a la sala exterior, las ara¤as te matar n. Tienes que
disparar a la pared del fondo (tiene una textura distinta). El suelo subir .
Una vez arriba debes correr hacia los barriles con fuego. Evita los disparos
del Cyber-Demon con el desplazamiento lateral. Coge los ojetos que hay
entre los barriles y te teletransportar s a la salida. Mata a la ara¤a
peque¤a por la espalda antes de que te dispare, y sal (hay un muro falso
por el que puedes pasar).

*** El Documento Original est


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