It was a loooong time ago that I released E1M3 "No Quarter" of the Doomed Once More project as a "teaser" level for what I'd ho...

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E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M9


Project Title:Doomed Once More
WAD Name:DOM.wad
Release Date:August 15, 2003
Author:Will Hackney AKA Archvile46
E-mail Address:<email removed>
Other Files by author:av46sp01.wad
Misc. Author Info:Let's go Bucs!

Description:It was a loooong time ago that I released
E1M3 "No Quarter" of the Doomed Once More
project as a "teaser" level for what I'd
hoped would some day be a full episode
replacement. Unfortunately, that day never
came to be. I made a few more levels, but
since then I've been falling in and out of
the Doom Community. Just today, I thought
what the hell, I spent too much time on this
to never release it. I mean who am I kidding,
I'm never going to finish four more maps. So
here it is, the Doomed Once More project as
finished as it's ever going to be. 

Additional Thanks to:ID Software, for making such a great game

The authors of WadAuthor and WinTex

Mark Klem, for letting me use his music
Be sure to visit his mp3 page at, great music

David "Tolwyn" Shaw for letting me use his

Massive thanks to all of the following for
allowing me to use their various textures:

Paul Flechute (Invasion I, II, Ultimate

NiGHTMARE and GooberMan (Episode 5)

Clan UD (UDM1)

Deathz0r (Doom Alpha)

Lüt, for the letters used in making the
between-level titles

Also, a big round of applause for the
friendly folk over at the Doomworld editing
forums, who not only put up with my endless
barrage of retarded questions, but were
extremely helpful in giving me answers as

And the obligatory mention to Dr. Pepper



Game:Ultimate Doom
LEVELSET. Any port that removes Vanilla
Doom's limitations should work.
Levels:E1M2-E1M6 + E1M9
Single Player:Yes
Coopertive:Yes, 4 starts in each level
Deathmatch:Yes, 8 starts each in maps E1M2, E1M3, E1M5,
and E1M9
Difficulty Settings:Implemented
New Sounds:No
New Graphics:Yes
New Music:Yes, by Mark Klem and David Shaw
Demos Replaced:none
Additional Files:N/A


Base:New levels from scratch.
Approx. Build Time:Way too long. I started E1M3 in February/
March of 2002.
Editor(s) used:WadAuthor, WinTex
Known Bugs:No big ones that I could find besides a few
misaligned textures that I'm sure are there.
However, since this really wasn't thoroughly
playtested at all whatsoever, there very well
could be some. If you see any bugs, send me
an e-mail or contact me somehow and let me


Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, either in a WAD compilation or just to another
friend, but this text file MUST remain with the WAD, and the text file
CANNOT be modified in anyway, shape, or form, and I must be given credit.

You MAY NOT take any of the textures or music in this WAD without asking.
If you want to use some, e-mail me at <email removed> and I will either
give you permission if the texture is mine, or direct you to the right
person to ask if they are not mine.


Doomed Once More background story:

Doomed Once More follows pretty much the same plot as the original Ultimate
Doom. You know, UAC, gateways getting fucked up, your team goes in, you're
left to "secure the perimeter" with only a pistol, etc.

Map Title:First Outpost
Music:"Thin Ice" - David "Tolwyn" Shaw
Inspiration:This level has previously been released as av46e1m7.
wad, and it is slated to be E1M7 in the Freedoom
project. It's based a little on the real E1M7.

Description:This was one of the very first human settlements on
Phobos and by the time the demons etc. came around it
wasn't being used for much of anything other than
computer storage and waste processing.

This is the closest you'll find to an E1 level in
the set. Find the keys, hit the switches etc, with a
few little gimmicks thrown in along the way. Be
warned, however: there ammo/monster ratio is absolute
shit. In all likelihood you WILL have to tyson your
way through a few parts. There is a chainsaw easily
accessible, and there should be enough health to
sustain you. If you have trouble, just play on a
lower skill level. If you're a real pussy, play
through E1M1 just to build up some ammo.

Map Title:No Quarter
Music:"The Wind" - Mark Klem
Inspiration:Originally started out as a level for the ill-fated
Doom Revisited project, so I decided to take it and
center my own project around it. The goal was to
make a level look as realistic as I could.

Description:Takes place in the living quarters on Phobos. Your
primary goal here is to activate the monorail and
use it to progress further into the Phobos facility.
The monorail isn't active because several portions
of the tunnels have collapsed, causing the safety
overrides to kick in and stop all monorail service.

You start out in a little service elevator. From
there, you'll head up to the mess hall, and then
the recreational facility. Inside the rec facility
is the blue key, which will give you access to the
troop quarters. Located in the troop quarters is
the red key, which in turn allows to you enter the
officers' quarters. Once there, you'll have to
activate the monorail from within the monorail
control center, then head up to the monorail station
to exit.

There are eleven secrets in this level, including
the yellow key, which isn't necessary towards
completing the level, but will give you access to
lots of neat things. There's also the secret exit.

In terms of difficulty, this level isn't overly
hard. Don't be overwhelmed by the large monster
count, since they are all rather weak (the toughest
is a demon). There are, however, several somewhat
tough battles, but this level should be a decent
challenge for the average Doomer.

As for health and ammo, there isn't a whole LOT of
spare health, but there is enough to go around.
There are also two soul spheres, if you can find

I didn't put much ammo in this level on purpose. The
reason is that due to the huge amount of enemies that
drop ammo, it'll be hard to even take a step without
picking something up, so ammo really shouldn't be a

If you can't find some of the secrets, don't get
angry. There are eleven, after all, and many of
them are quite hard. Remember to "interact" with
objects such as computers if you get stuck. There
isn't a single inaccessible area in this level
except for the deathmatch area, so don't worry.
Just keep looking, and you'll eventually find it.

Map Title:Observing Death
Music:"TechnoDoom" - Mark Klem
Inspiration:This map is based somewhat on the "observatory" level
mentioned in the Doom Bible, as well as on a map I
drew a long time ago back before I even knew how to

Description:This level takes place in the communications center/
observatory on Phobos. It starts where the monorail
left E1M3 in crashed while attempting to go through
one of the aforementioned "impassable" sectors.

First, you have to clear out the tech maze, which is
a dark maze full of traps and monsters, and a soul
sphere if you can find it. Once you've gotten past
the maze there is an elevator to the roof of the
comm center where the blue key is located.

The blue key gives you access to the observatory. You
have to work your way up through the offices on the
second floor first. Then you have to find the yellow
key, which involves a lot of going from top to bottom
in the building. The yellow key gives you access to
the archives room where the red key is located. That
item lets you enter the control room, from where the
exit is opened.

In this map, I employed some neat little tricks,
namely the 244 line type (the "silent teleport").
There's also a cool trap in the yellow key area. In
addition, just like last map, there is lots of
console-pressing, so when in doubt, use the spacebar.

Map Title:Gateway
Music:"Tempter" - Mark Klem
Inspiration:Basically, I just wanted to recreate Phobos Anomaly
but make it less hellish and more UAC base-ish.

Description:Kill barons, end level yay.

Map Title:El Fin

Description:A lame little end-level. Enjoy.

E1M9 (secret)
Map Title:Stash
Music:"Nothing to Brag About" - Mark Klem

I'm not telling you anything about this map, hence the "secret" part.



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