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You have just stumbled on to a great set of DOOM wads! These puppies took me forever to create, and I assure you you'll like 'em. They're better th...

The beginning of the End Part II for the Boom mod
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Wad File:             End1.WAD
Title:                The Beginning of the End (part 1)
Arthur:               Emil Brundage
Email Adress:         <email removed>
Misc. Arthur Info:    Still playin' Doom1. MetallicA fan. BIG MetallicA fan.
Date Completed:       May 97
Description:          You have just stumbled on to a great set of DOOM wads!
                      These puppies took me forever to create, and I assure 
                      you you'll like 'em. They're better than most. If you
                      still have Doom on your hard drive, grab these wads! If
                      not, get it back! You'll want to play these levels!
                      I made most of these levels a long, long time ago so
                      some of 'em might have that old-school DOOM feel but
                      they still rock!
Additional Credit:    Well of course Id software for creating this great game
                      that ruined my life, and also to my friend J. Brooke for
                      letting me use his computer back in the days when I had
                      a 286, and for helping me with the tecnical stuff.

                --->  If you have any comments on my little wad please Email
                      me! I worked long and hard on creating these levels and
                      the only reward I'm probably going to get is from you
                      players out there! So if you have any comments, no
                      matter how long it's been since I created this wad, drop
                      me a line! End2 will definently be done by that time, so
                      you could pick it up too. 


        * Level Titles *

        E1M1 : Dying Time                   E2M1 : Welcome Home
        E1M2 : The Warehouse                E2M2 : Stairway To Hell
        E1M3 : The Monster Generators       E2M3 : Outpost Of The Forgotten
        E1M4 : The Scum Pits                                       (1st Demo)
        E1M5 : The Arena                    E2M4 : Grave Danger 
        E1M6 : Rage (3rd Demo)              E2M5 : Total Insanity (4th Demo)
        E1M7 : Blackened                    E2M6 : Bonus
        E1M8 : Screwed                      E2M7 : The Madhouse (2nd Demo)
        E1M9 : Sleeping Demons              E2M8 : The Hive
                                            E2M9 : Doomed


        * Play Info *

Episode & Level:      Episode 1 and Episode 2
Single Player:        Yessir
Cooperative 2-4:      Yes
Deathmatch 2-4:       Yes
Difficulty settings:  All (only Ultraviolence tested)
New Sound:            Yes (Music, Mostly MetallicA, and see below)
New Graphics:         No
Demos repaced:        All new


        * Construction *

Base:                 All new, except E1M9 is a hacked version of E1M*
Building Time:        Forever
Editors Used:         A bunch of DEUs, most recently v5.21
Known Bugs:           Nothin' major


        * Copyright Permissions *

Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD provided you include this file, with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, ect.) as long as you include this file intact.



Along with this .zip file should be end_snd.wad, a compilation of some of my
favorite sounds plus a few home made ones (Thanks to B. Cavlin for his
special vocal talants). I know alternitive sounds can get real annoying in
DOOM wads so I made it seperate from the rest. Enjoy!
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