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** NOTE TO SITE ADMINS: This is the latest version of SWLSABER and
** should replace any pre-existing files.  It includes changes that
** make it DOOM version independent and also includes sounds.
** Thanks,
**    Claude Martins


          [v1.4 -- DeuSF used, now DOOM version independent.
                   Also includes lightsaber sounds.]
"This is the weapon of a Jedi knight.  Not as clumsy or as random as a
 blaster.  An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
                                                - Obi-Wan Kenobi.

 Here it is, fellow DOOMers!  You wanted a lightsaber, you got it!
 Designed as part of the Star Wars DOOM experience, the lightsaber 
 replacement sprites (for the chainsaw) add one more piece to the total 
 For the full effect, I recommend creating a complete Star Wars Doom
 replacement sprite WAD from all the ones floating around out there 
 (STROOPER, SWLASER, etc.)  Trust me, the final effect will be well worth 
 the effort.  Also recommended are SWMUSFX4, SWGFXMO and STARWAR5.

 Kudos to all those who have gone before, and good luck to all those
 who will come after.

 You first need to unzip everything into your main DOOM directory.

 -> To replace the lightsaber graphics and sounds directly into 
    your DOOM.WAD, run "DMPERM".  *** CAUTION *** This permanently 
    alters your DOOM.WAD.

 -> To create a new PWAD called LSABER, run "DMPWAD".  This option
    is basically to test out the SWLSABER graphics and sounds.  
    Start Doom up with "doom -file lsaber.wad".

 -> To replace the lightsaber graphics and sounds into your own  
    Star Wars PWAD, type "DMINTO <pwadname.wad>".  This option is 
    to replace the chainsaw sprites in your Star Wars Doom PWAD 
    with the lightsaber graphics and sounds.

    Note: if while using any pwad, no sprites appear, you must
    run "DeuSF -add <pwadname.wad>" to include all the missing
    sprites into the pwad.
  File List

 SWLSABER.WAD   --------PWAD containing both graphics and sounds.

 SAWGA0.GIF     -----\   
 SAWGB0.GIF     ----- \
 SAWGC0.GIF     -----  -GIFs for the DIYers.  DMGRAPH as needed.
 SAWGD0.GIF     ----- /
 CSAWA0.GIF     -----/

 4.WAV          -----\
 5.WAV          ----- \_WAVs for the DIYers.  DMAUD as needed.
 6.WAV          ----- /
 7.WAV          -----/

 SWLSABER.TXT   --------This file.

 DMPERM.BAT     --------Alters your DOOM.WAD.  Permanently.  Make a 
                        backup if you want to change your mind.

 DMPWAD.BAT     --------Runs DEUSF on SWLSABER.WAD to make LSABER.WAD.
 DMINTO.BAT     --------For those (like me) who already have a master
                        Star Wars Doom sprite PWAD; runs DMGRAPH to
                        replace sprites in that PWAD.

 DMAUD.EXE      -------\
 DMGRAPH.EXE    -------->Misc. files to make sprite replacements/
 DEUSF.EXE      -------/
 Many thanks to Bill Neisius (DMAUD, DMGRAPH) and Olivier Montanuy 
 (DEUSF), and those wonderful folks at id Software.

 I will not be held responsible for any corruption of your DOOM.WAD,
 DOOM directory, hard drive or moral fibre.  :)  Standard disclaimers

 Final note: I apologize for the jerkiness of the graphics, but what
 do you expect with only 2 still frames and 2 action frames?  This is
 the best I can do short of using DeHacked to steal frames from other
 objects, which might interfere with any other patches you might have
 done to DOOM.

 Please send all comments to <email removed>.  

                                                        -Claude Martins


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