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Velocity CTF X

The expansion of Velocity CTF: 32 maps of high-speed action-packed Capture the Flag maps by various individuals of the Mechanix Union. Map list: MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Dusk MAP04 - Industrial Nukage Mining by Dusk MAP05 - Gun Shy by Kamai MAP06 - Generatrix by Decay MAP07 - Tyr's One-Wheeled Bicycle by HeavenWraith MAP08 - Bleak Outlook by Synert MAP09 - Swap Meet by Shane MAP10 - PACK ATTACK by Dusk MAP11 - Winter Sacrifice by Decay MAP12 - Complex Beta by Decay MAP13 - Stand-Off by Decay MAP14 - Industrial Waste Sewers by Decay MAP15 - The E4-Themed Reject by Kamai MAP16 - Heavy Water by Omegamax MAP17 - Return to the Crypts by Decay MAP18 - Clash of Empires by Shane MAP19 - Alpine Insurrection by Shane / Decay / HeavenWraith MAP20 - DECAY INDUSTRIES by Decay MAP21 - Save the Universe! by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP22 - Chernobyl's Requiem by Kamai MAP23 - Radial Ruins by Omegamax MAP24 - Remmi's Wrath by Remmirath MAP25 - Mount Idle by Shane MAP26 - Mortal Revulsion by Exl MAP27 - Corrupt Technology by Decay MAP28 - Deathgrind by Dusk MAP29 - Sound Familiar? by Shane MAP30 - Artificial Valley by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP31 - Charon Orbit by Dusk MAP32 - Complex Delta by Decay Uses the following music tracks: MAP01 - Flame Mammoth's theme from Mega Man X, sequenced by Teck MAP02 - "Skedar Mystery" from Perfect Dark, sequenced by Gold Jinjo MAP03 - "Wicked Child" from Castlevania, remix by Jay Reichard MAP04 - "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP05 - "Names" by Bobby Prince, from Duke Nukem 3D MAP06 - "Conductor" by James Paddock MAP07 - Main theme of Fairy Tail (metal ver.) by Takanashi Yasuharu, sequenced by HeavenWraith MAP08 - "Bleak Outlook" by Synert MAP09 - "Path of Destruction" by Mark Klem (Requiem MAP06) MAP10 - "Strange World" from Mega Man 9, sequenced by Teck MAP11 - "Under a Crimson Moon" by TheGreenHerring (Plutonia 2 MAP12) MAP12 - "Transducer" by James Paddock MAP13 - "The Extreme" by Uematsu Nobuo MAP14 - "Submission" by James Paddock MAP15 - "Storming the Trenches" by Disintegrator MAP16 - "Duff McWhalen's Stage" from Mega Man X5, sequenced by King Meteor MAP17 - "Destiny" by Mark Klem MAP18 - "Sequenz - Dies Irae" from W. A. Mozart's Requiem MAP19 - "Surf City", Battletoads theme, sequenced by The Jade Emperor MAP20 - "Streets of Desolation", from Batman, sequenced by LK*1 MAP21 - "Ankoku no Madoushi" by Takanashi Yasuharu sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP22 - "L's Theme" by Taniuchi Hideki sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP23 - composed by Heavenwraith MAP24 - "Black Inferno" by James Paddock MAP25 - "Fire Field" (echo mix) from F-Zero, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP26 - "Mourning Palace" by Dimmu Borgir, sequenced by Set Abominae MAP27 - "Raven's Nest" by James Paddock MAP28 - "Fallen" by Symphony X, sequenced by Simone Mularoni MAP29 - "Wolfsong" by Darkhaven3 MAP30 - "Schismogenesis" by Sekito Tsuyoshi sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP31 - "Opening Stage: Axl - 'Conflict'" from Mega Man X7, sequenced by King Meteor MAP32 - Wily Fortress 1/2 theme from Mega Man 2, sequenced by V-King

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