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                ** Impalement Station DOOM I PWAD text file **
                ================= April '95 ==================

This is obviously for DOOM, not DOOM 2....the DOOM 2 version is in the works.
--> Level replaced: E1M7

Misc. Info you may not care about     

     Ok, well, this is my 4th "real" DOOM level.  Some of you may have seen my 
other levels (in order from shit to great), Kamakazi, Hangar18, Shadows1 & 2.
Kamakazi...well, that is large, but I now think that it sucks!  Hangar18, 
which is a pure deathmatch level is, in my opinion, very nice.  It is the 
first level that actually had real "id" quality to the design.  My friends and
I still deathmatch is mucho fun :)  Shadows, i.e., "Shadows of 
Darkness," is in two versions, DOOM 1 & 2, with only slight differences 
between the two.  "Shadows" is huge, and I feel that it is of very good 
design.  In lamens terms; Kamakazi is o.k., Hangar18 is really cool, Shadows 
is awesome and "Impalement Station," obviously, rules :)  In the past my
DOOM levels have taken up to 4 months to make...Impale only took a little 
under a week.  I've obviously gotten adjusted to DEU!  The level is as close 
to a DOOM 1 level as I could make it!  I tried using only textures from "Knee 
Deep in the Dead," as you who are familiar with it can tell, because I am 
infatuated with the design of DOOM 1.  I *hate* the levels in DOOM 2...they
suck *really* bad!  I made this level to completely blow away any DOOM 2 level
and hopefully equal a DOOM 1 level, and I do believe that I've done so...I'll
let you be the judge of that :)  Now, this level is not my largest, Shadows 
is, but I do feel that this is my greatest level to date, and probably my 
last.  I haven't tried deathmatch yet...will today, but then I'll be done with  
this text file, but I'm sure it's fun since I put the deathmatch starts in 
nifty places.  Cooperative, sure, go for it.  This is a relatively small level
and I think that the most fun will be in deathmatch or solitare play.  I'm not
a level editor who slaps *hit anywhere and says "wow, I made a DOOM level," my
levels are usually solely to express the architect inside me.  I don't want to
sound like a flamer or anything, but just take a look on the map screen and 
check out the "blueprint," for lack of better words, and you'll see how this  
level is not just another *hit PWAD.  Now, if you like it, give it to all your
friends, and upload it to BBS's for me.  I'm not on the Internet, not FTP 
sites anyways, so upload this to an FTP site if possible.  Thanks man!

More Details and Stuff

Build time:  Less than a week, you couldn't do that :)
Editor:  DEU521GC(math-co version) -the concept of DEU is excellent!

Other Lame Details You Probably Think are Pointless to Know

This level was built using a Am486DX2 80 home-built PC.
I do have a life, even though I make DOOM levels.

Last And Certainly Least
This fine level was created by Sean Birkel
This ZIP file has travled from Bangor, Me...nowhere special :)

Last Thingy...just remembered
Thanks to "id" software for developing DOOM!  Register DOOM if you haven't 
already.  If you upload this file, please use the *original* ZIP file un-
edited!  Please don't take anything directly from the level for your own,
but get all the ideas you want from it, hell, I've gotten most of my ideas
from DOOM 1, but I made sure to put in a flavor of originality :)

---->  Metallica rules...<C>RAP sucks.
---->  I'd like to see this file on a CD-ROM or two...:)



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