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                Welcome to JCM's 9 new levels for DOOM (registered)!
                Welcome to JCM's 9 new levels for DOOM (registered)!
     Requirements:  1. DOOM (registered)
                    2. A PC that will run DOOM.
                       (Tested on a 486DLC-40 /8Mb RAM/ MIDI+Sound Blaster)

       What it is:  JCM1.WAD is an EXTERNAL WAD file known as a "Patch WAD".
                    This will in no way alter your original DOOM game!
                    JCM.BAT starts DOOM with the command line parameter
                    "-file JCM1.WAD". DOOM will use data in the add-on WAD
                    instead of (in addition to) the original data in the
                    factory-supplied DOOM.WAD

            Usage:  This add-on episode is easy to use - just move JCM1.WAD
                    and JCM.BAT into your DOOM directory and run type JCM
                    <RETURN> to start doom. When started with JCM.BAT, the
                    nine original levels of "Knee Deep in the Dead" will
                    be replaced with 9 new ones!

     Step by Step:  Move JCM1.WAD and JCM.BAT into your DOOM directory.
                    Type JCM and press RETURN.
                    DOOM will display a notice that the game has been modified.
                    Press ENTER to continue loading.
                    At the DOOM main menu, select NEW GAME.
                    At the episode menu select Knee Deep in the Dead.
                    Select any difficulty level you like (ULTRA VIOLENCE!)
                    ...enjoy nine new levels of DOOM!

            Demos:  This add-on WAD comes complete with 3 demos, just like
                    the original. Just load the add-on as described above,
                    and don't press any keys - DOOM will automatically run
                    thru the 3 replacement demo sequences. These 3 demos
                    also show you the solutions to these levels 1,4 and 3,
                    in that order).

       More Demos:  Complete add-on demos for the remaining 6 levels
                    will also be created and uploaded to help you find
                    your way, in case you are stuck. Look for
                    DOOM-J1D.ZIP where you found this file.


                                 Game Notes

       This Patch Wad supplies DOOM with 9 new replacement levels for
       episode 1, built completely from scratch using DEU 5.1 (see
       credits below) Time to complete this patch:  80+ hours. There are
       some bugs that just couldn't be gotten-rid of.. these are
       described below...

       The DOOM engine has some quirks to it - I had some problems with
       peices of walls flashing in and out, particularly in level 9,
       where doorways go into walls that are really tall. It also
       happens in a couple of places in level 2, when you are at the
       bottom of the red pit. You are BOUND to find bugs that I have not
       uncovered... but I have played each level thru a number of times
       and have corrected all the bugs I could find.
       Each  level has starting points for up to 4 players, even tho we
       haven't been able to get DOOM to run on a network with a PWAD
       linked :( I've also included Deathmatch startpoints too, just in
       case someone finds a way to get this to work with a net game. If
       you DO.. you'd better write me and tell me how you did it!!!!

       Sorry, but only level 1 has an "easy" difficulty setting.. It was
       taking too long to put varying difficulty into each level, and I
       wanted to get this thing out THIS YEAR! Levels 2 thru 9 are ULTRA
       VIOLENCE (whether you signed up for it or not!) Nightmare should
       also work - haven't tried it... I'm mean, but I'm not THAT mean!

       If you really need help, use IDDQD (god mode) or IDKFA (very
       happy ammo) to get things to go your way.

        If you're the hero type, start each level  using IDCLEV and
       don't use the cheats. Once you're in the game, try starting a
       level by typing:

       IDCLEV 1 M     (where M = the mission number 1 thru 9)
                      (don't include the spaces)

       Every level in JCM1.WAD can be completed WITHOUT CHEATING, even
       if you start with just the pistol!

       Some hidden walls can be a real mudpig to find... keep umphing
       the walls in logical places and you'll uncover them.
       Get yourself a copy of the DOOM FAQ from a BBS near you to read
       about all the cool things you can do with DOOM.


                                Level descriptions:

               Just your basic level - nothing fancy. Watch your automap
               for clues to the hidden places. You should be able to
               find most of the weapons in this one, and a decent supply
               of ammo to take to level 2. Demo sequence 1, which runs
               automatically at startup if you don't press any keys,
               shows you how to get thru this level.


               A little larger level - this one has some unique features
               that make it a little more difficult to uncover the
               secret areas.. HINT: It's a leap of faith! Check for
               walls that you can walk thru too! The arrow points the
               way out.


               Battle the bosses! I've supplied you with plenty of
               firepower in this one - and you're gonna need it! Stock
               up on energy cells to do battle with ol' Rocket- fist.
               You can hide out in the supply room, and stock up on
               goodies there too. There's lotsa Barons and sargeants,
               plus a spider boss to blast. This level also has two ways
               out - select the right way to play the secret level (9) -
               The Roach Motel!  Demo sequence 2 shows you thru this one.


              This is a fun one... find the switches to lower the covers
              around the 4 columns in the center room. 3 of these raise
              the floor in the southeast room, where the switch to the
              quad teleporter room is. The 4th switch unleashes a few
              demons and spectors for you to blast. (I won't tell you
              which is which!)  Plenty of fluff-balls and a couple of
              barons are waiting down in the slime-pit. You'll know it
              when you find it. Check your automap for the way out if
              you are having trouble finding it... Remember-(non-secret)
              doors appear as yellow. Demo sequence 3 is your guided tour.


             Happy Face!  This level features lots of one-way
             teleporters. Make sure you clean out a room before heading
             to the next - the only way to go back is to go all the way
             around again! Each of the letters has a hidden passage
             leading to it - some are more obvious than others... keep
             at it and you'll find tham all. When you're all done with
             this one, the map will show you a smiling happy monsterface
             (well, as happy as monsters get, anyway).


            The chair! You don't sit in it. Try to think of another use.
            Hop the wall and find an interesting 4 level lift. Lots to
            shoot at down there. Look for hidden rooms. They'll have
            stuff you need. Beware of the triangle room!  One shot is
            all it takes, and you're trapped. See if you can walk the
            ledge and get a nice surprise.


           Dualing spiders. Just get these guys pissed at each other,
           and they'll do your work for you! Get 'em in a cross fire.
           Not much special about this one. The big rooms are a great
           places to run circles around the enemy. - barons and
           fluffballs love to fight each other.


        The final JCM level (for now...)  You know what to do..  KILL!


         The Roach Motel. This is one place you don't want to check into
         until you've sprayed the outside (with lead and plasma!). If
         you chose the right way out of level 3, you'll end up here.
         There's some bugs in this one that I just COULN'T get rid of.
         Mostly, the DOOM engine has some trouble with walls that are
         very tall. You'll notice some textures appear and flash when
         you walk into a passageway thru a tall wall. Try to ignore it.
         Also, if you wake up a lot of monsters and don't kill 'em off,
         DOOM will slow down quite a bit, since it has to supply
         animation to every monster that's not either inactive or dead!


         Information on the MUSIC format used in DOOM. What is it? Can
         standard MIDI files be converted to/from the DOOM format? I'm a
         musician - want new tunez for your new DOOM levels? Turn me on!

        Info on the graphics format, any editing utilities for the
        characters, wall, floor, ceiling textures, etc. Let's keep DOOM
        fresh! .. Keep the utilities and info coming!!

       Contact me at the Stepping Stone Hotel BBS;  805-298-3997 2400N81
                           JC MegaByte: Account #35.



                JCM1.WAD was created by JC MegaByte, using the
       excellent Doom Editor Utilites (DEU) v5.1. I can be reached at
             the Stepping Stone Hotel BBS;  805-298-3997 2400N81
                                 Account #35.

                              DEU was created by:
                Rapha‰l Quinet (<email removed>),
              and Brendon J Wyber (<email removed>).

                         DOOM was created by id Software
                          If you're not registered yet,
                      call 1-800-IDGAMES and register now.
                            (it's really worth it!)

          The file "JCM1.WAD" is hereby released into the public domain.


P.S. ...more to come!


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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